IGI-2 An unhealthy stealthy.....


First of all, hello to everybody as this is my first day as a member here and my first post. I am intrigued vastly of IGI's concept and design. IGI-1 was included on CD as part of my software package but didn't realize it until after 3 years after I bought the computer. Now I'm hooked. It took 3 weeks of playing everyday on easy mode to get through all the levels, and I still haven't done the same on "hard" mode. But I couldn't wait any longer so I purchased IGI-2 last month. I am currently in the 10th level in "easy" mode and I have noticed that I have encountered and picked up a medical syringe only once so far. Very unlike IGI-1. Am I missing something here or is this the way its supposed to be? Please help. Thanks

Yeah ... there are only 2 or 3 syringes in the whole game. Also, they work differently ... in IGI-1 you could control how much you used, in IGI-2 it activates in one hit, roughly adding 50%, so don't use it when you've only lost a little health ! In fact, one of my major gripes with IGI-2 is there is lots to explore, but not much to find.

I only know about the syringe from the mission with the Secret Weapons Lab - the one located in the underground hall near the computers. Where are the other ones?

There is one on the Prison Escape level, in the group of 4 shacks (lower left one as you look at the map) near the small tower and the truck with two guards outside.

I thought there might be a third one, but perhaps not ...

I always thought the lack of med kits in practically the entire IGI 2 game was a sort of joke on us players!

Like if you're a serious FPS solider, you shouldn't need no stinking med kits. And the syringe med kit in IGI 1 is a subtle dig, like the safety of a med kit is like a drug... LOL

I'm sure there is a Syringe in "Production Facility", in the Factory on one of those shelves near where the two engineers dressed in white suits are working. Hey who knows, maybe there are more syringes than we know after all :)