Hello everyone,
I tried to reconfigure my Project IGI 2 using the Hex Editor as stated below:

''This requires editing a file in hex editor provided by cheatbook
database. Open the
file "humanplayer.qvm" in the folder humanplayer using hex editor. Now
scroll the
contents until you reach the line "max damage scale". In the next line
you find the
series of damages defined there. Now change the values of all damages
there to 0 in
the other side.ex there are many numbers on the left side & their
description on the
left side. Click on the value for the description & change them to
start the
game. You will never die. Just enjoy''.

The game does not play again as Jones keep dying as soon as he drops from the Hercules. I tried uninstalling the game and re-installing but the Agent keeps dying. How do I restore the game?
Secondly, I don't know how to input the name 'NADA'.
Thirdly, how do I pick the key to open the gate? What key will I press on the keyboard?