IGI2 - Ancient Temple walkthrough


This mission took me forever to figure out. There is a first area (entrance), a second area, a third area (with computers, etc), and fourth area (temple). You have to make it all the way through all the areas without being seen and into the second floor of the temple in under 10:00. Here's what you do.

Immediately lay flat and snipe the guard walking on the catwalk in the 3rd area (nearest your position). He falls off the platform. Then, immediately snipe the two guards standing in the corner on Temple catwalk. Take the guy on the left then the guy on the right.

Now, snipe the guard who is standing on the 3rd area catwalk underneath the tower with the wire which leads to the second floor of the Temple. You'll see his faint outline through the leaves of the trees.

Now, snipe the guard standing inside the building in the 3rd area where you disable the alarm. You'll see his faint red outline beside the tree on the right. Drill him!

Now, shoot a single bullet through the door leading from the 2nd area into the 3rd area. This causes the 3 guards standing by that door to open the door and enter the 2nd area to investigate.

Now, snipe the guard facing the wall in the back of the 2nd area behind the tent. Snipe the guard on the right inside the tent. This causes the guard on the left in the tent to run to turn on the alarm. Put one square into his chest as he exits the tent!

Now, aim into the 1st area and snipe the guard on the catwalk in the back corner holding the RPG. That was 10 clean and easy shots! RELOAD!

Now, snipe the guard on the 1st area manning the machine gun above the front door. You'll see a small portion of his back. Drill him!

The alarm sounds!

Now, snipe the guard standing above the door between the 1st area and the 2nd area. Try to get the guard with the RPG as he runs down the stairs.

Now it gets crazy. You have to snipe ALL the guards in the 2nd area without sniping the guard in the 2nd area standing in front of the metal shack. For some reason, if you snipe him then the alarm mysteriously sounds whenever you enter the second area.

You also have to snipe both pairs of snipers in the two front towers. Hint: You can kill them both with a single shot if you aim so you hit a small piece of each guy.

Check your map computer. Make sure there are no guards you missed.

When you are done, there should be two guards in the middle of the 1st area, one in front of the shack in the 2nd area, and two guys above the main gate. If you see anybody else, pick them off before getting up!

You need to save 3 sniper bullets. If you're out of ammo, start over.

Now, get up and run way to your left and lay flat on the edge of a small hill where you can see the 2 snipers above the main gate. Pick them both off.

Now, run to the gate and unlock it. Lay flat and crawl to a position behind the truck so the one guard standing near the alarm is visible from underneath the truck. Look through your heat-vision scope and aim directly at the one guard by the alarm. If you're in the right position, the other patrolling guard will cross right into your scope. Fire your last shot when you've got both guards in your sites and both will go down with a single shot! You have to take both these guys out before one of them hits the alarm.

The only guy still alive should be the guard in front of the metal shack.

Get up and toss the sniper rifle. Click your silenced machine gun to single shot. Run toward the door leading into the 2nd area and up the stairs to the right. Run over to the cable and slide down the cable to the top of the metal shack. The guard standing there starts to walk toward the alarm. When his back is facing you, shoot 2 or 3 rounds straight into his back. When he goes down, RUN off the shack and to the 3rd area door and unlock it.

Open the door and RUN to your right and jump over the corner of the truck between the truck and the fence. Run around the right side of the building with the alarm computer (you already sniped the guard inside). Hide behind the last wooden post and when the alarm turns away, step up to the door and open it. Activate the computer. If you get to the last wooden post and the alarm is already turned away then don't hesitate! Open the door while the opportunity is there.

Now, crouch walk out of there and run back the way you came. You are going to run around to the back corner of the building with the computer which activates the tower. Get to the right side of the building with the computer and crouchwalk around to the door, unlock it, and activate the computer.

Now, crouch walk out the door to your left and head straight for the fence by the tower. You can walk most of the way but be careful. Open the fence and climb the tower as fast as you can. Slide down the cable.

Now, here's the trick. When you exit the cable, immediately lay flat in the direction of the catwalk. You are going to belly flop off the top platform down to the lower platform. Then, belly flop off down to the tile-side of the wall below. Don't belly flop all the way down to the grass below because you'll end up with damage. Once on the tile, belly flop from there to the grass below. You won't get hurt.

Be careful because there are guards still running around crazy in that 4th area trying to figure out how the two guys on the top of the Temple got killed.

At this point, you're now in the 4th area laying flat on the grass behind the two guards facing away from you. Check your map computer to get an idea where everybody is.

Crouch walk toward the Temple stairs and get up onto the ground floor by the temple front door. You can run part of the distance if there are no guards nearby. Now run all the way around the rightside of the temple to the back corner by the wooden platform leading up to the second floor. Lay flat just as you get to that rear corner by the wooden planks. Crawl up the planks to the top. I've run up the planks but I got killed three times in a row just as I hit the top plank! Once on the top plank, RUN towards the back door and unlock it. Mission accomplished!

Practice sniping. You can kill 10 guys right away in under a half minute. If you're good then you'll be able to clear out the rest of the guards running around quickly and the pairs of snipers in the towers. Save 3 bullets!

Remember to leave the guard alive standing in front of the shack in the 2nd area. And, once inside the 3rd area, you have to act quickly and decisively to get into both buildings, activate both computers, and get up on top of the tower and into the 4th area. Once in the 4th area, quickly check your map computer then get moving!

I did this mission in 9:16 without being seen, 100% health, and 100% accuracy. It's tough to complete this mission in under 10 minutes but it can be done.

Good Luck!

I was always wondering why the alarm goes off without anyone noticing me.. Now i know. I'm always sniping that guy in the second area..

After finally figuring this out, I wanted to share my method for a David Jones completion in 7 minutes and 14 seconds without raising the alarm. I come with map!


On that map you will see red letters and white numbers. Red letters are places you have to go, white numbers are soldiers (or groups of soldiers) you have to kill and the order I recommend you kill them in.

Before I start, there are a few sneaky things you need to know about this map. Simply put, the alarm will sound just by killing certain guards and then walking into certain areas. For example, if you kill Guard 3 and then walk upstairs in the area above the front gateway (C), the alarm will sound. No guard sees you, no-one has found a corpse. It's just what happens. It's a bit dodge IMHO but there you go. Likewise if you kill the guards at number 5, the alarm will sound if you walk from D to F along the path. This method avoids those trigger areas.

Now, position A (not quite where it is on the map but you get the idea) is your starting position. From that point, crouch down and snipe guards 1 and 2 off the walkway. Guard 3 is in a building and you will *just* make out his outline next to a tree. Number 4 has two guards, so take them both out.

Number 5 actually has 4 guards you need to kill. From your position you should see them all. I'll number them 1 to 4 from left to right. Take guard 2 out first. Number 3 will run to stand over his corpse, so take him out then. Number 4 will then run over and stand at the corpse, so take him out too. Number 1 during this time will stand there and do nothing, so pop him last. A few tricks here though... If you miss, aim for the alarm, wait for them to run there and then pop them just before they press it. Also, killing guards 2 and 3 sometimes you "miss" even when you had them right in your sights. I figure you just hit a tree branch or something.

Now, all of this commotion will make one of the two guards just to the right of position 9 come running. He'll disappear for a while so we have a bit of time... So take out the guard at position 6. I do this a bit later because I've found taking him out early can knock him right off the roof, which causes problems as another guard will see him and raise the alarm. I sometimes skip 6 and leave him until I get to position B, just for safety.

There are 3 Guards at 7. One standing near the wall and two inside a tent. Take out the one near the wall (furthest away from you). Now aim for the tent and take out the one on your right, who should be cearly visible. This will make the last guard inside the tent run towards the alarm. Wait for him to run outside and right into your sights... POP.

Now flip left and take out the guard with the rocket launcher who's standing on the walkway at position 8. By this time (depending on how fast you are and to be honest, I do this all pretty quickly once I know what I'm doing), guard 9 should have run out and be heading towards the area with the white 5. Take him out. Finally, there is one guard atop the gateway just to the right of positoin 9. Shoot him in the foot and he'll go down.

You can get up now and run to position B. Position B is just down a bit. From here, you should be able to see the guards in the towersa at 11 and 12 AND (most importantly) the door at F. Crouch down and with your scope, look for the guards at position 10. Here's the thing... Remember how Anna said that thing can punch through walls? Well, now we use it. You should see three guards. Two will be near the wall and the third will be back a bit. Shoot the two that are nearest the wall (I go for the guy on the left, then the one on the right). The third one will run towards the wall after about 5 - 10 seconds. Shoot him then.

From here, you should now be able to see the guards in the towers at positions 11 and 12. With a good line-up, you should be able to take out both guards in each position with one shot. With them down, get up and run to position C (or more accurately, run to the wall just below 11 and then walk to position C).

Unlock the doors and hit the deck. Pull out the sniper rifle again. You should have at least 6 shots left. Aim for behind the truck and wait for the patrolling guard to come into view and take him out. Now quickly flick right and get the guard who will now be going for the alarm. There is a third guard who should be coming out of the house on the left. Take him out as he runs behind the truck. That said, there is a chance he could be running around the place, in which case you really just need to find him and take him down... Finally, above you are three guards, two of which have sniper rifles. Simply crouch, look up and shoot them through the floor.

With them dead, that's it for the killing in this mission. Your job now is to avoid the special "trigger" areas which will activate the alarm. Run to the other end of the courtyard you're in and head up the stairs there. DO NOT RUN UP THE STAIRS AT YOUR END. I was always tempted to grab the two sinper rifles up there but doing so triggers the alarm. So avoid that. Head up the stairs above the locked door, grab the wire and slide down to E.

Run towards the wall, behind the crates and to the door. Unlock it. Now you can run here, if you run around the back of the building which has your third mission objective in it (turning off the cameras). You'll have to avoid the camera that's watching the door but you can run and then hide behind the crates that are conveniently located there. When the camera looks away you can run or crouch-walk into the building. The guards in the building just up from you will probably hear you if you run so it might be better to crouch walk or walk. Get inside and disable the security cameras.

Now head back out (walking / crouch-walking), head around the back again and run back the way you came to F. Now you can run to the building I've marked H... Provided you crouch-walk as you round the corner to the door. Unlock the door, get inside and adjust the satellite dish. Crouch-walk back out again. Once you're around the corner, you can run back to F.

Head up the stairs here and then run along the walkway to I. Around about here you will need to lie flat and slide the rest of the way. There are two guards on the ground near there and they will see you or hear you if you run. Slide all the way along the rest of the walkway until you reach J. Crouch up and then QUIETLY (holding shift) climb the ladder. Once up, thereis a second ladder. For the second ladder, you will have to stand up in front of it so that you can climb it. Quietly climb that one.

Up the top, slide down the wire to position K. Then walk (or crouch-walk if you want to be very quiet) around to L. Unlock the door. Mission Accomplished.

As you'll find from doing this, once you know where those alarm triggers are and how to avoid them, this mission becomes very easy. The only tough part left is then the sniping at the start.

Haha, since doing all the levels again, its nice to be able to play this level as in my previous saves it had become corrupted and i couldnt play it (a common bug i understand)

Just achieved David Jones in 8:11, 100% Accuracy & Helath ! This is what i did:

At the start of the level, run to your left a little and switch to crawl and using the Sniper, take out the far pair of temple guards on the uppermost level. Then switch to area 3 and kill first the nearside patrolling RPG guy on the walkway (who should be near the corner or thereabouts), then the other RPG guy on the same walkway who is in the distance (past the balcony with the two guards in it) obscured by trees (but you can just see him). Now go to the second area and snipe the three guys on the far side (two in the tent, one outside on the farside). Be careful here as they will try to activate the alarm button just outside their tent). Reload. Now to area 1, firstly snipe the farside RPG guy on the walkway near the front tower, then on the same walkway snipe the nearside RPG guy near the wall between areas 1 and 2. Now here is an important bit; you will have a quick second to see the guard run to activate the alarm in the first area; you should see his head show up on the wall near the RPG guy you just shot - kill him ! Also kill the guard on the balcony above the doors between areas 1 and 2. Now pan right to area 2 and you should see the three guards that have come out of the mobile; snipe them, but dont kill the stationary guard outside the mobile. Now reload and wait; keep your eyes in the second area; shortly one of the guards will try to activate the alarm in the second area just outside the mobile; snipe him. Also, the guy in the first area in one of the buildings will be outside somewhere; he usually runs into area 2 - so you have four loose guards to deal with in total. Once done; get up and run further left till the rock areay turns to green - switch to crawl again and zoom in on the door between areas 2 and 3 where the three guards stand - you should be able to snipe the first and second guys through the wall, but the third guy is too far back - wait till he runs to open the doors then snipe him. You have now killed all the gaurds in areas 1 and 2 SAVE the guy in area 1 who patrols the centre area. Now snipe the guys in the front towers; one shot should be able to kill each pair if you aim right. Now the tricky bit; you should be able to see a bit of the nearer sniper guy on the front balcony; if not try, moving a little further left. When you can, snipe him, then pan across to the alarm button in area 1; the patrolling gaurd will make for the alarm; as before you have a second to take him out; if you can do it thats all the guards eliminated and the alarm has not sounded ! Now move forward til you can see the edge of the front balcony and the farside sniper guy and the guard who stands inbetween them; take the sniper guy first; then the guard.

Now toss your Sniper rifle and run all the way thru areas 1 and 2 to the gate to area 3 (Hint: as you go, run over some of the dead guards in your path and see if you can pick up a grenade). At gate 3, run inside and right; switch to crouch mode and go round the back of the building containing the terminal to turn of the security; as you pass round the far side; use the SMG in single shot mode to kill the guard inside with a headshot and use the posts to block the camera seeing you. Now avoiding the camera in walk mode get inside and do the objective. Then exit and turn right and right again so you are back on the far side where you were; switch to run mode and race back and along the area where you came in; run past the area 3 gate then run to the near corner of the other building with the next objective; switch to walk mode so the far guards dont see you, walk along the nearside then turn left and go through the door to complete the dish alignment objective. Exit in walk mode and keeping close to the building turn left and get thru the gate and ascend the mast. Again ,i walk mode, the nearby guards wont here you if you keep as far away from them as possible.

Slide down to the top of the platform. Switch to crawl mode and move off the platform so you fall onto the one below; do the same so you fall onto the walkway. Now in crouch mode move along the walkway away from the gaurds till you reach the corner; jump atop the wall (still crouched) and immediately switch to crawl mode. Do not go any further along the wall, simply move off it so you fall into the last area. The two guards standing close by will not notice you; simply crawl away til you are near the far wall, the get up and run round the white fence, then run through the gaps till you reach the temple proper; then run right and around til you reach the ramps; switch to crouch mode just before. Now pick off the two patrol guards in this area; you may only need to do one if the other guard is far off. You can also in crawl mode simply ascend the ramps without being seen, although its slower. Once on the top, run to the final objective (the doors)

If you have a grenade you've picked up, when you drop off the wall and move away from the guards; you can switch to crouch mode and throw a grenade over their heads (do it so it goes as far possible); this is useful to divert all the guards to the explosion; so when you run round to the ramps, if you threw the grenade far enough; the two patrolling guards wont be there, but investigating the explosion, so you can run all the way to the top ...