IGI2 - Bridge over Dnestr walkthrough


They want you to do this mission without being seen, at least 90% health, 85% accuracy, and under 8:00 minutes. Just can't be done! I've done this mission hundreds of times. If I finish under time limit (rarely) then I'm full of bullet holes and have been seen. If I use stealth to sneak in and out then I can't finish under the time limit. If I use diversion to draw the guys on the bridge to the back of the compound by firing a million bullets into the air, then I don't finish with the accuracy.

Plus, it takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME to run all over the place! The mission starts you a half-mile away in the woods. It took me 1:28 just to run from the start-off point to a bush by where the detonators are located! They force you to go out the back door of the garage once you steal the explosives. This forces you to run ALL THE WAY around the building again. If you use the back door on the compound wall to exit then 9 out of 10 times there are guards back there who see you. If you go out the hole in the fence then you have to go ALL THE WAY down to the bridge. Probably 3 to 5 minutes of this 8:00 minute time limit is spent just getting someplace. This MISSION IS STUPID THE WAY THEY SET IT UP! I've done this mission hundreds of times and never once came close to finishing under the accuracy limits.

I've tried this mission by stealing the detonators first THEN getting the explosives but there always seems to be guys on the bridge when I get down there who see me. I've stolen the detonators first and sniped the guys all around the machine gun nest but then I don't finish in time. If I even get down to the bridge in a reasonable amount of time then my accuracy is too low! SIMPLY CANNOT BE DONE UNDER THE CURRENT SET OF CONSTRAINTS! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT! Simple as that.

You can finish this mission in under 9:00 minutes without being seen (SKIP THE ACCURACY RATING)..

When the mission starts, run straight across the road, up the driveway, and all the way around to the back gate on the compound where the trucks are parked. Lay down in a bush by the gate and fire a quick burst with your Machine Gun to draw the guards in the parking lot to come your way (ruins our accuracy rating). Or you can pluck on guard and wait for the other guards to come your way (eats up your time). Pluck each of the 4 guards in the parking lot square in the chest as they come to investigate. Get up and unlock the gate.

Now.. Stand by the corner of the garage door closest to your position by the gate. Notice that where the concrete wall ends there are wooden planks you can shoot through. If you stand just away from the garage door and aim diagonally through those planks with your machine gun you can kill all the guards which come down there to investigate. You can see their shadows on the ground as they stand by the wall on the other side. Fire quick bursts and reload often. Use your heat-vision goggles to line yourself up properly. Also, I've killed the guards INSIDE the garage when they stand on the other side of the door but since they're running around crazy, you miss ALOT before you drill them (accuracy goes down).


When the mission starts, run to the bushes along the wall by the hole in the fence. Don't use that bush right by the hole! They'll see you there everytime. Lay along the wall behind the second bush and aim along the fence. When the guards pass in your sight, pluck them either in the chest twice or in the back twice.

This DOESN'T draw the guard in the back of the parking lot! Now, you can wait forever for him to come by. Or you can fire a burst from your machine gun to get his attention but this causes guards to swarm around the compound door and you'll never get into the compound without being seen and without being all shot up. Or, you can crawl through the hole in the fence and pluck the last guard in the parking lot from under a truck (but this wastes time and impacts your accuracy). Or, you can ignore him and crouch walk quietly to the control panel and open the gate (which is what I did most of the time but he sometimes sees you if you try to use the hole in the fence to exit!)

Alternative #3.

When the mission starts, run diagonally to your right and head for the hillside to the left of the machinegun bunkers. Crouch walk the rest of the way and right around to the back of the truck right there at the bottom of the hill. Then crawl over to the detonators and grab them. Crawl back behind the truck and crawl up the hill. You can crouch walk part of the way and run when you get near the hill top. Sometimes they'll see you.

At the top of the hill, you can run around the back to the gate and come in that way.. Or, you can run toward the hole in the fence and come in that way. Or, you can crouch in a bush at the top of the hill overlooking the machinegun nests and fire two grenades to kill the guards in the nests who will see you when you try to get to the bridge. Or, you can lay in a bush at the bottom of the hill and snipe the guards with your silenced pistol. This is good in that it clears that area but doesn't do anything to draw the guards OFF the bridge and you'll never finish in time.

Okay... However you want to START the mission.. here's how you get the explosives.

If you've shot all the guards through the wooden planks then there are only 2 more guards standing in the compound by the camera. Run and open the compound gate go to your right and crouch behind the truck so you can fire a grenade right at the fence and take these last two guards out with the explosion. RUN around the fence and get behind the first truck. Lay down and look underneath it and you'll see a guard standing in the corner by the alley leading to the building's back door. Fire a quick burst at him. Put on your heat-vision goggles and RUN to the building to a position directly under the position of the guard on the cat walk. He stops. Remember his location on the wall and fire a burst into the wall. He goes down.

If you HAVE NOT killed the two guards running around inside the building, open the door and lay flat just outside the door. As the guards each stop in your sites, fire a burst and kill them. This takes time and you'll probably be seen.

Once inside the building, run to the fence gate and fire a burst at the lock and open the gate. Run to the explosives, grab them, and head straight out the door.

Stop and look at your map computer! All the commotion has caused the guards to swarm the area. If there are any by the gate on the back wall of the compound then you can't use that gate and you must go back out the hole in the fence.

LOOK AT YOUR TIME! If your time is showing 9:00 minutes or less then you'll NEVER COMPLETE THE MISSION IN TIME! Might as well start over.

If you've ALREADY grabbed the detonators at the start of the mission, then you can use the hole in the fence to exit, and run across the road and head straight towards the bridge. As you run towards the bridge, use your heat-vision goggles to check if there are still guards in the area. If there are, then you'll be seen. If you hide and wait for them to run up to the compound to join the others, then you're wasting time and won't beat the clock. And this doesn't take into account whether you've already killed the guys in the machinegun nests who will see you when you're on that side of the bridge.

Look.. the constraints the game-developers put on this mission to achieve "David Jones" status isn't just tough.. it's impossible. And of course, people will brag about how they did it but they'll be lying to you. I'm an expert at this game. If there was a way to finish this mission I would've found it. I've done every combination, diversionary tactic, sniping, whatever.. and you just run out of time! Lower the accuracy requirements and I MIGHT FINISH IN TIME. Change the "Never been seen" requirement and I MIGHT FINISH IN TIME. Lower the 100% health and I MIGHT FINISH IN TIME. But to do all three makes it impossible to complete. I've given up.. Can't be done.. Simple as that..

It would've been easier to just tell you how to do the mission and claim I did it.. But, all the other walkthroughs I've written here are true and accurate. How I wrote it is HOW I ACTUALLY DID IT! I'm not going to claim it can be done if you do it my way when in fact I couldn't even do it that way myself. If I stumble upon some 'Repeatable' way of finishing as "David Jones" then I'll post it. Otherwise..

Nuff said..

I was waiting for you to post this walkthrough ! Its the only one i can't do either. No matter which way i try, i can never satisfy all three requirements. I've done it with 100% health & accuracy, but the time was just under 9 minutes - i forget what.

I'm glad i'm not alone !

When I DO finish this mission under the time limit (rarely), I end up full of bullet holes. I kept thinking I could do it but... I finally had to admit to myself that the mission was not doable to achieve "David Jones" status.

Also.. I haven't been able to finish the Showdown on the Docks mission in anything close to being under 9:30. The shortest I've been able to complete this mission is 13:49. Unless there is a secret way into the inner compound where the crane is (other than swimming) it takes too long to complete. So, unless I missed something completely on this one, I'll probably give up on this mission too. Any luck?


I don't remember what i did on the Showdown At The Docks ... but i've just tried something on the Dnestr level - and i achieved it 8:20 secs with 100% health and 90% accuracy. I was only 20 secs away from doing it - and i think the way i'm doing it, it might just be possible, but their's no margin for error ! Basically, i start off running diagonally right across to the river, cross the river to the opp. bank, race up to a bush on the nearside near the soldiers grouped around the truck and use two grenades on the M16 to take out the two groups. I then run across to the bridge walkway on the guard side and take out the guard on that walkway, then i go along the bank and jump into the river, coming out in an area well behind the outpost near the bridge end. I then ascend the hill to the compound and run around til i'm on the corner overlooking the outpost and use the remaining M16 grenade detonated near the two gun emplacements to take out those guards (sometimes i get a few others as well if you place it right). I then discard the M16 and go through the compound area via the gap in the fence in pretty much the way you've done. The grenade i fired only seems to upset the patroling guards in the compound - they end up near that corner, but apart from that, its pretty much straight forward. The area i have probs with is inside the building where the explosives are .. i'm never sure where the guards are in there - thats the area i may be able to save 20 secs in, but i'm not sure. Once i leave that area i go through the main doors and slide down the hill face to pick up the detonator (the guards are usually calm by then). Again ,there's a few secs to be picked up here if you can exit the area without the guards seeing you - perhaps in trot mode rather than run mode - then its down the nearest side to set up the charges (the guard is dead from earlier), across the far end and down the other side (shooting the guard who's here) and there you have it.

I dunno about you, but i also believe you can run faster if you angle yourself and use the forward key and the strafe key at the same time. Whats your thoughts on this ?

Thanks for the post. I don't understand how nobody sees you doing it this way? The mission requires that you never be seen. And, I don't see how this saves time. I've run to the bush behind the truck, crawled to get the detonator, then crawled up the hill (crouch walk the rest of the way up the hill) then at the top of the hill overlooking the machine guns, I've crouched in a bush right there and fired two grenades to take out the guards in the machine gun bunkers. After that, I turn and crouch walk then RUN to the hole in the fence. I pluck the guards in the parking lot by laying in the bushes near the wall by the hole in the fence. Go through the hole, open the gate, then I lay in a bush and fire short blasts at the guards as they approach my position. Once I've cleared that area, there is one guard inside the building who comes running out. Blast him. Then, put on your heat-vision goggles to find the position of the guard on the catwalk inside the building. Kill him by shooting straight through the wall of the building.

Open the door and LAY FLAT OUTSIDE THE DOOR.. When the two guards in the fenced area inside the building come into your sites, fire a short burst and kill them. Keep opening the door as needed. Kill them both. Go inside, open the fence, grab the explosives.

Now, I've got the explosives AND the detonators but I ONLY have just enough time to RUN through the back gate and straight for the bridge but THERE ARE GUARDS DOWN THERE! Laying flat and taking them out wastes what little time I have left. I end up being seen and shot up.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

The way i've been doing it, its reasonably easy to not be seen. But i've had another couple of attempts, and i just can't get the time down. Its so exacting. My biggest problems are accuracy - taking out the camera in the compound sometimes takes me 5 shots. Basically i can get to the point where i drop down the escarpment to the detonator with around 9 mins left (2 mins to do the deed). If i could make it with 9:30 on the clock i could just do it, but i just can't improve on the initial time. I also hate the end of the level when you complete it - the level seems to go on for another 5-10 seconds after the bridge collapses.

Well ... i've done it ! In easy mode admittedly, but i did it in 7:25 without being spotted, 100% health and 86% accuracy ! - it came up "Agent"

This is what i do in short - i run straight to the encampment near the bridge and pick up the detonator, then ascend to the plateu (crouch, trot and run) and crouch in the bush on the corner of the plateau overlooking the encampment - two quick grenades from the M16 take out the three guards nearest the bridge, and the guy who walks the perimeter (sometimes i get another guard as well). Then i drop the M16 near that bush and race to the gap in the fence (running as far away as i can from the compound wall) where i take out the guards (usually only have to kill the three nearest - i kill the first one and wait for the others to come towards you, but not too close otherwise you get seen, even in the bush) then i unlock the door - the clock is usually at 12:30 (my best is around 12:35). I then run to my right and along the wall keeping to the bushes and run down towards the far corner, where the two patrolling guards usually are, due to being disturbed by the grenades i fired earlier. Using the thermal goggles i pick them off, then run back towards the gap between the ISO containers, near the drums, and pick off the camera and the two guards. Sometimes the whizzing bullets alert the third guard at the far corner, who runs a little way - this is useful as i take him out as well, although you can run round between the two trucks and have a pop at it him then if he has not moved. Anyway, its inside the buliding and take out the guards and the camera inside - i have real probs with the guard on the catwalk - it always takes me 5-6 shots to shoot him from outside. Anyway, i can get the explosives and exit the door by around 10:50. If the guard is still here on the corner, i pick him off, then run round, grab the sniper rifle near the truck and unlock the gate - i then run into the bush i was at earlier overlooking the guard area. In crouch mode i use the sniper rifle to pick off any guards on the bridge - and those are patrolling closer will ascend the escarpment and will not see you in the bush - you can use the Sniper or the Pistol to take them out. I left one of the guards alive down below as i could'nt see him, and i had used all my sniper ammo. This is the biggest problem - where the guards are when you reach the bush. Anyway, i picked up the M16 i dropped earlier, and ran round the escarpment again towards the opening in the fence and in crawl mode slid down the hill side - the time i think was around 9:30. The guard i left was sniffing around the bush i vacated, but i was across the road and heading for the bridge - and it was a piece of piss from then on - the guard never game back down and the other guards in that area who were still alive were too far away to see me. Both the guys on the bridge catwalks were missing too.

I actually can't believe i did it as fast as i did. The route i took is really based on running as much as you can, and using trot mode and stuff. If I'd taken that guard out on the catwalk in the building with only 2 shots, my accuracy would have been better - but everytime i try to do it from inside he sees me. Ah well. You also start the next level without the Sniper Rifle, but i've never had a problem with that.

It took me a few goes to achieve that time. I managed 7:59 previously but i was seen once (by that pesky guard on the catwalk) - i had 100% accuracy and health as well !. As i said, when you go to the bush for the second time is where the key is - it all depends on where the guards are. Some are usually on the bridge with some below you, but it seems to vary so much. Thats why you need an optimum run up to that last part with as much time as possible left. I guess it won't make much difference to do it in hard mode.

Yep - the above way is the way to go - just remember you do run faster if you angle yourself and use the appropriate strafe key held down with your forward key - i saved around 10 seconds on that initial run at the start, so it is quicker ... i just did it in 7:20, 100% Accuracy and Health, but got spotted once, because i wasn't quite in the centre of the bush and the last guard on the bridge saw me ! What was odd was that i did miss once with the sniper rifle, but i still got 100% accuracy .. but perhaps those 2 grenades at the start which take out 4-5 men compensate for that.

Oh yes, when in the bush remember to take out the two sniper guys on the far bank ! As i went from one side of the bridge to the other on a run just now, they saw me - never done that previously ! ARRGHHH !

QUOTE: When I DO finish this mission under the time limit (rarely), I end up full of bullet holes. I kept thinking I could do it but... I finally had to admit to myself that the mission was not doable to achieve "David Jones" status.

Also.. I haven't been able to finish the Showdown on the Docks mission in anything close to being under 9:30. The shortest I've been able to complete this mission is 13:49. Unless there is a secret way into the inner compound where the crane is (other than swimming) it takes too long to complete. So, unless I missed something completely on this one, I'll probably give up on this mission too. Any luck?


I've done this mission in 8:28, 100% Health & Accuracy and spotted Once (which was unavoidable at the start of the 2nd part of the level when you're tied up). Again, i was in easy mode, but it should be achievable in hard mode.

I ended up spending too much time getting into the building to get the explosive pack before I even exited the compound and got back up to the bush on the hill. I did manage to not set off the alarm and not get the all the guards in the shack to come out. However, when I got back to the bush on the hill with the sniper rifle and started firing, I found them shooting back at me which caused everybody else to come running to investigate. Then, I had all these guys around me and I never even got to the detonators. Don't quite know how you hid in the bush on the hill and fired the sniper rifle without drawing everybody's attention and without them seeing the blast from the rifle. Oh well.. congrats on beating that mission!

In my honest opinion this mission just sucks! It's not very well done and it's a pain in the ass to try to do it in a quiet mode and without being seen when it should be the other way around! It's a mission that requires full on violence rather than stealth and i repeat...it should be the other way around.

Have you guys ever see "Commando"? That would describe my aproach for this mission