release date confirmed

november 16, via steam or stores

lol, only needed to list one.......I actually looked at steampowered before I asked, and didnt see it....and i still dont see it on that least the first page. I'll take your word for it tho.

yeah i checked AFTER looking at all the "official sites" but still, steam gives you the heads up when you open it

hey...a little off the subject but still close. how much money do i need to get a good comp that runs Doom III and Half-Life 2 beautifully?

depends if you build it urself or buy one

cheapest is def to build urself!!

3 things, good cpu, good ram and good graphics card.

i would recomend:

ATI X800 series graphics
Athlon64 FX series.. (something like a 3400)
PC3200 DDR, with a low latency timings etc

get a setup along those guidelines and you'll be sorted!! ;)

dont even worry about doom 3.. farcry is better (by far)

word on the streets : if you can run farcry, you can run hl2
so head over to fileplanet and get a demo of farcry.. FARCRY FARCRY

lol, i heard mixed reviews about each, probably depends on general prefrence of each game.

god dude..are you obsessed with is good but i mean....its :{POO}: compared to CS. ;-)

uh...what? huh...
okay. hey. what kind of video card can i get on a low budget. i only make like 400 bucks a month. and 300 goes to the car. :(

by "cheap" do you mean shitty...or like money-wise cheap?
say like for 50 bucks...can i get a good one that runs DOOM III and HL 2 good?

like i've been saying, you might wanna look into a fast processor before a good vid card.

you can go farther on a 4GHz pentium than you can with a Radeon 9800

but otherwise, check
they got some cheap video cards (cashwise)

Well i get a good 30fps on one of my PC's, here's the spec as a guideline:

AthlonXP 3200+ (Not 64bit)
1gb Crucial Ballistix CL2 NON-PARITY DDR400
Radeon 9800xt
SB Live!
WinXP Pro SP1
MSI KT600 Mobo

So you see, not a very good spec but still plays Half Life / FarCry buetifully, in this mode:

4x AA
High setting for all textures / detail settings
No Vsync