Mission 1 - The Ultimate Walkthrough (Part 2)



Now you?re going to kill the 3 guys guarding the main gate ? once again an easy task. Switch back to CROUCH-WALK (so you won?t be seen), and slowly approach them. The area near the warehouse is maybe enlightened a bit, but there?s no way they can spot you (especially when you?re approaching them in crouch-walk mode). You may also try to approach them in WALK mode a bit, then switch to CROUCH-WALK and finally to the CRAWL, respectively, and still they won?t spot you. As you?ve already noticed, 2 of those guys stand still near the main entrance, whilst the 3rd one is patrolling it (stopping at both sides of the entrance). You?re going to kill this patrolling guy first. Simply, wait till he walks towards the right side of the gate, and just a second or two after he starts walking TOWARDS THE FENCE (standing roughly 20 m away from him), start approaching him diagonally, using the CRAWL mode. He always stops near the fence for about 20 seconds, staring to the southeast (enough for you to not be spotted). You?ll have all the time in the world to get close to him ? even crawling, without using strafe keys. Just keep the diagonal approach, so he won?t spot you. Don?t worry about the 2 remaining guys ? if you?re crawling, they won?t notice you at all (unless you get really close to the enlightened area surrounding the main entrance). Once you?re close enough to the guy, simply break his neck ? and he?s gone! The 2 remaining guys won?t notice his death at all! It?s very easy to master this approach, firstly because the area between the main gate and the warehouse is dark enough for you to not be seen, and secondly because the patrolling guy stops near the fence for about 20 seconds, giving you more than enough time to reach him.

So once that patrolling guy?s dead, it?s time to kill his 2 comrades. As you can see, they?re standing virtually in one line, surrounded by some concrete-like panels. Remain in CRAWL mode and position yourself behind the leftmost of those concrete panels (so you will be as close to the guys as it gets WITHOUT being seen), and then pay attention to your visibility meter. As you can see, when you?re hugged to that concrete panel, the surrounding lights also make you more visible. Try to get away from that panel (roughly 3-4 m away), and you?ll notice your visibility dropping a bit. This will help you to learn the shortest possible distance you can keep from the FURTHER of those guys WITHOUT BEING SPOOTED, WHILST HAVING A CLEAR LOOK ON HIM (you?re going to kill this guy first, since he?s closer to the alarm switch). Now notice that light pole between the concrete panels. As you can see, there?s a small space between this pole and the concrete panel you?re hidden behind. You?re going to kill that further guy through this small opening, so strafe just enough to have a clear view on the guy, but DON?T go any further or his buddy may spot you! If you keep the aforementioned safe distance, the further guy won?t spot you at all. Learning this distance is very easy ? just pay attention to your visibility meter.

Now check the guy patrolling that long alley between the fence and the large container, but DON?T USE THE MAP COMPUTER, else the guy you?re about to kill will spot you (for some unknown reason). Just try the thermal vision or binoculars. You must kill these 2 remaining guys near the entrance WHILE this patrolling guy is away, walking towards the far corner of the fence (else he will hear the shouts and go investigate). So once he?s far enough from you, select the silenced pistol and prepare for some quick action. You have 2 options how to kill those 2 remaining guys near the entrance. The 1st one is the obvious ? shoot the furthest guy to the head, then do the same with the remaining one when he stops at the alarm switch (either by shooting him to the head, or by firing multiple shots to his upper body). I must say I don?t prefer this 1st option for 3 obvious reasons: 1. you have to strafe a bit to the right in order to actually see the guy when he stops near that alarm switch, 2. pointing to his head may cost you precious time, 3. shooting to his upper body may not be quick enough to prevent him hitting that alarm switch.

Therefore, I?ve ?invented? another, more reliable (and funnier) option. How it works? Simply, shoot the further guy to the head, and then RUN ASAP (USING THE STRAFE KEYS, of course) to the other guy to break his neck while he?s going for the alarm switch! It?s easy and always reliable! The guy won?t spot you at all, since he?s reacting literally in milliseconds (that is, once he sees his buddy falling on the ground, his ONE AND ONLY INTENTION will be to go for the alarm). Just make sure you don?t have the WALK mode toggled prior to the shooting, else you?ll have to switch back to the run mode, which may cost you precious time. Also, make sure you're pointing exactly to the center of the head when killing the 1st guy, since this shot is CRITICAL. If you miss, the guys will either spot you or their dead buddy on the ground. Anyway, if you react ASAP, you should have no problems reaching the 2nd guy (that?s why I?ve told you to keep that shortest possible distance!). This 2nd option has only one minor drawback: sometimes, if you get really close to the guy, you may hit the alarm switch instead of breaking the guy?s neck, though it doesn?t exactly relate to this particular case. Anyway, a couple of tries will solve this problem. Remember that the guy will always stop when trying to push that alarm switch, so you can easily learn his final position and then keep the appropriate distance from him when going for the kill. But as I?ve already said, this problem doesn?t exactly relate to this particular case, because the guy here is always standing a bit to the left of the alarm switch when trying to push it. Just be quick, and you should have no problems - see here.

You can also try an alternative option by killing these 2 guys with your MP5A3 sub-machine gun (either by firing selectively to their heads or shredding them with auto-fire), but I?m not quite sure whether the guy patrolling the nearby fence may notice it or not. Anyway, I always prefer the neck-breaking version ? there?s no doubt:-)


Now you're going to kill the 2 guys patrolling nearby. Keep your focus on the guy patrolling in that tight alley between the large container and the fence first. He?s very easy to kill. Just position yourself hugged to the container (behind its edge, so you won?t be spotted), and then lean to the right to check the guy?s position. Once he starts moving away from you, start approaching him (CROUNCH-WALKING, of course), and then it's once again either neck or knife:-) You may even try to hold that action key to kill him sooner, but don?t forget to use the STRAFE KEYS, or you?ll never reach him. This guy can be easily killed also by approaching from the other side of the container (either when he?s going to the left or to the right). It?s up to you, which way you choose. The one I mentioned first is the quickest I guess. Just stay hidden behind the edge of the container (so the guy won?t spot you) and use the leaning or Map Computer to check the guy?s position.

When he?s dead, approach the guy who?s patrolling the nearby barracks ? and do the same to him. It?s once again easy, because you can hide behind those large containers and then easily approach him when he starts moving AWAY from you (once again use STRAFE KEYS, or you won?t be able to reach him in time). When you?re trying to kill a patrolling enemy from a very close range (I mean either by stabbing or breaking his neck), it?s always important to have a nearby cover, where the enemy CAN?T SEE you and where you can start your approach from. The nearer this place is to the enemy, the better for you. Just check the patrolling route of this guy, and you?ll soon know where to find that one safe hiding (see here). The key is to kill him once he starts moving TOWARDS THE FENCE, because only then you'll have enough time to reach him (if you won?t waste any time, that is).