Steamdown Best hack 4 CS with this u can play steam 4 free

Steam-Down is a modified Steam client that allows you to download and play all steam games ,Steam-Down is the Best way to get your steam games....FREE and FOREVER

New features

- no more launcher , just start with steam-down.exe and it will start
- no need for ppatcher , cracked steam.dll
- no steamengine window
- new skin added ,now 2 skins
- No need for regular steam
- Ppatcher + Steamengine(doesnt let steam patch this)...
- Get all games in the "my games" list.
- Download all steam games
- Play trough the "my games" list.
- Play third party games
- Autoupdater if update is necessary



- Just run the installer ,install it to any folder of your choice.
- Allways start it with the steam-down.exe ,dont start with steam.exe...
- Put your steam account and password in the login
- If you allready have downloaded gcf's put them in the steam-down\steamapps folder before you start steam-down.
- At the first time you start steam-down it will download platform files so it will take some time.
-If you get errors like " one instance of the engine ..." just ignore it and click ok
-your antivirus or firewall may not recognise the programs so always give access to it

Another V of steam but this time no cd key is required to play !!!!

Non Steam-Down is a Vb made program that allows you to play steam games Without a registered cd key .All games work online on non steam servers and offline,...its very easy to use , you need the games gcf at 100%


- ability to download/update games (you need also Steam-Down).
- External cracked Server Browser (updated list , game filter , player info query) .
- 3rd party games autodetection.
- gcf autodetection .
- cracked servers in favorites.
- launch options for games , create desktop icons, reinstall feature.
- Ability to create cracked servers.
- News Feed section.
- Ability to create Skins for NSD (skinner).


[u]Intructions: [/u]

1 - close your steam client

2 - Install it to your steam folder (steam-down ,six wateva)(eg if you gcf's are in c:\program files\steam\steamapps then you should install to c:\program files\steam , eg if you gcf's are in c:\steam-down\steamapps the you shoul install to c:\steam-down)

3 - run non steam-down.exe

4 - The first Time you play a game it will take some time to install some files (hl1 games take up to 2 minutes) , but its only the first time you play them

5 - third party games - install them to steamapps\user\hl1\root or steamapps\user\hl2\root , depending on the mod of course.

soon h3ll is releasinga newer version and it iwll be sent directly to me as soon as possible so dont forget to visite the site in the future for me downloas

If I had time I'd try this, but if someone else does, post here and let us know what you thing.


If I had time I'd try this, but if someone else does, post here and let us know what you thing.