IGI2 - Libyan Rendezvous walkthrough


This is a tough mission to finish under 6:00 minutes with the required accuracy rating. It used to take me 20+ minutes and when I saw that you had to do it under 6 minutes my first reaction was: No Way!!

Here's how you do it.

When you start the mission in the water, immediately swim straight for the shoreline directly in front of you and bypass the guard on the docks altogether. Get up onto the shore and run straight for the side of the building facing you. Then, run down the little alley and turn LEFT down the other alley with the guard 3/4 the way down facing the opposite direction. Run most of the way towards him then quickly lay flat. Then pluck him in the head with one clean shot. He goes down. Then, put two shots into the chest of the sniper on the balcony straight ahead overlooking your position. This is a tough shot but you can take him out if you put two straight into his chest. A headshot at this distance is excellent!

Now, get up, reload, and run straight ahead and lay flat just far enough were you can see the two other guards down the other alley to your right. Shoot one guard in the head then quickly put two shots into the chest of the second guard. If he doesn't go down right away, you have to pick him off without letting any of your bullets fly all the way down to the other end of the alley where the other 3 guards are. Otherwise, they all come running. When you've killed these two guards, check your map computer to make sure that none of the 3 guards heard anything and that nobody is coming to investigate. I've run back to get the Libyan friend and ran back into this alley straight into these 3 guards investigating the area and they took me out before I even knew they were there. So a quick check of your map computer is worth it.

When you are sure nobody is coming to investigate, get up and run back to your Libyan friend. Immediately turn right around and run back to where you were just laying then WALK down the alley and part way up the alley on your right. You have to pluck the guard up on the balconey who is keeping an eye on the sniper guarding the explosive pack. Quickly lay flat and kill him cleanly with a single shot into the back of his head. Otherwise, this guard runs back and forth and he's hard to bring down and your accuracy will drop considerably.

By now, your friend should be coming down the alley near where you are. The trick here is to NOT make too much noise that gets the guard in the computer room running around all crazy because then you have to wait for him to calm down. I've gotten this guy so upset that when the Libyan gave him the password, the guard drilled him right there as soon as the door opened up! So crouch walk to the door with your friend and get into a position next to the box to the right of the door. If there is any doubt about the guard in the computer room then use your heat-vision to check his position.

Wait for the Libyan to give the password and the door opens up. When your friend walks away, lean to check the camera and when the camera is facing away, crouch walk into the room and shoot the guard by the computer in the back of the head. Then, immediately shoot the camera with two quick shots before it sounds the alarm. De-activate the computer's alarm. By now, you've used up about 3:30 of time.

Now, RUN out of there, past your friend, and get to the ladder leading to the sniper with the explosive pack. Climb the ladder quickly and WALK near to the corner then lay flat. Crawl around the corner and carefully put one shot into the side of the sniper's head. This is a tough shot because it's difficult to see his head in the outline of the wall. When he goes down, get up and run and pick up the explosives.

You have to act fast and decisively from here. Crouch jump up onto the rail then lay flat and belly-flop down to the ground. You'll sustain just a bit of damage but that's anticipated.

Once on the ground, RUN to your left down the alley and stay along the righthand wall of the courtyard. Run straight across the entrance into the courtyard, along the inside wall directly to the back of the truck. If you've timed it right, no snipers will see you and the two guards by the alarm switch won't see you either.

Plant the explosives then RUN to your left, past the truck, and along the wall, behind the boxes, and get to a point along the wall just before the entrance to where the two guards are standing. Lay flat along the wall and crawl tightly up against the wall. Make sure that you are laying flat far enough from the entrance so that YOU can't see through the entrance else the guards who will soon come running will see you! Also, make sure that you are not TOO FAR from the entrance that you'll be seen when you get up and start running. Stay just along the wall where you can't see down the alleyway through the entrance opening. The explosives should detonate by now. The explosion causes all hell to break loose so get ready!

Lay there and get out your map computer and watch the two guards by the alarm switch enter the courtyard to investigate. They won't see you up against the wall there. Then, watch as three more guards come running from the rightside of the alley. There's a whole bunch of guards also coming from the other direction so you only have one small window of opportunity to get past these 3 guards and BEFORE the other guards get there!

Here's what you have to do next. Put away your map computer and count the 3 guards as they enter the courtyard to investigate the explosion. The first set of guards by now are over by the truck. A few short seconds after the last of the 3 guards runs through the entrance to investigate, stand up and run as fast as you can straight across the entrance and down the alley. The guards in the courtyard nearby will hear something but by the time they turn around you'll be gone and they won't see you. Occassionally, I've been seen here so it really is a matter of timing and laying close enough to the entrance way.

Run down the alley, turn left and run along the wall of the building on your right. There's a sniper patrolling on the balcony just above that wall and the trick here is to have him hear you and stop to look down to investigate. He won't see you because you are right up against the wall beneath his position. Meanwhile, you've run completely past him, along the wall, around the corner and down the alley alongside the main building where Priboi is being held.

The trick now is to NOT make too much noise running else the two guards on the first floor of the building with Priboi will start running around crazy. Run along the opposite wall and walk part of the way towards the front entrance to that main building. Lay flat before you reach the small open area by the front doors. There's a sniper halfway up on a little balcony to your right overlooking the main entrance. And, there's another one on the roof directly above him. There are also snipers on the roof of the main building but they won't see you.

Now, crawl quickly into position so you can see take a shot at the sniper on the lower balcony. Put one round into his head. This is a tough shot! This causes the roof snipers to start yelling and the first floor guards to start running around but that's okay. This also causes the sniper directly above the one you just took out to crouch down! This is your opportunity to get into the building before he stands back up. Immediately stand and RUN into the building and up the stairs.

Just before you get to the very top of the stairs, dive and crawl the last little bit until you see the guard's head standing there watching the top of the stairs. He won't see you. Peek over the top and give a quick headshot as fast as you can. He goes down. If you miss this shot or take too long then the guards on the first floor are going to come running up the stairs and drill you. Kill this guy and get into Priboi's room FAST! Mission accomplished!

Several times I've stirred up the two guards on the bottom floor of the main building too early (running along the side of the building outside) and one guard came running up the stairs and drilled me from behind just as I was laying flat at the top of the stairs aiming at the other guy's head.

Remember, taking out the outside sniper causes a big commotion because one of the other rooftop snipers starts screaming. But if you're quick enough, you can get up the stairs, kill the guard at the top of the stairs and get into Priboi's room before these 2 guys finish investigating the rooms on the bottom floor before they head up the stairs to check out the second floor rooms. If you stir up these two guys on the first floor too soon, then they'll be finished checking out the first floor rooms and end up heading up the stairs to the second floor BEFORE you can get to Priboi.

Tough mission and requires a bit of luck but you can do it.

I did this mission in 5:48 with 98% health (slight damage from the belly-flop), and 100% accuracy.

Good Luck!

Very interesting, though there are some things which to me seem impossible... I mean the guy standing right over the balcony where you killed the guard equipped with Desert Eagle. So far, I've never seen him crouching (after you kill the guy underneath him, that is), and even if he crouches, I assume you still can't run to the hotel without being spotted - simply because the guy's too ahead... Actually, I'm not even sure if you can crouch-walk or crawl to the hotel (when he's crouched), firstly because he's in that position only for a brief moment, and secondly, he may still see you... Would be glad to know how you managed to access the hotel LEAVING THAT GUY ALIVE AND WITHOUT BEING SPOTTED (?)...


I completed in 4:50 time.rank : david jones. Prob of success: 9/10
I used another method.
-----it is same as long as 3rd guy come out after explosion and position of david is also same.
-after entering into centeral pathway move to right quickly-run along lane towards priboi's building from backside-stop in between in lane-lie flat take head shot at balcony guy just opssite to the door-now stand up run quickly into the main door-don't worry about sniper as u are running fast he won't se you
=now here comes answer of skorocel
-while running all guards are alerted so u don't have much time-while getting upstair-crouch and hold in between take out thermal goggles see that guard behind to that railing (that guard is actually used for executing priboi if alarm is rung but not in this case) - quickly take off thermal goggle - pick Socom -make one-two shot through railing-quickly run upwards take two-three shot on him if he is alive and then run towards priboi-you just have few seconds to take that guard out.

Welcome here, jainapurvab!

Your tips are certainly worth of trying, but (I hope you won't be offended by this) your English is simply killing me :) I hope you don't mind this :)

As for that guy located on the roof opposite the hotel building, well, I just can't get into the hotel without killing him... If you manage to do that (WITHOUT being spotted, that is), please let me know :)

its ok as far as my english in concerned. Though this is not my mother tongue,I love this language.

1> had u chosen second route which i mentioned? if no then try that..
2>now before entering into building, Take down balcony guy in flat position.AIM at his head(use laser of Socom) from lanepath itself
3>till now no one is alerted. now stand and run directly into building and to upstairs. Don't think about roof guy! because he is not watching downwards.
so he becomes alerted only for a while(u know that igi2 gives 1 lifeline from every confussed guy)
3>If balcony guy makes sound while dying, all roof guys watches downwards
4>also throw your primary weapon at start of this level.
5>If socom do not work then u may try for direct assault with knife on him(for hotel guy not balcony one).
hope this will help u.

If this do not work then take a one shot to far right top of the building where guy is standing on roof FROM DIFFERENT POSITION(they look at the position from where u shot and not bullet was hit).this distract him to right side. use map comp. to see his face ane then run(this may work as i haven't tried yet because i don't ev bother roof guy. according to me guy inside hotel on 1st floor is troublesome

I have started new thread also. i am ranked david jones in all stages. u can post for other help also. :)

Bingo! Yesterday, I've replayed the whole level one more time, and indeed found out that IT IS POSSIBLE to run into the hotel WITHOUT being spotted by the sniper standing on the opposite roof's building! I must say, though, that it still (most probably) requires a bit of luck: firstly because it's not 100 % sure whether the sniper will crouch or not (even if the guy underneath him goes down with a single shot & without a beep, that is), and secondly because he may still spot you even when crouching (since he's positioned too ahead on the roof). The other thing is that this sniper crouches only for a VERY BRIEF moment, so it's really a matter of quick acting (i.e. AS SOON as the balcony guy's dead, the trick is to IMMEDIATELY run into the hotel without wasting even a milisecond!).

Well, I've replayed the whole thing once more and finished the level in 5:06 minutes, 98 % health (thanks to that "belly flop"), 100 % accuracy, and without being seen. I've pretty much followed peblair's walkthrough, but with one notable difference: the local militia man. I mean, if you're REALLY quick, you can indeed go to him (to have the Objective 1 completed) and then kill all the guys which will stand in his way towards the computer room (the guy underneath the sniper, the sniper, and the 2 guards near the computer room, that is) BEFORE they can fire a single shot! It just requires lightning quick actions, but it is indeed possible!

In short, AS SOON as you met the militia man, immediately approach the guy standing underneath the sniper (via that long alley, using the RUN+WALK+CROUCH-WALK technique), and once you're near him, take him out with one single headshot from your silencer. Once he's dead, fire another 2 shots to the sniper's chest, and when he's down, IMMEDIATELY go around that nearby corner and kill the 2 guys standing near the computer room ASAP. This is a tough shot, but it's indeed possible to kill them before they can spot your buddy whilst keeping a 100 % accuracy... Also, in order to be even quicker, the trick is to rid of your primary weapon once the level starts (as jainapurvab said), and of course, use the strafe keys while moving...

Sometimes, though, the militia man will start running for the computer room too soon (i.e. immediately after you meet him), making it very hard to kill all the necessary guards before they can shoot him. If this happens, you have basically 2 options: either restart the level, or (after killing the guy underneath the sniper) lie flat, and fire ONE shot to the sniper?s chest. Don?t move with your mouse after this shot! Just wait till the militia man exposes himself to the sniper. The sniper will of course start shooting, but often his first shot won?t hit the target? It'll take him some time to fire another shot, so use this delay to quickly kill him (firing another shot from your silencer to his chest). The militia man will immediately run back and protect himself as soon as he hears the shooting (staying crouched for a while). This will give you all the time in the world to kill the 2 guys standing near the computer room before the militia man gets close enough to be seen.

Also, it's even possible to leave that market square BEFORE the 3 guys from the hotel building (I mean those armed with Desert Eagles) can enter it. The trick is to position yourself somewhere near this position (lying flat & hugged to the wall, of course). Of course, once the explosives detonate, the first to investigate will be those 2 guys standing near the alarm switch. Soon after, the 3 guys from the nearby house will follow them, but then there will be a slight delay till the 6 guys from the hotel building will join the party, and you can indeed use this slight delay to leave the market place without being spotted. Personally, I would just wait till the last of those 3 guys coming from the nearby house passes that market entrance, then approach the entrance in CROUCH-WALK mode, and then (when the guys are far enough from me) I would just switch to WALK mode and get around that entrance + around that nearby corner where camera is as quick as possible. If you didn't waste any time in this level so far, the sniper on the balcony should be in a position where he can't notice you from, and, if you were quick enough, the 3 guards coming from the hotel shouldn't spot you as well... I must say, though, that getting out of that market place sometimes requires a bit of a luck. I mean, even though those 3 guys from the nearby house will head directly towards the truck's direction once it explodes, they'll be running like madmans to all directions, so sometimes you'll be spotted... Therefore, it's sometimes better to wait till they're in a safe distance and then make your move (though this will cost you some time)... Also, there may be a situation when one of these 3 guys stays in the area behind the market entrance. If this happens, you'll basically have no choice but to restart the level...

Anyway, I believe that (if everything goes smooth) it's even possible to do this level under 5:00 minutes. I mean, when I did it in 5:06, I even bothered to kill the very first guy & also wasn't running between the market place and the hotel building (I used only the WALK mode), and these things can easily cost you a couple of seconds here and there... I'll have another try soon!

Well, after replaying it for a dozen times, I finally managed to beat the level in 4:21 minutes, 98 % health (thanks to that "belly-flop"), 100 % accuracy, and without being seen.

It's a bit tough, since if you avoid the guy on the docks & meet the militia man BEFORE killing all the necessary guards, you'll most probably arrive to the 2 guys guarding the computer room EXACTLY AT THE TIME when the guy patrolling the area behind that long hallway will be IN ONE LINE with these 2 guys - which means you can easily alert him with your shooting... But as far as I know, you?ll alert him ONLY if you miss, so if you can keep a clean shot, you don?t need to worry about this guy? Anyway, it's still better to avoid the guy on the docks rather than kill him, as it can save you up to 5 seconds...

Provided you didn?t waste any time entering the computer room, the guard inside will be still alerted (running like crazy), which can sometimes cause problems, as he?ll most likely spot your buddy? If that?s the case, he?ll kill him instantly ? last but not least because your buddy somehow ?forgot? to shoot (I?ve replayed the level literally 1000 times, but so far, I?ve never seen him fire even once!)? This will of course prompt you to wait another minute or so before the guard inside calms down, so better restart the level? Also, even if the guard inside won?t spot your buddy, you may still be stuck for a couple of seconds, as your buddy will just stare towards the guard?s direction like an idiot, making it impossible for you to enter the room?

Finally, I've found out that once you leave that market place (i.e. once you cross the rear entrance) you can basically RUN all the way till you reach the place where you'll kill the balcony guy from (see this pic). The white line represents your suggested path, whereas the green and the red dots show the original guarding position of the 3 enemies located in the hotel (the guard located on the 1st floor is marked with green, the 2 guards on the ground floor are in red). If you follow the sugested path, the guard located on the ground floor (I mean the one in the southern part of the building) won?t hear you at all. As for the guy located on the 1st floor, he?ll maybe hear you, but if you don?t waste any time, he won?t hear your steps long enough to be alerted (he will only stare towards your direction, and then calm down after a while). That leaves us the last enemy ? the guy located on the ground floor (in the northern part of the building). Well, to be honest, it virtually doesn?t matter if you alert him or not ? simply because he?ll be alerted anyway (once you kill the balcony guy, that is)?

To jainapurvab:

Well, I?ve just tried to finish the level in a ?dirty? way (i.e. skipping the first 2 objectives), but, as you may have already noticed, there?s one BIG PROBLEM! I mean, when you blow up that truck on the market square, the detonation will also kill the 2 nearby guards standing near the alarm switch, which (unfortunately) won?t remain unnoticed by the guard who patrols the nearby area :mad: That is, once he notices the corpses, he?ll immediately run for the alarm switch ? and this of course means game over?

I must say, I?ve always wondered WHY the alarm DOESN?T GO OFF when you finish the level in a ?normal? way (i.e. completing all the required objectives), but now I know the truth? Believe or not, when you turn off the security cameras, ALL ALARM SWITCHES IN THE LEVEL WILL BE TURNED OFF as well!!! You can try it by yourself: just kill that patrolling guard when he stops near these 2 guys (using the SOCOM silenced pistol), and then watch? They?ll maybe hit the alarm switch, but there?ll be no alarm ? just silence! You can even try to hit that alarm switch by yourself ? it simply won?t work? What an ugly bug!

Anyway, sometimes when you skip these first 2 objectives, the alarm indeed WON?T GO OFF (which means you CAN complete the level!), but this happens only rarely? Actually, if I remember, it only happened when I was spot by the above sniper ? who was shooting at me like a maniac? You know, his shots maybe caused the patrolling guy to stand still for some time, so he maybe hit that alarm switch when I was already near (or in) the hotel, or he simply didn?t hit it at all (I don?t quite remember it, you know)?

In my opinion, the only reasonable solution to this problem is as follows:

1. ALERT those 2 guards standing near the alarm switch (by making a couple of noisy steps in the RUN mode near the truck, that is), so they?ll RUN TOWARDS THE TRUCK TO INVESTIGATE!
2. Plant the explosives
3. Get out of there as quickly as you can before they can spot you?

Sometimes, the patrolling guy will follow these 2 guys and the blast will kill them all, but sometimes, he won?t hear their shouts ? which means he won?t be killed with the blast, and thus will soon hit the alarm switch once he notices the corpses? Also, even if this patrolling guard follows these 2 guys to investigate, the blast may still NOT KILL THEM ALL (in which case the surviving guard will immediately start running for the alarm switch)?

Anyway, recently when I finished the level in this ?dirty? way, the blast only killed 2 guards (which meant one of those 3 guards near the alarm switch was still alive), but the alarm didn?t go off at all! All the guards (including the surviving one & the 2 standing near the computer room) just gathered in front of the hotel, so I had some nice target practice:) Just see this pic! Everytime I killed a guard, the nearby camera spotted the corpse and raised the alarm ? simply hilarious!:) Even the guy from the docks came all the way from the sea to the hotel ? without even noticing my Libyan friend, nevertheless!!!

Of course, when you kill that sniper guarding the explosives & also the guard behind him, the 2 guards standing near the computer room will start running like crazy. Most of the times, they?ll hear your steps even when you fall off that terrace, and thus will follow you on the market square, but unfortunately for them, they often arrive at the market square exactly at the time when the bomb which you?ve just set on the truck is about to explode ? and thus they?ll be often killed by the blast:)

Anyway, when I was indeed able to complete the level in this ?dirty? way, my quickest time was something like 2:52, but unfortunately, I was spotted (at least) 5 times:), whilst my health and accuracy being somewhere between 50-80 %?

Apart from that damn patrolling guy who can often raise the alarm, the problem also is that you simply CAN?T enter the hotel without the alarm being raised, as the camera near the entrance will always spot the balcony guy?s corpse? This of course makes all 3 guards in the hotel running like crazy, so you have to act quickly or the guy located on the 1st floor will reach Priboi before you can have a shot at him? But thankfully, even if the alarm goes off, this 1st floor guy WON?T ALWAYS RUN STRAIGHT AFTER PRIBOI! As you may have already noticed, you can often distract him with your steps, which will often cause him moving like an idiot here and there:). This of course has one major drawback, as he can often spot you... But to be honest, if you act quickly, he often won?t have the time to spot you, so it?s not that big of a problem I guess? I don?t know, but this guy seems to me as if he was sort of blind ? i.e. sometimes he will spot you, but sometimes he won?t spot you even when staring directly at you? Kind of weird, isn?t it?

Anyway, when I once completed the level in this ?dirty? way, I killed the upstairs guy by twisting his neck ? and I just couldn?t hold my laugh! Believe or not, when Jones was performing that killing cutscene, the guard was falling on the ground IN SLOW MOTION MODE!!!:) As usual, the cutscene took about 5 seconds, but when I resumed the control of Jones, the enemy guard was still falling on the ground ? slowly writhing and grimacing in pain as if he was performing a dance in a slow motion film!:) Just see this pic ? simply hilarious!

Also, it?s kinda funny to see you chat with Priboi in that final cutscene whilst the alarm is running in the background:), isn?t it?

P.S. Looking at those pics with the mission stats which you?ve posted here, I noticed your health being 99 % - how come? As far as I know, if you fall from that terrace where the bomb is located, you?ll always lose AT LEAST 2 % from your health. Are you playing the game on normal or easy difficulty?

Before starting with walkthrough , Some points are needed to be addressed.

1.Hearing ability of patrolling guards:
- In all missions, Each patrolling guard react when sound comes from his range of hearing.So that depends upon how big is sound and distance of guard from the source of sound.

2.Vision of guards:
- Each guard have range of vision that is maximum when exposure of source is maximum (means visibilty meter of jones is maximum).
-It also depends on facing direction of guard. It is maximum with line of sight.
-It also depends upon rotation of head of guard.

3.Speed of Jones:
-It depends upon weight he is carrying and type of weapon he is handling.
(This topic is discussed in border crossing thread)

4.Jumping distance:
-pressing move forward button and quickly pressing jump button in run mode make Jones to cover less distance.To cover long jumping distance jones needs to run atleast two steps.(need for optional pathway shown later below.).This effect is correct with realism action.

5.Why and Why not is written in the end part.
One should have a good accuracy and skill.
See objectives first:Ask the question-What is goal of the mission?
And answer is to MEET THE PRIBOI.Thats all.
so all objectives before that are not required.

Ultimate PATH PIC

1.Restart the mission.
2.Go to the dock. Take socom and shoot bullets to that guard.Quickly drop primary gun.Run with knife.
3.follow the path shown above.Take Socom ,kill standing from behind.From his position,Kill sniper guy. Run to the ladder and climb.
4.walk from corner of left side then crouch and lie down in this POSITION . Take down desert_eagle guy in head and quickly sniper one in head.
5.take SNIPER. crouch,jump,fall to side path and fall to the ground in flat pos.(99% health)
6.run to the position and fire with sniper
7.Hurry! Take knife run till you arrive this position (at corner just walk before u arrive this position)
8.wait till last(4rh) guy come out. use map-comp for this.don't wait more.Run
to here .Fire at mark position from Inside with sniper.
9.Drop sniper.take knife run from right wall and follow main path. come to the position . blast camera with socom.Run then walk (at the same time shoot the camera above on left side in the lane) and lie_flat at first cross(red).kill balcony guy in single shot . Now every action remains in Lie_flat condition till jones enter the hotel. Go to second red cross kill sniper guy

10.creep to right corner quickly.Blast the camera.Go behind fast.(you may need to wait before shooting camera for guy on 1st floor to pass by and run inside rooms on ground floor)

11.wait.see map comp for patrolling guards running out side. As far as you are below the entering steps of the hotel . no one can see you . Guards just run from one side to other. Now quickly creep 1st step ,Releoad if needed, and shoot all three one by one.After killing all run to 1st floor and creep at last fire

12.Run to meet priboi. The END.

Now there is one more way that avoids first round fire

= On killing balcony sniper guy and taking sniper. follow one ,two ,three ,four .

you can reach at 2nd fire position by sneaking past camera carefully that gives you 100% health but takes your time.

-why first round fire is needed?
Ans: To allow Jones to pass through 2nd gate of market place.This is not required in optional path.

-Why not detonator is used as it come along same pathway?
Ans: because of hugh sound and other killing effects of guards that run alarm on. Although it allows to get pass 2nd round fire and three guards inside the hotel,but sound may alart two standing guards near computer(2nd objective)
making impossible to avoid running alarm.

-Why 2nd round fire is needed?
Ans: To make guards inside the hotel to open the gate. and avoiding them too.

-Why all this things are needed?
Ans:To complete mission in record time and to raise big question to game designers that why Mission fails when local man is killed though he is not required at all.

QUOTE: -Why all this things are needed?
Ans:To complete mission in record time and to raise big question to game designers that why Mission fails when local man is killed though he is not required al all.

Ha ha ha, that was good! :) :) :) Anyway, your ultimate walkthrough looks VERY interesting! I'll have a try soon!

P.S. Did you find out how to get inside that hotel WITHOUT alerting those snipers on the roof & the 3 guards inside? Of course, provided the security cameras are turned off...

To jainapurvab:

Well, after replaying the level dozen times using your ultimate walkthough, I have to say that:

1. It HIGHLY depends on luck (i.e. it isn't always reproducible)
2. You can still finish the level quicker with using the bomb

Now, why do I think your walkthrough depends highly on luck?

1. When you fire the sniper rifle for the 2nd time (i.e. under that archway), NOT ALL of the enemies coming from the hotel may run to this place. Many times, I've encountered a scenario where one of those enemies was stuck in front of the hotel (or in that small alley near it), in which case I was unable to reach the spot where you kill the balcony guard from... Also, you somehow forgot to mention the nearby camera located on the hotel's corner (which will ALWAYS spot the balcony guy's corpse, btw)...

2. When you're about to shoot the camera located above the hotel gate & kill the 3 Uzi guards standing on the ground floor, many times the enemies which run out of the hotel can come back and shot you from behind. It's simply a matter of luck - sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't... Anyway, if I was you, I would rather not bother with shooting the aforementioned camera located above the hotel doors, as you can often kill AT LEAST 2 of those 3 Uzi guards (if not ALL of them!) BEFORE the camera can have a chance to notice the killing... Also, if the camera spots the corpses and activates the alarm, the Uzi guard on the 1st floor is easier to kill than if you have to kill him when he's standing in his original position (i.e. crawling on the stairs and then shooting to his head)... Of course, once the alarm is activated, the Uzi guy on the 1st floor will start running, but if you're quick enough, you can reach him before he has any chance of seeing Priboi...

Now why do I think it's quicker to finish the level with using the bomb?

Well, so far, I was able to finish the level using your ultimate walkthrough ONLY ONCE, and my time was something like 4:10, whereas my quickest time using the bomb was 2:52... But who knows, maybe I am wrong? Can you please tell me the quickest time which you've achieved using your ultimate walkthrough?

QUOTE: To jainapurvab:

Well, after replaying the level dozen times using your ultimate walkthough, I have to say that:

1. It HIGHLY depends on luck (i.e. it isn't always reproducible)
2. You can still finish the level quicker with using the bomb

Answer to your first question.
-I always discuss luck in terms of chance(probability) of record v/s success of passing the mission.
-first and foremost objective of this walkthrough is rank david jones though it should be more than that.So Time is second priority. If rank david holds with shortest time then i must welcome that (3:15 was only with 1 spot and that was 1st floor of hotel).Also Record time should be within reach if attempted again
-To remove the name LUCK from mission i start from end point to starting point for this 8th mission
=In playing the game i assume no big heroic is prerequsite to complete mission.

why camera is needed to blow off in hotel?
This is because when alarm turns on,one need to go quickly go upstair ( in most cases one meets running guard between the stair.So if one wants to wait that guard to come down then why not to use that time in doing some hitting practice on camera?!).Also that uzi one is also there to break david jones rank.) Yes,alarm turns ON only when one is shooting to last man in 1st floor due to camera side to him on 1st floor but that time is enough for one to shoot him. Most of the time i had no problem in hotel. prob:9/10
(if others like skorocel are comfortable without shooting camera then go for it but i know it simply makes them just off planet hero, oh one can try to save time once or twice whatever.. for super record. I am also trying for less than 4:00)

What about guards running outside?
-I mention that point in walkthrough, Apart from Right side corner of the gate(seen from outside to hotel) in lie-flat condition running guards are able to spot david jones. So after shooting camera wait and see first in map-computer.If guard is sen coming let him allow him to pass.They do not come inside hotel if you have not shot anyone.Afterthen come near to steps and kill all three or five if you can.

What is main problem?
- Waiting after the 2nd fire. Last guy sometimes wait longer than he should.Here it decreases the probability of record. Still it is possible to complete with david jones but not before 4:00

Why not bomb?
-Before arriving to this walkthrough i made saveral attempts with bomb.I think it is way out of reach! Rank david with bomb is just simply out of hand.

I forgot to write 'shooting of one camera that i have edited' thanks to skorocel.

All i can say it is difficult to sense others timing unless tried several times.

To jainapurvab:

I've just finished the level using the bomb withing 2:44 minutes - see this pic.

My accuracy dropped a little because I used the PSG-1 sniper rifle to alert the 2 guys standing near the alarm switch & the nearby patrolling guy (all of which can raise the alarm, of course). My personal choice was to stand in that small corridor between the wall and the watch house (see this pic), since if you fire from this spot, no one can see you. Most of the times, both the 2 guys standing near the alarm switch & the patrolling guy were killed by the blast as they came to investigate, but it didn't always work... Anyway, once you fire this shot, the trick is to set the explosives as quick as possible, and then retreat immediately along the wall till you reach the western entrance (see this pic), dropping the PSG-1 rifle along the way. Sometimes, one of the guards who were standing by the alarm switch located near this western entrance may notice you, but if you're really quick, they will only utter something and stand still (which means you won't be spotted at all)...

Now once you're near the western entrance, you don't need to wait at all, since all the guards will be already by the truck. The rest is simple - once you reach that position where you're supposed to kill the balcony guy from, lie flat, kill him with a headshot from the SOCOM silenced pistol, and then immediately run inside the hotel to kill the upstairs guy before he can have a shot at Priboi (using again the SOCOM silenced pistol)... Mission completed!

So summed it up: if one of those 3 guys doesn't set the alarm after the truck's explosion, you should be able to finish this level within 3 minutes without any problems!

Regarding the sniper guarding the explosives & the guy behind him, I would recommend you the following approach:

1. Once you climb the ladder, make a couple of noisy steps in RUN mode (hugged to the wall, of course) to make that guy behind the sniper looking at your direction.

2. Switch to WALK mode and quickly go around that corner, then switch to CROUCH-WALK mode, equip your knife, and quickly get as close to the sniper as you can, whilst the guy behind him WON'T have a chance to see you. If you kill the sniper using your knife, chances are the guy behind him WON'T notice the killing at all, which means it will then be a piece of cake for you to equip the SOCOM and then drill him with a headshot... Just try it!

P.S. I still don't know how you can finish the level with 99 % health (?)...

To jainapurvab:

Well, I've once again replayed the whole level using my tactic (i.e. using the bomb and PSG-1 sniper rifle), and I've actually managed the same time, but this time with 100 % accuracy (see this pic). So as you can see - even if you fire that lone shot from the PSG-1 rifle, your accuracy won't drop at all...

P.S. I've also managed to beat the level in 2:39 minutes, but I've actually done this by skipping the balcony guy opposite the hotel - who not only spotted me, but also fired a couple of shots in my back :)

To jainapurvab:

My friend, I hope you're not offended by my comments re: your ultimate walkthrough! It's certainly worth of trying!!!

You know, I just wanted to say that it highly depends on luck, because sometimes those guards who come out of the hotel may come back to shot you from behind, and sometimes they don't. And as you've already mentioned, the last of those guards often tends to stay in front of the hotel, which makes it very hard (if not impossible) to finish the level in record time (even though with David Jones rank)...

You know, I understand the word "walkthrough" as a set of steps that will guide you to accomplish the level IN A REPRODUCIBLE WAY (i.e. you can finish the level using the given walkthrough TIME AND TIME AGAIN)...

Anyway, I'll soon post my "ultimate walkthrough" for this mission, so have a nice day in the meantime!

To skorocel,

I tried your method several times. Certainly your method is very short but you know there is hole in your method also. Alarm after the Blast!. I think even PSG blast won't help here.Because if seen carefully, After the blast there are certain areas on map just behind wall of market on which guard stands unharm . This areas are just behind the wall where blast is made.

i suggest after the PSG fire, wait(i don't know how long to wait) before the blast and do not make any noise
while moving towards truck.plant the the bomb and get out of there quickly.
so there is thin time slot for escape(more wait mean you are blocked from three gates).

well my method gave 3:50 latest.Your method gavethis.

I was not able to use your timing well (2/10) after planting bomb. To make this happen, i went differently. Before firing i opened door of post(just right to the truck). went to rear end of truck,crouched,fired,waited for five seconds (meanwhile thrown PSG),Planted the bomb,crouched inside the room and closed the door. after blast quickly ran to your suggested path.


well my method gave 3:50 latest.Your method gave this.

I was not able to use your timing well (2/10) after planting bomb. To make this happen, i went differently. Before firing i opened door of post(just right to the truck). went to rear end of truck,crouched,fired,waited for five seconds (meanwhile thrown PSG),Planted the bomb,crouched inside the room and closed the door. after blast quickly ran to your suggested path.

OK, here?s my ?ultimate walkthrough? for the Libyan Rendezvous mission:

1. Once the level starts, bypass the guy on the docks by swimming to the right (you may also kill him, but it will cost you some time). Once you?re on the shore, immediately RUN through the first street (ignoring your local militia friend), and then turn left to enter that long alley where the guard is standing opposite the sniper (equip the SOCOM pistol along the way!). Once he hears your steps, quickly LIE FLAT and fire 2 shots to his chest. When he?s gone, immediately STAND UP and continue running till the sniper on the walkway notices you coming, then quickly LIE FLAT! If you didn?t waste any time lying on the ground, the sniper won?t have a chance to spot you. Fire 2 shots to his chest, and when he?s gone, immediately STAND UP and approach the nearby ladder leading to the terrace where the bomb is (equip the G36 rifle along the way!).

2. When you?re within 1 meter from the ladder, fire one shot from the G36 rifle, and then quickly go up (this shot is VERY important, but more about that later)! Once on the terrace, immediately make a couple of steps forward to be assured no one of the 2 nearby guys coming from that long alley can notice you (but don?t go too far, else the sniper guarding the bomb will hear your steps and stare towards your direction, prompting you to wait some costly seconds till he turns his sight back!). Now switch to WALK mode, and immediately drop the G36 rifle! Pass the corner (equip the SOCOM pistol along the way!) and walk as close as you can to the sniper without being heard (hugged to the house wall, of course). Immediately switch to CROUCH-WALK mode and once you?re near the sniper, kill him with a headshot.

3. Now here comes perhaps the hardest part of the level. There?s another guard on the gantry right behind the sniper which you?ve just killed, and he's running like crazy. Quickly move a couple of steps forwards and then LIE FLAT! Now notice the movement of the guard. As you can see, he always stops at each side of the gantry for a split second (looking to the opposite direction), giving you a perfect possibility to kill him with a headshot! The trick is to position yourself in a way so that your aim will be directly centered at the guard?s head once he stops there (see this pic), and then it?s just a matter of one single shot (see this pic)? Alternatively, you may also try to fire 2 shots to the guard?s upper body ? it?s up to you! The key to success is to just memorize the right place where to aim ? that?s all!

4. The guy on the gantry is now dead, so equip your knife, switch back to RUN mode and then grab the explosives (avoid grabbing the PSG-1 rifle from the dead sniper, as it will slow you down!). When approaching the outside railing, switch back to CROUCH-WALK mode, jump on the railing, and then LIE FLAT. Fall off the railing to the outside part of the terrace, and then fall on the ground (it will cost you 2 % from your health).

5. Once you?re on the ground, immediately STAND UP and RUN towards the truck parked on the market square (see this pic). The trick is to plant the explosives and then immediately exit the market square via its western entrance. Now the shot which you?ve just recently fired from your G36 rifle has meanwhile alerted the 2 guards who were standing by the alarm switch located behind the aforementioned western entrance, so by this time, you could actually see them passing the nearby gate where another 2 guards were standing by the alarm switch (these 2 guards were alerted by your shot as well, of course). That means you can head towards that truck without any worries, but sometimes there may be a scenario where you?ll be spotted by the sniper located on the nearby building?s roof, since he should be walking STRAIGHT TOWARDS YOUR DIRECTION at the time of your arrival (provided you didn?t waste any time so far in the level, that is). But most of the times, he?ll not spot you immediately. That is, he will just stare towards your direction as you?ll be passing that eastern entrance to the market square, and then finally notice you as you?ll be planting the explosives. If that?s the case, better restart the level, but if he just remains staring towards your direction even AFTER you plant the explosives (can sometimes happen), take the path along the southern wall to avoid being spotted. Clearly the best scenario occurs when the sniper didn?t hear you coming through that market entrance at all (happens most of the times). If that?s the case, you can run away from that truck towards the western entrance via the shortest possible way (see this pic), since the sniper at this time will be walking towards the east (i.e. away from you)?

6. Once you?re past the western entrance, immediately hug the nearby house?s wall to minimalize the possibility of being spotted by the sniper who?s walking on the nearby walkway. Actually, this sniper can sometimes spot you when you?ll be approaching this western entrance (since he?ll be walking towards your direction at the time of your arrival), but most of the times, he will only remain staring towards your direction ? which means you won?t be spotted at all. Now continue RUNNING along that wall till you reach the archway with a locked gate. Don?t worry about the camera above ? it won?t spot you at all! Just open the gate (the explosives which you?ve planted on the truck should detonate now) and immediately continue running towards the hotel entrance taking this suggested path. You?ll encounter another camera as you?ll be entering the alley leading to the hotel, but luckily for you, there?s also one small alley leading to the right, which will serve you as a perfect hiding place. Simply, once the camera starts beeping, quickly strafe to this alley on the right (see the red arrow on the pic), and once the camera stops beeping, immediately resume the suggested path. If you don?t waste any time, you should be able to enter that alley leading to the hotel BEFORE this camera can have any chance to spot you.

7. Now once you?re in that alley leading to the hotel, immediately switch to CROUCH-WALK, then CRAWL mode! This is important, since if you continue running, the nearby guard from the hotel?s ground floor will hear your steps through the wall and become alerted ? and thus could notice you when you?ll be entering the hotel? Also, the blast which you?ve created by blowing up the truck forced 6 enemies to go out of the hotel to investigate. At this time, these enemies will be STILL in front of the hotel, so you?ll have to wait a bit till they go away.

8. Equip the SOCOM pistol, and once the enemies are in a safe distance from you, continue through that alley you?re in till you can see the guard standing on the balcony opposite the hotel. Don?t go too far, or he may spot you! Just hug the wall of the hotel, and once you see the guard, aim at his head and then kill him with one precise shot to his head. Now the rest is simple: as soon as he?s dead, STAND UP, equip your knife, and RUN to the hotel! If you didn?t waste any time, the sniper located above the balcony guard won?t have a chance to spot you. By the time you?ll be entering the hotel, the camera located in front of the entrance will spot the balcony guy?s corpse, which of course means alarm. And if the alarm is turned on, the guard located upstairs will immediately start running towards the room where Priboi is being held, so you must be quick. That means, once you enter the hotel, immediately go upstairs and kill the aforementioned guard ?on a run?, using your knife. If everything goes as planned, you?ll reach him when he?ll be somewhere in the middle of that first corridor, running TOWARDS another corridor which contains the room where Priboi is being held (see this pic)? The trick is to hold down that fire button already BEFORE you reach him, so there will be only a small chance that you miss? Sometimes, it?s actually better to stop, and then perform the killing? Now once you kill him, just continue through that second corridor till you enter the Priboi?s room ? and that?s all! Mission accomplished!

Note 1: Sometimes (but that?s very rare), you may reach the 1st floor BEFORE the outside camera can spot the balcony guy?s corpse. If this happens, you?ll have to stop in the middle of the stairs and wait for the alarm, or you?ll meet the upstairs guy while he?ll be still in his original position ? and thus you?ll be spotted?

Note 2: You may also try to destroy the outside camera before killing the balcony guard (to prevent raising the alarm), but as a result of this, the upstairs guy will remain in his original position ? which means it will take you more time to kill him than in the original approach (not to mention that by destroying the camera, you?ll also alert the guard on the ground floor, who can easily shoot you from behind if you take too much time killing the upstairs guy)...

Anyway, using this ?ultimate walkthrough?, I was able to beat the level in 2:21 minutes, with 100 % accuracy, 98 % health (thanks to that belly flop) and without being spotted - see this pic. I guess it can be done under 2:20 minutes, but not much quicker?

Summed it up, I found my "ultimate walkthrough" very reliable, though there are still some potentional risks:

The sniper near the truck
I guess sometimes it's better to go through that market entrance using the CRAWL mode (to avoid the sniper staring towards your direction), but this will cost you some precious seconds. Alternatively, you can make use of the moment when he's staring towards your direction and quickly kill him with the SOCOM pistol, though this will again negatively affect your final achieved time.

The sniper near the locked gate
He can sometimes spot you, but since the wall surrounding the market place blocks his view a lot, most of the times he will just stare towards your direction (i.e. he won't spot you at all)...

The 2 guards standing near the computer room
If you take too much time ascending the ladder, they can sometimes spot you, but that's very rare. Most of the times, they'll either remain staring towards your direction or won't hear you at all... Anyway, it's still better to fire that shot from the G36 rifle BEFORE you ascend the ladder, since if you do it AFTER ascending on the terrace, the 2 guards who were blocking your path towards the hotel will be still somewhere near the truck at the time of your arrival - and thus you'll have to wait till they're in a safe distance...

The guy on the gantry near the bomb
I guess it just requires some training.

The local militia man
Occasionally, there may be a scenario where he gets killed by the guard on the docks, but that?s very rare (actually, I didn?t even recall if it ever happened). Most of the times, when you fire that lone shot from the G36 rifle, the guard on the docks will just blindly head towards the place where you?ve been shooting from, ignoring your local ally completely.

The 2 guards standing near the alarm switch & the patrolling guy
All of them can turn the alarm on, but so far, I haven?t seen them doing that even once when using my walkthrough. They will maybe head towards the place where you?ve been firing the G36 rifle from, but even when they notice the dead guy which you?ve killed moments before taking out the sniper, they won?t bother to set off the alarm at all!

The upstairs guy in the hotel
Even though it may seem very risky to kill him by using the knife, there?s still a very small possibility of being spotted, since this guy seems to act rather blindly (i.e. sometimes he won?t spot you even when he?s looking directly at you), and he also doesn?t seem to react to your steps as quickly as the other, ?regular? enemies?

Using Skorocel's method i did it in this time in 3rd attempt. Seems effective. :)

To Skorocel,

dropping of health also depends upon type of surface you fall on.Surface below on the ground is not even. It is hard below left extreme corner of jumping point.Thats why 98% there.

QUOTE: To Skorocel,

dropping of health also depends upon type of surface you fall on.Surface below on the ground is not even. It is hard below left extreme corner of jumping point.That why 98% there.

I understand what you're saying, but still I'm a bit confused :) Please see this picture! Did you mean jumping on that soft ground (marked with green circles) or on that small mound (marked with red arrow)???


see pic .

use only RIGHT arrow key from just behind street lamp seen from top.All this patches that you have circled are sand i beleive. One can feel while running or walking on it.

QUOTE: All this patches that you have circled are sand i beleive. One can feel while running or walking on it.

Yes, THAT'S WHY I thought it would be better to land there than on that dark pavement (which is harder than sand, of course)... Anyway, I still can't quite understand why you lose only 1 % when you fall there, since if you fall on ANY OTHER of those sand patches, you lose 2 % (at least that's what I experienced)... Anyway, thank you very much for this tip!!!

Skorocel,IGI_hero and others,

Till now i have this records.

What about you people?
There are few missions which need some insight.

QUOTE: What about you people?

Well, to be honest, I'm not quite into these "speedruns"... If you read my "ultimate walkthroughs" for the 1st and 2nd mission, you may have noticed that I mostly prefer to kill EVERY single enemy on the map (if that's possible, of course), and this preferably in the quietest possible way - i.e. by twisting their necks or stabbing with knife:) But anyway, I'll surely try my best! You know, some levels (like Border Crossing or Mission Control) contain large open areas which are quite dull in my opinion, but there are others (like our "favourite" Libyan Rendezvous level, or say Production Facility) which can be quite interesting and challenging...

To jainapurvab:

If you remember, cca 7 days ago I've posted this reply:

"Regarding the sniper guarding the explosives & the guy behind him, I would recommend you the following approach:

1. Once you climb the ladder, make a couple of noisy steps in RUN mode (hugged to the wall, of course) to make that guy behind the sniper looking at your direction.

2. Switch to WALK mode and quickly go around that corner, then switch to CROUCH-WALK mode, equip your knife, and quickly get as close to the sniper as you can, whilst the guy behind him WON'T have a chance to see you. If you kill the sniper using your knife, chances are the guy behind him WON'T notice the killing at all, which means it will then be a piece of cake for you to equip the SOCOM and then drill him with a headshot... Just try it!"


Well, after replaying the level another dozen times, I've actually found out that you can easily kill the guy behind the sniper using your knife (which means you won't need to switch between the knife and SOCOM pistol at all!). Just BE HUGGED TO THAT OUTSIDE RAILING, so you can be as close as you can to this guard, and also AIM A BIT UPWARDS, or you'll be hitting the railing instead of the guard...

Also, it's always better TO KILL THE GUARD BEHIND THE SNIPER FIRST than to do it vice-versa, since if you kill the sniper first, sometimes you won't be able to kill this guard BEFORE he turns his sight to his original guarding position (which of course means you'll be spotted)... Don't worry - provided the guard heard those noisy steps which you've made after ascending the ladder, he WON'T SEE YOU COMING AT ALL (see this pic)! I've noticed that often when you draw the enemy's attention in IGI 2 by making a couple of noisy steps, they tend to act as if they were sort of blind (i.e. if you go near them, they won't notice you even when their sight is turned only 45 degrees away from you!). This, of course, has some logic (even if it still doesn't quite simulate the realism), since if they hear your steps, they'll look DIRECTLY at the position where they heard your steps coming from, whereas if they're unalerted, they'll often TURN THEIR HEAD left or right...

So in short: ascend the ladder leading to the terrace (switch to knife along the way!), make a couple of noisy steps forwards (in RUN mode & hugged to the house wall), then quickly switch to WALK mode, go around the corner, switch to CROUCH-WALK mode, kill the guard behind the sniper with a couple of quick stabs, and then do the same with the sniper...

Of course, this whole approach only comes handy provided you're NOT using my "ultimate walkthrough" (which assumes you fire a shot from the G36 rifle before ascending the ladder, causing the guy behind the sniper to run like crazy)...

To skorocel,

In meantime i received mail from IGI_Hero,Below is a part of his massage (This is just for an explaination)

"I have completed this mission before, but I am having a challenge with it now. I get to the gates where you have to go into a bldg to shut down the sentrys and turn on the generator for the huge crane, but I cannot open the gates! When I approach the gates where the keypad is located, the keypad does not appear????? The only way I have been able to get in is when a guard comes out. I shoot him and then enter, work inside the bldg, but I can't
open the gates to get back out???? "

Here is little work for you.This is for SHOWDOWN AT THE DOCK.Here is also the similar objective.That is to do some work on computer(last objective).Now it is possible to escape first most objective.Though IGI_Hero wanted some different thing, I came to realise that Keypad(one wchich is in front of the camera) can not be operated unless first objective is completed but gate can be opened if guards
come out and it closes down quickly after some seconds.So it is possible to do some ugly thing here too. Right now i find it impossible to open gate twice
to switch ON generator by escaping first objective. What do you say?

To jainapurvab:

Well, I didn't quite understand what did you mean with that reply to IGIHero's email :) Did you mean there's something similar that you can do in the Libyan Rendezvous level? As far as I know, the guy inside the computer room NEVER goes out, so thus he CAN'T open those doors for you instead of your local militia friend...

As for the Showdown at the Docks level, I know there's a chance to skip the very 1st objective and then let the enemies open that gate for you, but since cca 2 months ago all my mission saves were somehow deleted, I haven't gone to that level yet... But if I can give you some advice, then try to NOT alert the guards in the nearby barracks when ENTERING that gate, or there won't be any enemy nearby who could open these gates for you when you'll be about to EXIT the area behind it! I don't know if it works in this level as well, but sometimes, it only takes one shot towards the barracks (even from the silenced pistol!), and the enemies inside will go out to investigate...

Btw, is it even possible to turn that generator on if you skip the 1st objective?

QUOTE: To jainapurvab:

Well, I didn't quite understand what did you mean with that reply to IGIHero's email :) Did you mean there's something similar that you can do in the Libyan Rendezvous level? As far as I know, the guy inside the computer room NEVER goes out, so thus he CAN'T open those doors for you instead of your local militia friend...

Sorry that i did not mentioned about IGI_hero's massage belonging. Whole post was written on the Showdown at dock.I posted here because there was no recent activity(as always true on IGI 2 thread) in main thread of showdown...

To jainapurvab:

If you remember, cca 2 weeks ago I've asked you to find a way to get inside that hotel WITHOUT alerting the snipers on the roof & the 3 guards inside... Have you already found it? I can tell you - it's pretty easy :)

Using the same trick, you can also kill the 2 guards located in that house near the hotel FROM BEHIND and WITHOUT BEING SPOTTED. This pic shows them before the killing, this one after they're dead.