IGI2 - Showdown on the Docks - COMPLETED!


It took me quite awhile to figure this mission out and complete it in under 9:30. The trick to this mission is getting the guards on patrol in the area of stacked containers to leave the area. This is what you do but timing is crucial.

When the mission starts, immediately switch to your silenced pistol and take a few quick steps in the direction of the nearby guard then dive to the ground. He stops and turns. Drill him clean through the head. Now, get up and RUN as fast as you can toward the opening of the area leading into the stacked containers. As you run, you'll see a guard turning and heading back up the patrol in the center area with all the containers. While running, fire 2 shots right at this guy to get him all stirred up! The trick is to make those guards come to investigate. It doesn't matter whether you hit the guard although I did drop him one time by luck.

Run and fire!

Keep running to the back door underneath the camera. Don't stop. Walk the last bit straight to the door. The camera should be turned away just as you reach the door. Unlock it and crouchwalk in. If you make noise running up to the door then the guard inside turns to investigate. If this happens then when you open the door, lay flat and crawl in to get away from the camera and fire a single shot right into his face. He won't see you crawl inside. If he hasn't turned then crouchwalk up behind him and slice him.

Stand and walk to the inside door and unlock it. Crouchwalk up to the guard facing away from you and slice him. Breaking his neck takes too long.

Now, get out your silenced pistol and crouch walk over to the left side of the door of the computer room. Here's a trick. Put your crosshairs on a spot on the wall to the left of the door. Switch to your infrared and remember which 'cell' on your goggle's vision is on thaat spot on the wall. Then move that 'cell' to the back of the guard's head. Switch back to your pistol and your crosshairs should now be aimed square at the back of the guy's head inside the computer room. Fire! He drops. If you miss and he opens the door than drill him.

Once he's down, stand up, open the door, and use the computer.

Reload your pistol and RUN all the way back out just the way you came in. When you exit the door beneath the camera, step to your left around the corner of the building and run to the fence across the road. Toss your rifle.

Now you're going to find out if you succeeded in making the guards on patrol come out to investigate. If you fired quick enough and stirred them up real good then 2 of the guards will be now standing behind the truck by the main gate. The other guy is running around crazy behind the containers out back. If it didn't work then they're still on patrol. Start over!

You can't walk or run down the fence and into the container area because the guards on the other side of the truck will see you. Walk part of the way along the fence then crouchwalk the rest of the way and turn and head into the container area. Crouchwalk a little ways down the entrance then stand and run! Cut diagonally across to the RIGHT SIDE of the containers heading towards where the guards are standing by the alarm.

Remember, you can't run TOO close to the guards up ahead because they'll turn and see you. You can't even crouchwalk either! Dive to a crawl about 2 containers behind the guards. Crawl along the containers on the right and crawl into the opening just behind the guards. Once you turn into that area, stand and walk around that container. This causes the two guards to turn and look away from the area by the alarm switch. When you get behind that container there crouchwalk again over to the wall. Crawl along the wall right underneath the alarm button while the guards are looking away and right around to the other side of the wall. Nobody saw you!

At this point, you've activated the computer, and gotten through the entire container area in record time and nobody saw a thing. And, they don't even know you've killed all the guys inside the building with the computer!

Now crouch walk past the boxes beside the building then stand and walk toward the back fence. Once past the building with the gaurds, RUN over to the control on the gate. Give a quick glance at the camera. Usually it's either pointed in one direction or the other. Rarely does this camera catch me opening the gate. I still keep an eye on it though.

Open the gate and RUN underneath the camera and behind the fork lifts in the lot and straight toward that back wall. Keep running right alongside the wall and run all the way around to the back shack. Crouchwalk the rest of the way to the bottom of the ladder. Go up the ladder slowly. Now you are on the building!

Crouchwalk over to the sniper and slice him with your knife. Pick up his rifle and hopefully you'll get a grenade.

Crouchwalk over to the edge of the building and align yourself over the fence below. You are going to crouchwalk off the edge of the building and onto the right side of the top of the fence. If you do it right, you'll bounce off the top of the fence and land right next to the generator without even getting hurt. If you do it wrong then you'll bounce outside the fenced area. If you miss the fence entirely then you'll sustain a lot of damage. This is a shortcut down to the generator but it's a risky move.

Once in the fence area, turn on the generator. Crouchwalk to the doors. Open them and crouchwalk behind the front doors. Here's what you do. Stand close to the doors and unlock them. Let the doors open then quickly close. Check your map computer to see where the guards are on their patrol outside. If they are way out front then open the doors and run to your LEFT behind the buildings and run completely around and out the gate the same way you came in. Nobody sees you. If they are just going into the area between the two buildings to your left then you have to keep watching your map computer to the opportune time to quickly open the doors and RUN to the RIGHT and head straight to the fence on the right and run part way along that fence and quickly dive to a crawl else the guards on the second floor will fire at your through the window. Also, you need to get flat on the ground because the guards between the buildings are coming around now to investigate who just opened those front doors! Keep crawling! Crawl along the fence until you get past the light tower. Once behind the tower stand and RUN out the gate.

Once you've exited the gate, run to the right side of the container-lifter between you and the crane so the sniper on the crane won't see you. Dive to a crawl before you reach the container-lifter. If you go too far, the sniper fires!

Crawl up a bit and take out your binoculars. Zoom in on the sniper. Switch to your pistol and put 2 shots right into his chest. Use your infrared to make sure he's down. This is a tough shot! Take this guy out without too many misses else your accuracy goes down.

Once he's dead, RUN to the crane. Go up the stairs. Pick up the rifle and HOPEFULLY you'll get a grenade too! Sometimes I've picked up one from the sniper on the roof and one from the guy on the crane. Other times I don't get any grenades at all. If you don't get any grenades then it'll be tough to finish the mission on time.

Go to the top of the crane. Activate the crane then run down the stairs. Go through the entrance in the broken wall. Stop and toss your rifle, pistol, and grenades on the ground right there behind the container. RUN to your left and around to the back of the building with the catwalk. Go inside and RUN to the office door. Open the door and use the computer. Animation starts.

As SOON AS YOU USE THE COMPUTER, immediately hit "ESC' to stop the animation. Slice the guard right in front of you and dive into the water. Don't dive too far out because then the other guard will shoot you. Get alongside the wall quickly once in the water. Swim along the wall to the ladder by the crane. Climb the ladder fast. The clock is still running!

Go into the broken wall and pickup your stuff. Grab a grenade and crouch by the wall there so you're facing White and his bodyguards standing by the truck. What you are going to do is to toss your grenade so it wipes out the whole bunch in one huge fireball. This is a critical grenade throw! If they all don't die then you'll never finish in time.

Lastly, there are two guards running around that platform. Don't just start firing with the rifle if BOTH guards are in your sites because you'll kill one but the other will see you and start firing! You have to position yourself so that you can see only ONE GUARD in your sites. Kill him.

Quickly check your map computer to find out where the last guard is! Don't let him sneak up on you. Switch to your silenced pistol and adjust your position to the far side of the shipping container there. The last guard will come around the side of the container where you just were sniping from. Lay flat on the other side of the container and as he comes around the corner of the container, drill him!

Once you take the last guard out, RUN and jump off the platform onto the plane's wing. Mission accomplished!

Tough mission! You have to beat the accuracy and health AND the clock to get David Jones status. It's frustrating but don't give up.

I finished in 9:16 with 100% health and 100% accuracy.

Good luck!

I just done this level in 8:29, 100%, 100%, David Jones rating ! It is tough to do this level, but i think the hardest for me is to get out of the area with the generator; those double doors and the guards outside are a nightmare. You have to walk/run to get past the camera ! But your technique of running out left or right depending on where the guards are worked; they heard me but when i dropped to crawl they just milled about then went inside.

I deviated a few more times from your route; the three guards in the stacked container area i left til i had done the computer terminal; if you do it at optimum timing, the guards are coming towards the mouth as you approach; i ran a bit further on til they heard me (without stepping into their view obviously), then i ran back a bit and went to crawl stance; as the first guard emerged i waited a sec (dont let him get too close otherwise he sees you) then shot him, then shot the second guard as he came out; then i got up and ran and saw the third guard running down to activate the alarm; you can run after him and shoot him in the back - although sometimes it seems to activate the guards in the barracks near the bottom; i have no idea how they can hear you !

It was also funny at one point; i reached the two stationary guards at the bottom, but i didnt switch to crawl mode fast enough; the nearest one turned before i could reach the opening (he'd heard me but didnt see me) - so i had to shoot both; the guard in the shack heard the killings but then also heard me as i got up and ran; this seemed to stop him coming out and setting the alarm. Unfortunately; the guards in the barracks heard my killing of the two guards or heard a stray bullet; whatever, they came out to investigate (as they often do if you're not careful); so i had to walk back and went around the containers in walk/crawl mode; the guards found the dead bodies and ran up between the stacked containers where they found the other guard i shot in the back; i was able to crawl out and round the alarm button as you described; and no-one saw me !

Its really tricky if you dont get a grenade. Fortunately i did (from the crane guy thankfully !); it seems you get a grenade more often if you shoot the sniper guard on the roof rather than neck snap/knife, but i also note the outside guards sometimes hear you if you shoot him in the heard silently, and start running about (including those in the barracks) !

I also found that when you restart the level on the waters edge with the two guards; its much more advantageous to knife those two quickly (right then left), before jumping in the water; that then only leaves you one stray guard to deal with as the others stay in a group by the truck - grenade fodder ! When i emerged from the water; i picked up the sniper rifle from the crane; grenaded all the guards by the truck and used the rifle to take out the last stray guard - if you have two or more stray gaurds, you have to take more time and risk your accuracy; however with the sniper rifle you can position yourself so that only your targetted guard is in view; when you kill him; the others might hear, but crucially they wont see you, you can move out and do the same for the next stray guard, but be quick, as they are homing in on your position - thats why its much better to knife them first quickly then jump in !