Well? what-ya-think?

Okay so if your here, chances are you've played the game...

What do you think? I'm writting up a review of the game to put up on


If you wanna voice an opinion or make a point to be covered in the review, do it here!! :)

As it stands, i'm looking to give it 9.5 out of 10 :)

my few comments....
EXCELENT new advancements as far as physics go. The fact that your options in solving a problem can be SO much more dynamic makes for greater gameplay and entertainment.

I've heard reports of some of the AI or objects getting in the way and messing the game experience, so I guess that could be a downside.....BUT it is also close to what real life would be....You wouldnt expect to go through something like that and not stub your toe or trip once or twice would you ;).

Also the on/off usage of the vehicals was extremly intuitive thinking on valves part. A very nice mix. It wasnt just an all out rampage with the vehicals all at once, which made the game even more interactive.

Id probabaly rate it a little higher...9.8 but thats assuming that I dont even know of a game that gets a 10! - The only thing that would make it better would be a good multiplayer part, which isnt far off.

actually, there is a semi-deathmatch, its really crappy though.

i love halflife2, i got it last saturday and i've been switching between it and my new DS, they both rock :-P

ravenholm, is full of atmosphere.

my complaints with it though : not enough weapons, and most of them dont have secondary fires.

I have HL 2 and its very fun becasue of the gravity gun, you pick up somthing and throw it at the enemy, mind blowing graphics, the patrol officers in the game with the mask look scart put there hard to take down and kill.