IGI2 - Showdown on Docks walkthrough


I haven't been able to do this mission in the allotted time of 9:30 minutes. Just can't complete this mission in this short of time. Anyway, here's how you do the mission.

As soon as the mission starts, switch to your silenced pistol and run a few short steps in the direction of the guard patrolling by the nearby truck then DIVE to the ground. This causes him to stop and turn in your direction. Put a single shot right into his head. If you miss then fire a second shot into his head! You have to take this guy out without him making a sound.

Now, get up and run along the fence, behind the truck. Keep running near the fence all the way past the opening in the fence and back to where the back door of the far building is where the security camera is above the door. Walk to the side of that building and crouch. Lean around the building and look for the security camera to turn away from you. Then, crouchwalk up to the door and unlock it fast. Get inside the door. Crouchwalk up the the guard inside and pluck him with a single shot into the back of his head.

Go to the inside door and unlock it. Crouch walk up to the guard in the hallway and break his neck. Now.. Crouchwalk down the hallway to the last door on your left to the room with the computer. Lay flat by the side of the door. Open the door then immediately move off to the side so the guard inside won't see you when he turns and looks. Lean and look at the guard. Wait for him to turn back facing the wall again. Crawl in and pluck him in the back of his head.

Get up and run to the computer and use it. Now. Run all the way back out the same door you originally came in. As soon as you exit the door head quickly back around the building so the security camera won't see you long enough. Run to the fence and follow it all the way back around to where you started behind the truck in the lot. Now, crouchwalk up to the guard in the parking lot and use your knife to kill him. Crouchwalk to a position behind the guard standing near the guard shack. Crawl up behind him and break his neck. The guard inside the shack won't see you.

Crawl backwards a bit then crawl around the concrete barrier and under the horizontal gate-bar. Crawl to a position so you can see the guard inside the shack through the window. Use your binoculars to zoom in on his head. Then switch to your silenced pistol and pluck him straight through the window with a clean headshot. He goes down.

Get up and run outside the compound and along the fence to your right. Head down to the waterline and dive in. Swim along the dock and follow it all the way around to your right. Keep swimming and following the wall. Eventually you'll swim right past the airplane and over to a ladder along the wall near the crane. Climb that ladder slowly else the guard in the crane will turn and blast you.

When you finish climbing the ladder, immediately lay flat. Crawl to a position so you can get a clean shot at the guard on the stairs of the crane. Drill him by putting 2 shots into his back. Or, do a headshot if you can take it.

Now.. Get up and run right along the very edge of the dock near the water and head straight for the back fence with the gate. The sniper on the roof won't see you. When you get to the last tie-downs then crawl diagonally to your right and head straight for the control panel on the gate post. Here's the trick. Keep the pole with the control panel between you and the camera light. If you can't see the camera light then the camera can't see you!

When you reach the control panel, lean and wait for the camera to turn away from you. When it does, use the control panel quickly. When the fence gate opens up, stand and run right underneath the security camera and along the back fence. Run along the fence and all the way around to the far back fence. Crouch walk along the back fence and keep an eye on the guards patrolling the parking lot. When they start heading back towards the buildings, start moving again. Stay low and keep moving until you can get to the side of the building near the fence. Wait there and use your map computer to see when the guards start moving to the front of the buildings again. When they do, run along the fence a bit then head left straight for the rear of the small shack.

Crawl to the ladder. Be sure to CRAWL because you want to be laying flat when you exit the top of the ladder. Climb the ladder slowly else the guard on the inside second floor gets nervous. When you exit the top of the ladder you should be laying flat. Immediately crawl off to your left so you're not on the glass. Crouchwalk over behind the sniper. Either break his neck or pluck him with a clean headshot. Grab his grenade if he has one. Circle back to the glass skylight at the top of the ladder. Lean over to see if the guard below is looking at you. Don't use your heat-vision goggles to check on him else he hears you and looks upward. If he's not looking at you then crouch a bit near the glass so you can get a clean headshot through the sky light. Drill him straight through the top of his head. He collapses without a sound.

Now it gets tricky. Crouch onto the top of the skylight and take out your knife. Use it to break the glass underneath your feet and you'll fall through to the floor below. Crouchwalk into the room with the computer and use it. This deactivates the alarm for 2 minutes.

Now, crawl down the hallway. Use your heat vision goggles to get an idea where the guard nearest the stairs is standing. Put your goggles away then crawl up a bit. Lean upward to see where he is. Crawl forward a bit more. Lean upwards again. What you want to do is to just crawl to a spot where the very top of his head is just visible through the space in the flooring. You need to do a clean headshot on this guy but you can't crawl forward too far else he'll see you!

When you're in position, pluck him in the head. He goes down quietly. Him going down causes the other guard nearby him to run underneath the stairs right near you. So, quickly crouchwalk down the stairs and stay put on the landing area right there. Don't go all the way down those stairs else the guard will shoot you in the back! Stay there and wait for the guard underneath the stairs to start walking back to his normal position. When he does, drill him in the back with 3 shots or do a clean headshot if you feel lucky. Remember, if he makes any noise then the guards patrolling outside come running inside to investigate and all hell breaks loose.

Crouchwalk down the stairs and out the backdoor to where the generator is located. Activate the generator. Quickly crouchwalk back inside and go up the stairs to the second floor. You are going to jump out the second floor back window near the rear ladder. Crouch to that rear window and check your map computer first! You don't want to break the window when the patrolling guards are right there. When the guards aren't there, break the glass and crouch jump out the window down to the ground. You won't get hurt. Get up and RUN out of that area the exact same way you came in. Run straight out the gate and head directly to that crane.

At the bottom of the crane, toss all the stuff you're carrying onto the ground nearby. Hopefully, you've got a grenade to toss. Run up the stairs of the crane all the way to the top and activate the crane. The crane rotates and smashes a huge hole in the concrete wall into the final area.

Go down the crane stairs. Be sure to also toss the sniper rifle you picked up on the stairs. RUN STRAIGHT THROUGH THE OPENING AND TO YOUR LEFT! Keep running all the way around to the back door of the building there. You have to get into that building BEFORE the patrolling guards get to that side of the building where you are. Enter the back door of the building and walk through the open area into the room with the computer. Use the computer.

When the animation finishes, immediately use your knife to slice the guard standing right in front of you and then quickly dive straight into the water. You'll be right near the plane so you can swim to the ladder by the crane. Climb the ladder and pick up all the stuff you dropped nearby.

Now you have to take out White and his guards for the mission to end.

Enter through the hole in the fence again and go to your left. Crouch right there facing White and his guards. They won't see you. I had a grenade so I tossed it at White. The explosion took him and his guards out in a single blast. If you don't have a grenade then you have to snipe everybody one at a time.

Once you've killed White and his guards, the two guards in the back lot behind White's position will get excited. One will head your way. Snipe him quickly before he gets too close. Now snipe the last guard and you're done! Run and jump off the dock onto the wing of the plane and mission accomplished.

It's quicker and easier to kill White and his guards if you've managed to pick up a grenade along the way. Sometimes the sniper in the crane has one. Sometimes the sniper on the roof has one. Otherwise, you have to play cat-and-mouse to take all these people out without being seen. Find a grenade!

Tough mission! Cannot complete it in time so I haven't achieve David Jones status on this mission. Bummer! By the time I'm on the roof of the back building I've used 9:30.. Best I've done is 13:20. Anyway..

Good luck!

I've done this mission in 8:28, 100% Health & Accuracy and spotted Once (which was unavoidable at the start of the 2nd part of the level when you're tied up). I was in easy mode, but the time should be achievable in hard mode.

I do exactly what you do up to exiting the first building with the computer. I then run along the fence and turn left into the container area and arrive at the opening with the three guards patrolling ... if i do the earlier stuff at optimum i arrive just as the guards are at the mouth end ... i let them hear me, and then i run back about 2/3 of the way and drop to crawl stance, against the containers on the left. The guards by this time are walking out of the mouth - as soon as two guards are in sight, i take them out with the silenced pistol. The third guard usually turns tail and runs back down between the containers trying to get to the alarm; i race to the mouth of the opening and take him out in the back, making sure he does'nt get too far down as to disturb the two guards at the bottom.

I then trot and crouch down to the two gaurds at the bottom - you can't get too close cos the near one always sees you. Anyway, now comes the tricky bit - quickly pistol the two guards, then quickly get a bit closer and more central - the guard in the shack will run to the alarm - you have to take him out quick, and make sure your bullets don't aim towards the guard building behind and alert the guards ... from here, i go through the opening and immediately turn right and drop to crouch mode and move along the wall between the crates near the guard building (crouch as the distant sniper guy on the crane will see you sometimes as the area is well lit) ... once past the crates, i run along the wall, and down the fence to the gate (the guards may hear you but not enough to disturb them) where i pick the lock (the camera is usually looking away when i reach it) and enter the compound.

Once through the gate, i hug the fence on my right and run right round the compound, turning left at the corner and running along the wall with the lights and into the gloom, past the guard house (again they may hear you but you are usually past them in time). I keep running to the bottom, then along the fence til i'm hidden by the shack - the three patrolling guards never seem to hear me, and after checking their position, i make my way to the bottom of the ladder and ascend in slow mode to the top, quickly moving sideways in crawl or crouch mode so the guard beneth the sky light don't see me. Using the pistol, i take out the Sniper guy on the roof, and pick up his Sniper rifle ... and hopefully a grenade - as you say you need a grenade from one of the two sniper guys to make finishing the level easy !

Then i use your trick of falling off the roof in crouch mode slightly to the left of the fence below enclosing the generator - you bounce nicely in with no damage. I switch it on then go through the doors into the downstairs bit and go up to the double doors ... these doors are tricky as they close quickly. Anyway, via the map computer, make sure the three patrolling guards are going past your point outside, into the gloom at the back of the compound ... as they do, pick the doors and exit in crouch mode to your right - you should be quick enough to escape the camera immediately outside ... switch to trot mode and run along the buliding to your right til you reach the fence - the guards in the building will hear you, but it don't matter ... now switch to crouch mode and hug the fence as you head towards the gate ... as you approach the well lit tower a third of the way along, switch to crawl mode otherwise the guards in the building will see you ... once you pass the tower and its between you and the building, switch to run mode and leg it out the gate !

Now, running close to the waters edge, approach the Sniper Guy in the crane by keeping the loading machine between him and you ... as you reach the machine, switch to crawl mode against its right side .. advance a little way, then move out so you can see the sniper guy, and pick him off quickly with two chest shots. Then its up and run to the crane (picking up the Sniper rifle and hopefully a grenade !). From there, i do exactly what you've done.

After you've used the computer in the first area and killed the guards and the like and have exited that building, run down the middle area into where all the cargo containers are. Stop before you entire where the guards are patrolling back and forth. Use your map computer to see them walking back away from your postion. Crouch walk about halfway down that center area and crouch in a corner on the left behind where some containers stick out a bit (it's just past the entrance on the left which goes behind the containers). If you crouch right up against that corner real tightly then lay flat, the guards walking past your position on the way back on their patrol won't see you.

As soon as the last guard walks past you, crawl out and diagonally over to the other side. You can crouch walk part way up along the other side to make some better time but don't crouchwalk TOO far because the two guards standing there turn and start shooting. Keep crawling along the right side and crawl into an entrance there on the rightside which leads behind the containers on the right. Crawl up into there and then around the position of the guards.

Here's the trick. If you crawl right up against the wall, you can crawl out and right around the wall, past the alarm switch without the guards seeing you! Keep in mind that a few times they have seen me so I'm not sure what happened to make them see me sometimes and not the other. But even when they HAVE seen me, I just keep crawling and then crouch walk on the other side and get behind the boxes next to the building, then I RUN to the fence and open it up quickly and no shots are fired and the guards never sound the alarm. So they may spot you but don't do anything.

From here on out, I do everything else the same (except now I have to kill the sniper in the crane on my way back from turning the generator on).

Btw, here's another trick which I've used to shave some time off this mission. Once I hop down from the top of the building and bounce off the fence to get down into the area where the generator is, I turn the generator ON then crouchwalk to the sidedoor, open it, then walk over to the front door. Usually, the sound of me walking alerts the guards outside and the guard upstairs doesn't do anything.

I position myself right in the corner behind the door. The guards outside come and open the door and run inside and head up the stairs to investigate. Meanwhile, I'm hiding right in the corner behind the door leaning around and watching them. When the last guard comes in, then I RUN out the door and head diagonally to my LEFT straight to get behnd the truck trailer parked in front of the guard building. I can make it behind that trailer BEFORE any of the guards see me. From there I just keep running straight out the gate! Sometimes I also pluck the last guard in the back of the head or into his back with two shots and THEN run out the door.

So, the trick here is to NOT sit there watching your map computer and waiting for the 3 guards outside to finally go between the two buildings before opening the door and running out. What I do is make a racket and get the 3 guards outside to open the door and come running inside to investigate. Then, I go running out to my LEFT at the right moment.

I still have some other things to figure out. Although the time to complete this mission is 9:30, I've now gotten my completion time down to between 10:20 and 10:40 with repeatable consistency. I also know I can shave off even more time if I don't take the extra time to search the dead sniper on the roof to see if he has any grenades.

I'm still working on finishing this mission in under 9:30. I'm only about 45 seconds off from getting my DAVID JONES status on this mission. When I do get it, I'll be sure to post how to do it..