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Can some one help me?
I am on level 8 Re Supply,I have tried the walkthrough but i still cannot get out of the first base.
Every time i try to open the gate Tanya tells me that i have to disable the alarm but i don't know how does anyone else know.
Also the gate closes once the alarm goes off.
Please help

I have completed this game plenty of times, and I KNOW i struggled with this bit... but for the life of me I cannot remember how I did it.

I shall play it again tonight, and report back with how you do it.

As you come out of the garage where you jumped off the lorry, there is a few supply sheds / barracks on your right. They are fenced off to begin with but once you set off the alarm, they open up as soldiers come running at you from the spawn points within the barracks. (If you dont set off the alarm imediatley, there is a button to open the gate on the left hand side of it. Right in the center of these barracks, you will see the posts which have the horns on that blair out the alarm noise.... simpley walk up to one of these and de-activate the alarm. There ya go, open up thos gates jones! I have attached a screenshot so you can see what I am talking about.