Mission 1 - The Ultimate Walkthrough (Part 5)



Now proceed to the large, factory-like building, located in the southern part of the complex. Again, if you want to just kill the guys in the nearby barracks without wanting to collect their AK47s/grenades, leave them alive for now, and continue towards the factory building. In case you want their stuff, just do the same approach as mentioned in the 4th part of the walkthrough ? i.e. shoot the guards? feet (see this pic), and then finish them with one good grenade throw & your silencer as they come out. Just avoid throwing any grenade in the area behind the barracks, or the guys inside the factory building may hear the blast and come out to investigate.

Now it?s time to enter the factory building. First, you must destroy the camera located near the backdoors leading to the building, so shoot it with one precise shot from your silencer (lying in CRAWL mode, of course). Alternatively, you can also enter the building via the nearby conveyor ? just turn the switch from red to green (so the conveyor will be going in the right direction), then jump on it, and when inside, jump off its left side, else the camera inside may notice you (if you haven't destroyed it yet, of course).

There are only 2 enemies in the building ? both very easy to kill. The first one is located just around the corner, so just approach him from behind, and then break his neck/stab him. The 2nd guy is walking back and forth at the northern end of the building. He's again very easy to kill. Just hide hide behind this pylon supporting the platform above, and once the guy starts walking to the other side, quickly approach him in CROUCH-WALK mode (using strafe key, of course), and then break his neck/stab him. If you didn?t waste any time, you should have no problems to reach him before he starts moving back (use peaking to know when to leave your hiding spot).


Now ascend the ladder leading to the platform above you. Turn the switch located on the center pylon from red to green (so the large conveyor above can go in the right direction), and then ascend the second ladder. Now you must jump on the conveyor, which will take you through the river to another large, factory-like building. The trick is to jump from the left side of the platform you?re standing at, since it is closer to the conveyor (see this pic). Just make sure you have a decent run-up, or you may end up in that shredding machine under the conveyor ? and that?s a sure death. Also, make sure you have at least 2 grenades with you before jumping on that conveyor (if not, go back and grab the remaining ones from the shack)!

Once you?re on the conveyor, immediately switch to CRAWL mode and equip your MP5A3 submachine gun. Now it gets a bit tricky, because there?s a security camera located just above the place where the conveyor enters the opposite factory building. Since the moving of the conveyor makes your aim move as well, it?s a bit difficult to destroy it, but it?s possible. First, try to aim ABOVE camera a bit (don?t move with the mouse after that!), then quickly align yourself with the camera horizontally using the strafe keys. Now just wait till the conveyor takes you a bit further (which will align you with the camera vertically), and once the camera is in your crosshair, immediately fire a couple of shots (see this pic). If it doesn?t go down, try to align with the camera again, and then fire another 4-5 shots (I recommend you using the auto mode or burst, since the delay between each shot may be too long if you use single shot). If you find yourself having just a couple of shots left in your magazine and the camera is still active, quickly reload and try shooting again. If it still isn?t destroyed and you don?t have enough time to make another alignment (i.e. you?re too close to the camera), you may try sort of an ?emergency plan?.

Sometimes, when you try to RUN (using strafe keys, of course), the camera may beep a couple of times, but if you?re really quick, it won?t see you long enough to raise the alarm. The trick is to make the camera detect you at the latest possible moment. Usually I would wait till I?m in the closest possible distance to the camera while still being undetected (lying in CRAWL mode), and then I would make a dash through either the right or left side of the conveyor (this depends on the camera position, i.e. when it?s turned to the right, choose the left side of the conveyor, if it?s turned to the left, choose the right side). Anyway, it all depends highly on luck ? firstly because the camera moves to each side only slightly, and secondly because it stops moving only for a brief moment. Also, even if you?re lucky enough to enter the building without destroying the camera, it may occasionally spot you even if you?re well inside the building (see this pic). Alternatively, you may try to destroy this camera even before jumping on the conveyor (by running around the whole complex and then destroying it from safe range through the fence ? see this pic), but this is quite time consuming. Summed it up, this camera is perhaps the toughest thing from the whole level, but it really takes only a couple of tries to learn how to deal with it.


Once the conveyor takes you inside the building, the 2nd objective has been accomplished. Now turn left and slowly approach the 2 guys in the distance. For now, you?re going to kill only the standing guy, so carefully hide behind this nearby corner, and once the other guy starts walking away (use peaking to know the right moment), approach him in CROUCH-WALK mode, then break his neck. The patrolling guy won?t notice the corpse at all!

Now return back to where you came from and slowly approach the guy patrolling underneath the platform (where another 2 guards are standing). Just CRAWL all the way till you?re underneath that platform (if you use the crawl mode, the guys above won?t notice you at all!), and then wait till the patrolling guy walks to the right. He stops there for at least 10 seconds, giving you all the time to hide behind this pylon, and then approach him once he returns back. Just wait till he passes that pylon you?re hidden behind, and then follow him in CROUCH-WALK mode (using strafe keys) to break his neck. If you didn?t waste any time, you should have no problems to reach him before he starts walking back. The guys on the platform won?t notice the killing at all?

Now it?s time to kill the guys on the platform. Ascend the ladder leading to the platform (you can even use RUN mode), and once there, kill the guy standing near the ladder. Since he?s looking in the opposite direction, you can easily approach him from behind and then break his neck. Now you can do the same with the other guy as well, but unfortunately, the patrolling guy whom you previously left alive may occasionally notice his corpse. Therefore, leave the guy on the platform alive, and return to the place where you?ve killed the very first guy. Now you have basically 2 options how to kill that patrolling guy:

1. lie flat in CRAWL mode and shoot him with your silencer when the guy on the platform CAN?T see the killing (i.e. when the patrolling guy?s walking near that giant brown-red machine on the left)

2. hide behind that nearby corner where you were hiding before you?ve killed the very first guy, and then RUN (using the strafe key) towards the patrolling guy as he starts walking away and quickly break his neck. Since there?s a lot of noise in the factory building coming from the nearby machines, the enemies here (and also in the opposite factory building) hear your steps only if you?re really close to them, so if you?re quick, the guy won?t have a chance to react.

Anyway, the trick is to kill the patrolling guy when he?s walking near that large brown-red machine on the left, else the guy on the platform will notice the killing (in which case you?ll have to wait till he ?calms down?).

Now kill the remaining guy on the platform (from behind, of course). Once he's dead, you can destroy the 2 cameras located in the northwestern part of the building. As you?ll see, the one located in the northwestern corner of the building simply won?t raise an alarm even if it spots you ? a bug.

Once the cameras are down, there?s only one enemy (and one camera) left for you in the building. He?s standing in the southwestern part of the building, and he?s very easy to kill (just approach him from behind and then break his neck). Once he?s dead, destroy the nearby camera and exit the building through the large doors.