The Ancient Temple


Previously I got a reply to my query regarding "not being able to complete start up of Ancient Temple". I was advised that maybe the previous mission was corupted and therefore the Ancient Temple would not load. Somewhere on my hard drive is the listing of all my games. I cannot find them. Does anyone know how they would be filed and how I can access them. I suspect that if I can find the mission prior to the Ancient Temple, then maybe I can delete that file which may be corupted. The IGI2 CD is OK. I bought another game disk and the same problem came up, so it must be with the saved games. I really don't want to erase all the missions and start over!!!!

Please help.

IGI Hero :)

Did u get any solution on this problem, i too not able to play the mission 16. please let me know if u have found any soln

please mail to [email protected]