Mission 1 - The Ultimate Walkthrough (Part 1)


OK, here?s my "ultimate" walkthrough for the 1st mission ? the Infiltration. Bear in mind, that most of my walkthroughs will usually have 3 main goals ? to KILL EVERY SINGLE ENEMY in the particular mission (and also to destroy the other things which may potentially be dangerous to you ? that is cameras or APCS), then TO FINISH IT WITH 100 % HEALTH, and all this WITHOUT BEING SPOTTED EVEN ONCE (if that?s possible). This, of course, has a very negative impact on the achieved time, but honestly, I don?t mind. My main goal was to make a walkthrough concentrated on killing everyone and everything, putting emphasis on both the stealth and reproducibility of the given parts. That means I won?t necessarily use the stealth approach, but WHENEVER it?s possible (and most importantly, reproducible), I will. Note: All this, of course, in Hard difficulty setting!

Enough words, let?s start with the 1st mission! After hearing the initial mission instructions from a guy who does look like a George Clooney:-), you finally land with your parachute next to the enemy compound. This 1st mission, in my opinion, is rather boring and tedious, since there are lots of enemies spread throughout the map (and it requires a lot of patience and time to kill them all!), but on the other hand, the level has a very nice ?evening atmosphere?, and you can also practice many things which you?ll be doing in the next missions.


Once the level starts, head immediately to the warehouse just in front of you. Picklock the gate (I always prefer to picklock over the shooting, since it is quieter + saves the ammo), while simultaneously paying attention to the camera above the fence. Now you have 2 options: The 1st one is to picklock the backdoors, go inside the warehouse, and kill the guy standing there between the large container and the wall. Since you?ll be facing his back when entering the warehouse, you won?t have any problems to get close to him (CROUCH-WALKING) and then break his neck. It?s worth of mentioning that the fastest you can get close to the enemy in IGI 2 WITHOUT DOING TOO MUCH NOISE is by using the crouch-walk mode, so use this to your advantage! Also, whenever you?re in a hurry, try to move holding one of the STRAFE KEYS ? you?ll be faster! This can come pretty handy especially when you?re trying to break the neck / stab a patrolling guard, since in most of the cases, the guard will be slower than you.

Anyway, back to the walkthrough. The 2nd option is to destroy the nearby camera, which will trigger the aforementioned guy to go out and investigate. If you want to try this 2nd option, always approach the camera hugged to the fence (so you can minimize the possibility of being detected). When you?re just underneath the camera, destroy it with a couple of quick stabs while jumping (I always prefer to use knife, if that?s possible), and then quickly position yourself hugged to the corner between the outside wall of the warehouse and the left side of the stairs leading to the backdoor, standing in CROUCH-WALK mode. The guy inside will hear the camera crashing and soon go out of the warehouse to investigate. However, he will always stop on the stairs ? totally unaware of you. This is a perfect chance for you to kill him, so once he stops on these stairs, just jump on the top of it and (while jumping) turn yourself on the guy?s back ? and you know the rest. Simply, break his neck, and that?s it! He?ll maybe hear you jumping on the stairs, but if you?re quick enough, he won?t be even able to finish what he was about to say:-) Here's the proof! Really, it only takes 2-3 times till you get used to do it without any problems. Alternatively, you can also kill this guy with a headshot from your silenced pistol. Since he will stand still (totally unaware of you), you'll have all the time in the world to point exactly at his head and then kill him (of course, you should have your pistol equipped already before the guy comes out of the warehouse, or he will hear you switching the weapons). Note: once you picklock the gate, always switch to the WALK mode, otherwise the guy inside will hear your steps.


So once you?ve killed this first guy (don?t forget to destroy the camera outside if you tried the 1st option), it?s time to kill the remaining 2 guys in the warehouse. Go through that small alley between the large container and the warehouse wall (where the 1st guy was standing) and when you?re at its end, lean to see which direction the guy on the catwalk is moving to. If he?s going to the left, just wait a couple of seconds and he?ll soon walk back to the right, being hidden behind the containers. He stays there for about 10 seconds, which is more than enough time for you to move to the crates on your right (you can even use WALK mode, without being heard). Or you can simply CRAWL ? and he won?t notice you at all.

Once you?re by the crates, switch to CROUCH-WALK mode, and use the crates to jump at the top of the large container (the one to the left), then IMMEDIATELY switch to CRAWL mode. The guy on the catwalk may occasionally notice you, but if you didn?t wasted any time switching to the crawl mode, he will only remain staring towards your direction (that is you won?t be spotted), and then start patrolling again after a while. But if you?re really quick, he won?t have chance to even spot something. Now select your silenced pistol and wait till the guy stops at the right side of the catwalk. You should have plenty of time to point exactly at the center of his head, but don?t try to get close for better aim, or the lights above will reveal your position and you?ll be spotted. If everything goes as planned, one shot must be enough to kill this guy. In case you miss (or if it?s not enough to kill him), you may try a quick 2nd shot, which will usually be enough to kill him WITHOUT alerting the guy underneath the catwalk. If he?s alerted (may occasionally happen), better restart the level and try again. Don?t worry ? these are only the first 3 enemies in the very first level, so it?s not so tough to swallow:-) Anyway, if you aim appropriately, one shot is usually enough. Note: sometimes, the guy underneath the catwalk will notice the killing, even if you kill his buddy above him with one single shot. I've noticed that this situation occurs ONLY if the guy on the catwalk makes a scream during the dying, but this is very rare. Usually, he will go down without a beep:-)

Now the guy on the catwalk is dead, it?s time to kill his buddy below him. This guy is originally staring towards your direction, but since he would hear the body of his buddy falling on the catwalk, he will turn his attention on the catwalk. He will simply stare above him like an idiot (WITHOUT being alerted), so use this to get close to him, and then break his neck! Simply, once the guy on the catwalk is dead, switch immediately to the CROUCH-WALK mode and move through the top of the container towards the guy?s direction (holding the strafe key for quicker movement). When you?re nearing the end of the container, fall off its left side (you won?t get injured), then quickly move around the crates at the end of the container and break the guy?s neck. It?s always easy and reproducible! You can even land on the crates, but don?t go too close to the guy or he will hear you falling on the ground. Also, it?s even possible to start approaching this guy by using the WALK mode, but to be honest, you won?t even need it (assumed you?re quick enough, of course).


Time to get out of the warehouse. Switch to RUN mode and exit through the door underneath the catwalk. When outside, proceed along the fence till you reach a small pass. Once you go through it, George Clooney (a.k.a. your mission director) will tell you that the first objective has been successfully accomplished. Encouraged by this fabulous news, turn right and continue diagonally towards the entrance to the next area. Since the area along the fence is rather dark, the guys standing near the truck won?t notice you at all, so you can run there without any worries. On the other hand, the place where you're currently standing is well lit, but still, the guys at the truck won?t notice you at all ? even when running. Instead, pay attention to the guy patrolling the nearby barracks when entering this next area, as he can sometimes spot you (but that?s very rare).

Once you?re past the entrance, turn to the right and run around the crates from the inner side (so the guy patrolling the barracks won?t have even slightest chance of spotting you). You may also try to destroy the nearby camera. In that case, just wait till that guy once again walks behind the barracks, and then quickly destroy it with a couple of quick stabs (use the WALK mode, so the guys inside the barracks won?t hear you). Destroying this camera is very easy, since it is turning only to the right (and therefore won?t spot you during your approach). The guys inside won't hear the crashing at all (a bit weird), so just wait till the nearby guy?s once again behind the barracks, and quickly move back to where you came from.

The 2nd part of the walkthrough will follow soon!