How to make a screenshot in IGI 2?


Can someone tell me how to make screenshots in IGI 2? I didn't find any useful info on the web, and it isn't mentioned in the readme either. Please, help!

Well the obvious way is to press the Print Screen key at the required moment, then when you exit IGI 2, go into a graphics program and "Paste" from the Edit menu. Of course that only works one pic at a time, whether there is anything specific way of doing it in IGI 2 i dunno.

Thanks for the reply, Dragunov, but I somehow didn't understand it :) I mean, WHERE can I find those files? Does the game have a special folder for screenshots or what? I've tried the PrintScreen key, then searched the whole IGI 2 directory, but found nothing... Also, which format those pictures have?

Read again man.. You can only see the last pic you took with the print screen button. The only way to see/save the pic is to open a graphics prgram like paintbrush..etc and click paste. The last printscreen will appear, you can view it, save it..etc

So if I understood it right, the game won't save the pictures to a certain folder (i.e. on the hard drive), since it will only remain in memory, isn't it? Not exactly a convenient way to make screenshots, but at least it works...