Mission 1 - The Ultimate Walkthrough (Part 6)



Now enter the large, bunker-like building, where the lift leading to the mines is located. There are 9 enemies in this building: 2 guarding the lift, and another 7 in the nearby room. The 2 guys near the lift are very easy to kill. Once again, you can try various ways, but I would recommend mainly 2 approaches:

1. See those crates between the 2 trucks? Position yourself near its left side (lying in CRAWL mode, of course), so you could only see the head of the nearer guy (see this pic). Now fire one precise shot to his head, then quickly hide behind the crates. The other guy will of course notice the killing, but since his only intention afterwards will be to run for the nearby alarm switch, you can easily intercept him on his way by twisting his neck ? and he?s gone! Just aim properly before killing the first guy, because if you miss, both guys will be of course alerted. If this happens, you may try a quick 2nd shot to kill the first guy. Simply, don?t let him spot you!

2. You can kill even both guys by twisting their necks! How come? Once again, it?s very easy. The trick is to use the nearby truck as a cover. Simply, CRAWL along its left side (hugged to it, using strafe keys), then immediately twist the nearer guy?s neck (see this pic). You don?t even need to be in front of the truck to make that neck-breaking icon appear, so just don't waste any time and kill him as soon as the icon popups. Most of the times, the other guy won?t notice you at all (if you use the CRAWL mode, that is). Actually, it only happened to me only once (he spotted me when I was just about to kill the first guy), so there?s a chance, if small. Now as soon as the killing cutscene ends, quickly retreat behind the truck, and once the other guy notices his dead buddy and starts running for the alarm switch, intercept him as he passes behind the truck (see this pic). Of course, the reaction time of this 2nd guy may vary, i.e. sometimes he?ll notice the killing during the cutscene, sometimes he?ll be alerted when his buddy will be already lying dead on the floor. Occasionally, if he notices the killing too early, you may not reach him in time to prevent him hitting that alarm switch. If this happens, just kill him with a short burst from your MP5A3 submachine gun as he stops near the alarm switch (the enemies inside the room shouldn?t hear the shots).

Now it?s time to kill the 7 guys located in the nearby room. Since you can?t open the doors leading to the room (once again, what a clever idea from the authors!), it?s a bit difficult to kill them as well as to collect the weapons which they leave behind, but it?s possible.

Now your following approach depends on what you?ve done before: i.e. if you?ve left the guys inside the barracks on the other side of the river alive (in order to kill them later with AK47), you?ll not only have to kill those 7 enemies inside the nearby room, but also to grab the AK47s from their dead bodies (in order to have enough ammo to kill the guys on the other side of the river). In case you?ve killed the guys on the other side of the river outside the barracks, killing those 7 enemies inside the nearby room will be all what you?ll have to do.

Anyway, the trick is to once again lure them out ? this time, with one good grenade throw. Firstly, position yourself hugged to the wall just opposite the doors leading to the room (standing in CROUCH-WALK mode), then equip the grenades and point your aim just slightly to the left of the doorcase center (see this pic). The reason for this is simple: if you throw a grenade exactly in front of the doors' center, the enemies will of course try to get out of the room, but since they'll usually open the LEFT side of the doors, those who were hidden behind the RIGHT side will most probably survive the blast. But if you throw the grenade just slightly to the left of the doors' center, there's a big possibility of killing them all. Anyway, once you throw the grenade, quickly switch to Thermal vision and just wait for the blast. There are several situations which may occur:

1st scenario ? the blast will kill them all (see this pic). It?s clearly the best possible scenario for you, because you can then easily run inside the room and collect the guys? weapons without any worries (in case you needed them, that is).

2nd scenario ? the blast will kill all but one guy. This is again a very favourable situation, because there will be just one enemy remaining ? and you can kill him easily with your silenced pistol once he goes out to investigate, and then run inside to collect the weapons (in case you needed them). Usually, he will run to the doors and try to throw a smoke grenade (though in reality he won?t throw anything) and then he?ll simply pass through the doors like a "ghost" ? a bug! I have no explanation for this behavior, but it seems to me as if this guy is indeed inside the room, despite appearing as if he was outside of it (hence the opening of the doors). Anyway, once he ?passes? through that door, don?t shoot him yet! Just wait a couple of seconds and he?ll open the door. Once he does that, quickly kill him with your silencer, and then immediately RUN inside to collect the weapons from the dead bodies (in case you needed them). If you didn?t waste any time, you should reach the doors before they can shut forever.

3rd scenario ? the blast will kill all but two (or more) guys. This is a bit harder, because it requires another well placed grenade throw. Same as in the 2nd scenario, if this scenario occurs, one of the enemies will once again run to the doors and try to throw a smoke grenade, then ?pass through? it. This time though, once he opens the door, try to throw another grenade (once again, aim just slightly to the left of the doorcase center), and then wait till it explodes. If everything goes OK, the blast will kill all the remaining guys inside (so far, it worked for me without any exception!), so as soon as you hear the detonation, RUN towards the door (using strafe key, if needed) before they can shut, and then collect the AK47s/grenades from the dead bodies if you want.

Once those 7 guys are dead and you?ve collected their AK47s, exit the room and destroy the nearby camera above the generator. Open/shot the gate to have a free access to the generator, then activate it. Now hit the nearer of the 2 switches located on the wall near the lift to raise the lift upwards. Don?t use the lift yet! You still have some enemies left to kill in this mission, so exit the building and approach the guys who guard the other side of the bridge (make a detour through the factory building, since it takes less time than to run around the whole complex).