The Ship Mod

Another mod for Half-Life which you don't have listed is The Ship mod. You can find it here -

Imagine a game in which you don't know who to trust, you don't know who may be about to kill you, in fact you don't even know who is human and who is artificial. Played online, your quarry is another human player but can you find them amongst the AI inhabitants of the Ship? Once you know who they are, find yourself a weapon but keep an eye out for security guards and cameras. If you're spotted trying to murder someone you'll be transported to the Brig and suffer a hefty fine. If you succeed in killing your quarry Mr. X will reward you with a cash prize, depending on how entertaining he found your murder. At the same time you must look after yourself, wash, sleep, eat and have fun and remember - always look over your shoulder because somewhere there's a player looking for you!

Looks good, I'll give it a try. I figured sooner or later someone would make it look like the sims :p

it doesnt look like the sims

i've played the ship from the day it came out, till the first patch

then i got hooked on CS again :(


check it out or perish

well it doesnt look like it, but i was drawing the comparison from the point that you must keep up with those status bars ect. Like food, washing, ect. Just reminded me of the sims.

haha yeah thats a funny part of it
you can die from not peeing, or washing.

or talking to people