IGI 2 help and walkthroughs all missions : rank- david jones


This is ABJ (jainapurvab)
I am great fan of this game.
I am sad to hear that IGI 3 will never come
also people underrated this great game.

Talking about big attitude, I completed all 19 missions of igi 2 with david jones rank.(see attachments for some of my records)

During course of this game i collected following inoformation.
1) for novice,Most easiest stage to pass (less number of efforts) is : Deep in the Mines..
2)For novice,hardest stage to pass : Border crossing...
3)For novice,Most boring stage to pass : Mission control..(but by that time novice becomes veteran)

In general, For higest rank.(for David Jones rank)

1)Most easiest stage to pass : Deep in the Mines..
2)Hardest stage to pass : showdown at the dock..
3)Stage where most luck is required: Zaleb's stronghold..
4)Quickest stage to pass : Ambush..
5)Stage where least efforts required(laziness) : Air strike
6)Stage which can be passed with huge percentage margin of time : Mission control(time difference to that of required for david Jones)
7)Lengthiest stage to pass in time : Prison escape.
8)Easiest stage to pass with certain carry forward weapon: Airfield
9)Easiest stage to pass with knife only(planning next missions too) :
Production Facility.
10)A Stage that can be passed without murder : Air strike.
11)Possible number of stages where shooting is not required(accuracy : N/A)
: 6
12)Stage where heavy execution is required(must) : Showdown at Dock.
13)Most boring stage to pass : Island Assault

others opinions are most Welcome.


Soon i am going to post all extreme walkthroughs that provide shortest and reliable path.

QUOTE: Soon i am going to post all extreme walkthroughs that provide shortest and reliable path.

I'm looking forward to it! :)


probability of success : 10/10 (trials)
probability of record : 9/10
Highest record : mission_1 with accuracy : N/A
and this for shortest time.
Before starting, It is worth to consider types of weapons to carry considering
next missions too. So there should be some familiarity with next missions.

Requirements : Knife only.
Optional : secondary silence weapon(If one tries to complete under 4:00 min)
Number of killing : 3
SUGGESTED PATH : 1 , 2 , 3

1.Restart the level again.
2.Drop all weapons and carry knife in hand. Running should be done with knife unless otherwise stated.
3.Run straight and open the fence door with key for accuracy as N/A or shoot twice
4.Run towards door and crouch just before reaching to the door.
5.Open it.Crouch straight,jump on the box,go to other side,stand and run to kill guard standing behind the container before he turns backward.
6.Now run towards front container,crouch and jump on the box and to the top of the container. Quickly lie flat(pic ) and creep for falling on the small container and then to the ground.
7.Creep forward towards the exit door from near to left container. As soon as guard on the ground is out of sight, stand and run close to the left container to open the door for exit.
8.run towards suggested path. Choose one of the route depending on the location of camera below the tower.
9.Reverse the direction of the belt. Go backward and jump on it into the factory way.
10.Fall on right side. Run towards guard. Kill him with knife. Run directly to climb up with ladder.Crouch on first floor towards switch for reversing the direction of the belt. Crouch back to go up.
11.Jump on the conveyor belt. Press forward key to increase the speed.
12.While on the midway of belt, wear binocular and See the rotation of camera. Slow running speed by pressing backward key. When camera rotates on one the extremes,stick to the another extreme and run on the full to get it pass.(one can get pass with all weapons carring with him and knife in his hand)
13.Run towards left side, Kill standing guard from behind.Shoot camera with gun.Take knife and open the door.quickly lie flat and go out before gate has opened.
14.Run way to the mine entry as suggested, shoot camera and lock with gun(or run below to camera,See upward,jump,use alternate fire of knife to blast camera and then open the door with key FOR accuracy : N/A).
15.complete remaining switching actions while running. Guards will not notice if one is quick.

I've recently tried the Ambush level, and came up with 2:20 minutes, 100 % accuracy and health & without being seen (see this pic). I must say it's again one of those unchallenging levels - especially when you hide yourself into that nearby bush once the mission starts (which will make you "invisible")...

I don't fully agree with you as long as this Ambush mission is concerned. Yes there is a little bit of graphic error for those trucks on road and of caurse that bush bug.

But this mission has something.I was not able to accept my blast number 3 or 2 ,whatever it is, of previous mission because of my obsession of carrying sniper in next mission.
now i am able to pass mission below 2:00 without sniper.So it gives relief in previous mission.

I set 1:56 min. as a theoretical limit for this mission.
my data is 2:00, 0 spot, 100% , 100%.
soon i will post walkthrough in serial manner in this thread.

To jainapurvab:

I too was thinking about a way how to beat this mission without using that Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova thing :) I guess it can be done using only the knife and G17 silenced pistol. I'll have another try soon!

P.S. What do you mean by that "graphic error for those trucks on road"?

To jainapurvab:

When playing the Bridge Across the Dnestr level, I've noticed one funny thing. If you go near the bridge and then crawl directly across the road, the nearest of those 7 guys will (of course) notice you, but he will not shoot at you. Instead, he will run behind the nearby machine-gun, where he will just fire a single shot somewhere towards the other side of the river, and then return to his original guarding position as if nothing had happened :) Funny, isn't it?

Btw, did you notice that the guard walking on that ledge in the warehouse doesn't react to your shots at all? Even if you fire from M16A2 rifle, he just stays unalerted. He will just stare towards your direction and then continue walking as if nothing had happened! I always laugh on his disinterested screams when I'm killing the outside guards - they're getting mad when they see their buddy's corpse, but this guy simply doesn't bother at all...

QUOTE: I set 1:56 min. as a theoretical limit for this mission.

Could be it... The quickest time I did was 1:59 (see this pic), but it can certainly be done at least under 1:55 in my opinion... But still I think it's a rather unchallenging level. You know, the trick is to just not waste any time killing those 8 guards - that's all!

To jainapurvab:

One quick tip re: the very first mission: try to skip the 1st objective (by running around the fence and then swimming through the river). Your final achieved time will be much quicker!

Goddamn ! I was on for an optimum Bridge Over The Dnestr ! In the end i got David Jones rank in 7:23, 100% health but only 92% Accuracy - i was in the inner compound near the drums between the two containers, where you have to shoot the camera out then the two nearby guards near the truck - its always touch and go here, because when you nail the first guard, you've got a split second before the second guard notices and starts his mad dash for the alarm button .. i got the camera and the first guard, but before i could aim on the second guard, he started hs run, and its so hard to hit a moving target when its running right across you field of view - i missed him twice before i downed him ! That was the only error - if i'd have had him first time, i would have had 100% accuracy and possibly been a few seconds faster ! BAH !

hum... your data can be interesting but it has been more than six months touching IGI 2 with keyboard and mouse. I am busy in civ 4. lets hope that i be back in igi 2 uniform......

I'm replaying the game from start (in hard mode); i lost all my game saves a while back :D

What i'm also gonna do is copy my game saves afterwards, so if the Ancient Temple level corrupts; i may be able to replace it with uncorrupted files.

I'll post a list of my David Jones times when i'm done !

Also, a colleague of mine is playing it at work during his lunch break (easy mode); he's so impatient; he keeps asking me what to do next ! - i had great fun not telling him about the sentry gun when he opened the back door on the prison level :lol: and on the Villa level; i didnt tell him one of the guards in the last bit had an RPG !