I am excellent at IGI2. Any questions?


I'll help people with their missions if they post questions.

David Jones.

do you know anything about getting the highest rank? like..what do i have to do to get the highest rank in the first mission?

If you are playing on MEDIUM DIFFICULTY, then the highest rank you can obtain is "Secret Agent". This is achieved by beating the posted limits.

If you are playing the game on HARDEST DIFFICULTY, then the highest rank you can obtain is "David Jones".. This is achieved by beating ALL the limits, most importantly, the time limit. The time limits in Hard Mode are very tough to beat. You really have to be good to be awarded the status of being 'David Jones' on any particular mission.

I play on hard mode because i like the fact that i can't upload anymore which makes things more challenging. Hey could you tell me what's your approach on the first warehouse? Can you do it without anyone noticing you?

hi, have a problem using the sniper rifle, unlike igi1, the binocular in igi2 doesnot have any cross hairs in them , i am just trying to bring the guys somewhat at the center of the bino & shoot them, but this process is highly inaccurate, it is costing me 3 to 4 bullets per guy!!!!.if anybody can provide me with a tip for using the sniper i will be greatful, bye

how do ya get the console up?

im new :)

Get yourself a fine tipped magic marker. Hold the grenade in your hand and a small dot will appear on the screen. That dot will be the dead center of your aim point. Very carefully mark the dot right there on your screen with the marker. Although the dot will also be there whenever you are doing something OTHER than playing IGI-2, if it is small enough, you'll get used to it being there and won't even notice it after awhile when you aren't playing the game. This trick is used by lots of gamers in many different games. And when you no longer want the dot on your screen, you can clean it off with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. Great trick. Give it a try..

Yes very clever :) I use a simular method (without having to draw on the screen). Tho on a glass screen both of these would work im hesitant to draw on my flat pannel....What i do is take a very tiny snip from the corner of a paper and then wet it. I smudge it on the screen and gently glide it around on the screen with a pencil. Be sure to get as little water as possible on the screen....I've never had any screen damage ect by doing this.

This is a difficult mission! Do you have some ideas about a walkthrough? Also, are there any "cheat codes" available for this game and how do you install them?
IGI Hero

QUOTE: I'll help people with their missions if they post questions.

David Jones.
Are cheat codes available for IGI2, if so where do you get them and how do you apply them?
from IGIHero

IGI and IGI2 do not have any cheats whatsoever. There are no cheats that anybody is aware of. If the developers would have put cheats then they would have a console screen to bring up but they don't even have that. Sorry but you're on your own trying to complete the missions. Hence, my posts on completing the missions in hard-mode. Regards...

QUOTE: I'll help people with their missions if they post questions.

David Jones.
"I have successfully played this mission, but this time when I get to the mission, it fails to load?? I have scanned by computer for errors and fixed any. It still does not start up. Could it be that the disk is damaged? I see no visible scratches. Any suggestions? I don't want to start over as this is the 16th mission!!! Thanks for any help you may have.

The only thing I can think of is that your saved mission files got corrupted somehow. Check the mission folders to see if everything is intact.

Thank you. I have never checked "mission folders" before. I'll see what I can do.