Mission 1 - The Ultimate Walkthrough (Part 3)



The guy patrolling near the barracks is dead, so you can now return via the same route to the place where you entered the main compound (that small pass through the fence). Don?t forget to destroy the camera mounted on the barracks if you haven?t done it yet (just walk slowly to not alert the guys inside). Once you?re back at the fence opening, continue towards the large containers. Once again, if you keep a close distance to the fence, the nearby guys around the truck won?t notice you at all (even when you?re running). Pass through that tight corridor between the containers and when you reach its end, STOP. Notice the camera mounted at the large water tank. You can either destroy it with your silencer, or later approach it from behind and then destroy it from underneath with your knife to save some ammo.

Now it?s time to kill the 2 guys standing near the shack. Once again, you can have a lot of fun with them! I would recommend 2 approaches:

1. Get carefully behind the shack (WALKING, then CROUCH-WALKING ? so they won?t hear you), and then kill one of the guys with a headshot from your silencer. It doesn't matter, which guy you choose. You?ll notice that no matter from which side of the shack you?ll approach, the NEARER of those guys will be always staring in the direction which is ENOUGH for you to NOT BE SPOTTED (assumed you?re in CRAWL mode, of course). Just make sure his buddy WON'T SEE you at the time of the shooting. Once the first guy is killed, the other will immediately start running for the alarm switch, but unfortunately for him, the nearest one is located at the entrance to the bridge ? and that?s too far for him to get there alive. Simply, this is a perfect opportunity for you to chase him and then? just see this picture:-)

2. Believe or not, you can even kill these guys in a way that they BOTH won?t have a chance to notice something! How come? The trick is to kill the first guy silently. Since both guys are literally staring at each other, the only way to achieve that is to draw the other guy?s attention away. If you try to go behind that shack loudly, both guys will of course hear it and will stare towards your direction, but they will calm down after a while. But if you pay a close attention, you?ll notice that the guy equipped with Makarov will STILL stare towards your direction. That means if you can draw his attention in a way that he?ll be looking in the same direction as the guy behind him, you?ll be then able to approach them from behind and then?you know what:-) There?s one place, which suits for this purpose absolutely perfectly ? and that?s one of those pylons supporting the nearby water tank. Simply, carefully hide behind this pylon to be assured the guys can?t see you, and then make a couple of steps in RUN mode, either forwards or backwards. The guys will of course hear you, so just switch to CRAWL mode and carefully get out of there. Make a few steps backwards when going away from that pylon (to be assured the guys won?t spot you), but actually, the area under the water tank is rather dark, so you should have no problems to get out of there. Now approach them from the other side of the shack, and then ? well, either knife or neck:-) I prefer the neck, as always:-) Just make sure you?re approaching them in CROUCH-WALK mode together with strafe keys, so the 2nd guy won?t have any time to react (see this picture).


Once both guys are killed, pay attention to the 3 guards by the nearby truck. You?re going to kill the patrolling guy first, so use the Map Computer to check his patrolling route. As you can see, it?s very short and simple. The trick is to kill him when he stops at the back of the truck. He stays there for about 10 seconds, giving you all the time in the world to reach him, so it?s very easy. The nearby crates will provide you an excellent cover, so get behind those crates first, and once he stops behind that truck, get close to him and then twist his neck. The 2 remaining guys won?t notice. You?re going to kill them later, so carefully go back to where you came from, and then move directly towards the entrance to the bridge, where another 2 guards are standing. If you keep a safe distance from the guys near the truck, you can go there even RUNNING (just be careful with those lights near the barracks, since it can sometimes reveal your position).


There are 2 possible approaches to kill them: the 1st one assumes you shoot the camera first, whereas in the 2nd one, you?ll do it vice-versa.

1st APPROACH: Once you?re near the guys (that is around 25 m), use the CRAWL mode to get a bit closer, and then shot the nearby camera with your silencer. You should be positioned somewhere near these large containers, since there isn?t that much light for the nearby guys to spot you. Once you destroy that camera, both guys will of course notice it, but may react differently. There are 2 possible scenarios:

1. BOTH of them will run away a bit, then crouch and protect themselves, and after a couple of seconds, they will return to the gate as if nothing had happened. This is clearly the best possible scenario, since both of them will slightly change their original guarding positions after they return back to the gate, giving you a more than perfect chance to approach them from behind and then twist their necks. Simply, wait till they?re back, and then slowly approach them in CROUCH-WALK mode (just make sure you have them in line, so no one of them can spot you). Once you?re close enough to the nearer of those guys and the neck-breaking icon pops up, don?t waste any time. When he?s dead, move ASAP a couple of steps forward and do the same to his buddy. If you didn?t waste any time, he won?t have a chance to notice something (see this picture). Just be careful, because this 2nd guy is always positioned very close to the alarm switch, so make sure you don?t hit it when approaching. Simply, move just enough to make that neck-breaking icon pop up (you?ll easily learn how far you need to go).

2. ONE of the guys runs away, while the other remains STILL. This is a bit harder, because they won?t be in the same position as in the 1st scenario when they resume their guarding positions, so you won?t be able to kill the 1st guy from a close range. Occasionally, it works, but because the reaction time of the 2nd guy may vary, it?s not reliable. You have basically 2 options how to deal with this 2nd scenario: The better one is to kill the runaway guy when he stops, protecting himself (of course, shooting to his head with your silenced pistol, in CRAWL mode). If you kill him with one or maybe two quick shots, the other guy most probably won?t notice it (since he?s looking to the opposite direction), and it will be then easy for you to approach this 2nd guy from behind and then kill him by twisting his neck. But if you waste too much time killing the runaway guy, chances are the other one will notice it. It?s a question of quick acting. Just make sure you?re not close to those lights near the barracks when shooting, or you?ll be spotted. It?s also possible to kill those guys using your MP5A3 sub-machine gun ? just wait, till the runaway guy returns, then have both guys in line, get close to them, and then bang! If you hold your fire for a second or two, both of them will be dead without even noticing you. I must say, though, that this approach doesn?t always work, since often you may be spotted when trying to get closer ? even when you?re crawling.

2nd APPROACH: CRAWL under those lights enlightening the entrance to the barracks, and then get to the closest possible distance to the guys as you can get WITHOUT being seen by the camera (see this picture). The guys won?t spot you at all, so just wait till the camera is turned completely to the right, and then quickly kill the guy NEARER the alarm switch (by headshot from your silencer). DON?T move with your mouse after this shot! Just wait till the other guy stops at the alarm switch, and (if you didn?t move your mouse) you should have your aim pointed exactly at the center of his head, so just fire another shot, and he?s dead. Then quickly destroy the camera, and that?s it! If you didn?t waste any time killing those 2 guys, the camera won?t beep even once!

Finally, you may also try to kill those guys from this same place using your MP5A3 sub-machine gun. The other guy will of course run for the alarm switch, but he won?t spot you, and the guys inside barracks won?t hear the shooting at all!