IGI 1 & 2 "realism" -- a message?


I've been brooding over a certain question for some time now, and wonder if it makes sense? :confused: So I'm asking my fellow IGI fans! :D

Has anyone wondered if the realism of IGI 1 or 2 means anything?
Even the 2003 slogan for Codemasters: "Genius at Play" could imply that the makers of the game are geniuses at play, right? What if those geniuses were playing at [U]telling[/U] us gamers something?

:cool: I've wondered if the realism tells us gamers that IGI-style covert warfare EXISTS, right now, present day (or maybe 10-15 years ago since some of the plot lines are dated compared to say, the [U]Splinter Cell [/U] series.)

And in the [U]Splinter Cell [/U] series, the realism is more stealthy and the plots are higher tech, which might only be a reflection of the increased stakes and complexity of the actual covert wars being fought in real time...

Like IGI team is "soldier of fortune", seat-of-your-pants covert warfare, and Splinter Cell is more like NSA or CIA or similar level of "play"...

The funny thing in the [U]Splinter Cell [/U] series is that there are occasional script devices which tease the gamer into questioning whether what is being depicted is just a game or not! (I've got pics!)

And so the basic question is whether the realism in IGI 1 or 2 means anything? (And I realize that as 'real' as the games are, they've got their faults. But we also know that they're decent games for 2000 (IGI) and 2003 (IGI 2) respectively.)

But it's also an incomplete question, because I've thought about IGI's realism compared to say the "realism" in the Soldier of Fortune series, which is much more like a violent, gory cartoon. Or the "realism" of WWII shooters, which are much more about setting a scene, or cinematography...

I could go on... :p ...only if you IGI fans are interested! :rolleyes: - BMS


The largest context of the question is the larger universe of other FPS games, like the Splinter Cell series, or Far Cry, or Soldier of Fortune, or even sci-fi type games like Half-Life and/or Doom 3, or Return to Castle Wolfenstein...