Mission 2 - The Ultimate Walkthrough



You can have a lot of fun killing these 5 guys! There are basically 2 ways on how to do it:


First, go back to the ventilation shaft via the same route as you came here (i.e. run around the shack, so the enemies can?t see you). When you?re near the shaft, use the CROUCH-WALK mode to get close to the guard standing near the elevator via jumping on the rocks (see this pic). Try to be positioned as close as you can to the guard whilst the patrolling guy WON?T see you! Now AS SOON AS the patrolling guy starts going away from you (use the peaking to know this), quickly approach the guard standing near the elevator and break his neck. Once that?s done, don?t waste any time and quickly follow the patrolling guard till you have a clear look at both him & the 3 guards standing near the crates. Don?t go any further, or the guards may notice you! Just go as far as to see all the 4 guys.

Now wait till the patrolling guy joins the 3 guards standing near the crates and then toss one grenade somewhere in this area. Usually, the leftmost guard will not bother to run when the grenade bounces (once again, what a ?superb? AI!), so just don?t throw it behind the crates, else he will survive the blast. The other guards will most probably run to all directions, so try to not throw the grenade directly in front of the crates either, or someone of them will remain alive. Simply, try to throw it to the designated area, and the guards won?t stand a chance (see this pic). But anyway, in case someone survives the blast, try to kill him before he can raise the alarm (using the silenced pistol & lying in CRAWL mode, of course).


Believe or not, it?s even possible to kill the patrolling guard & the guard standing near the elevator in a silent way! Of course, if you try to kill the guard standing near the elevator as described in the 1st approach, you won?t be able to reach his patrolling buddy without being spotted by the guys near the crates. Therefore, you must do it vice-versa (i.e. killing the patrolling guy as first). How come? It?s a bit complicated to describe, but rather easy to do:)

First, notice the patrolling guy?s route. As you can see, he?s walking a relatively long stretch between the elevator and the 3 guys standing near the crates. Though it may seem impossible at first, if you?re really quick, you can indeed kill him when he?s just starting to walk back towards the elevator ? and this without being noticed! As you?ll see, the guy always changes his patrolling route towards the elevator just as he passes the crates where the 3 aforementioned guards stand nearby, so the key for you is to be quick, really quick.

First, approach the crates from behind (be assured you don?t carry your primary weapon!), and when there, position yourself HUGGED (this is important!) towards the leftmost crate, standing in CROUCH-WALK mode (see this pic). Now move with the mouse a bit to look at the LEFT HALF of the crate (remain hugged to the crates!), and carefully keep pressing the forward key till the outer edge of the crate will be in one line with this depression created by the nearby rocks (the white line represents the pattern created by the rocks which you can?t see, since it is hidden behind the crate). DON'T GO ANY FURTHER THAN THIS, or the guy you?re about to kill may spot you when approaching!

Now use the peaking to know when the patrolling guy is nearing the crates, and AS SOON AS he changes his patrolling route back towards the elevator, quickly approach him using the strafe keys, and then twist his neck. All this happens literally in milliseconds (not to mention the fact, that the neck-breaking icon will only appear for a very, very brief moment), so you must be really quick. It also requires a perfect timing, i.e. if you start your approach too late, you won?t reach the guy in time; if you start your approach too soon, he?ll be still walking towards you (and thus he'll spot you). The key is to kill him AS SOON AS that neck-breaking icon pops up, else the guard positioned nearest to you will notice his death. If you did it as described, he will maybe hear the corpse falling on the ground and stare towards your direction, but since he can?t see through the crates, he will calm down after a while (see this pic).

Now the patrolling guy is dead, the rest is a piece of cake! First, go back to the guard standing near the elevator (via the same way ? i.e. going around the shack), and quickly twist his neck. Note that if you kill the guards standing near the crates BEFORE killing this guy, he will hear the shouts and go to investigate, so it?s necessary to kill him now. Once he?s dead, return back via the same route to where you?ve came from (i.e. near the crates). Hug the left side of the crates, and then quickly kill the nearest of the 3 guys standing there with your knife. DON'T GO ANY FURTHER than what is required to kill this guy, or the other guards will spot you! Once he?s killed, IMMEDIATELY retreat behind the crates and wait. One of the remaining guards will automatically start running for the alarm switch (ignoring you completely), whilst the other will stand still for a while, so quickly kill the runaway guy by breaking his neck (you must be in RUN mode, of course), and once that?s done, IMMEDIATELY hide behind the crates, so the remaining guy (who at this time starts running) won?t see you before he notices the corpses. He will maybe aim at you, but still, he won?t notice you at all (a bit weird, isn?t it?), so you know the rest. If everything goes OK, you should see something like this:)

Also, it?s even possible to kill all the 3 guards standing near the crates by twisting their necks, though I don?t recommend you using this tactic, since it depends highly on luck. The trick is to make all 3 guys look at the same direction, then approach them from the left side of the crates & quickly kill the nearest of them by twisting his neck, and then kill the other 2 as they come running for the alarm switch. It?s pretty simple: position yourself behind the rightmost part of the crates as close to the right as you can without being spotted by the enemies (see this pic), and then make a couple of steps in RUN or WALK mode to make all 3 guys look at the same direction. Once that?s done, immediately switch to CROUCH-WALK mode and approach them from the left side of the shack. Kill ASAP the nearest guy, and then immediately hide yourself behind the crates. Now just wait till the remaining guys run for the alarm switch, and kill them one by one. The most critical phase of this approach is without any doubt the moment when you?re about to kill the first guy. Sometimes they?ll spot you, sometimes not ? it just depends on luck?

Anyway, once when I played the level, I accidentally forgot to kill the guy standing near the elevator prior to killing these 3 guys. Of course, he heard the shouts and went to investigate, but since I was able to kill all 3 guys before he could spot me, it was then a piece of cake to kill him once he spotted the corpses and began to run for the alarm switch. And boy, what a nice view it was! 5 guys killed without one single drop of blood ? superb!


Now go back near the ventilation shaft and open the doors located just to the right of it (when closing in, switch to WALK, then CROUCH-WALK mode). There?s a small hallway inside with 2 doors at its end. Don?t mind the doors on the right, as there?s only an empty room full of closets behind it. Instead, open the doors located just opposite you. There?s a room containing 6 guards equipped with AK47s behind these doors, so you?ll have to be a bit careful when opening it. Simply, go just enough to make that door-opening icon pop up, and AS SOON AS you open the doors, go backwards (else one of the guys may spot you). Now go outside the hallway and position yourself just in front of the doors, so you could see both the hallway and the room where those 6 guards are (see this pic). The rest is simple: stand up, and throw one grenade, preferably in the middle of the room. In case you won?t hear anyone shouting after the blast, they?re all dead, but if there?s someone screaming, immediately throw another grenade, which should finish the work. Occasionally (but that?s very rare), one of the guards may go out through the hallway, but for some weird reason, if you stand still, he won?t spot you. Just kill him with your silenced pistol, and that?s it!

Excellent walkthrough. Very detailed...makes me want to pop this game back in.

QUOTE: Excellent walkthrough. Very detailed...makes me want to pop this game back in.

Thank you very much for your appreciation! It makes me work even harder :) But seriously, I must say I've never been brief when it comes to writing walkthroughs :), so forgive me if you find it too long... But anyway, if it helps, I'm only happy about it!

P.S. To clarify the whole thing, this thread actually is the 3rd part of the Mission 2 walkthrough. You know, when I was writing it, I accidentally forgot to write that "Part 3" tag into the thread's name before saving, but when I later tried to change the name, for some uknown reason it still read "Mission 2 - The Ultimate Walkthrough" in the main IGI 1 & IGI 2 menu. Can you please give me some light into this?