Release date?!?!

Havent heard an official date, but I have heard Halflife 2 will be out in april.

A certain few of us have played or seen a recent beta of their work...based on that beta they appear far behind in their work to be releasing the game in less then 2 months now.

Anyone else have ideas/theories about this?

I agree, although the "beta" was from last year, and wasn't everything they had to date....

also, summer now! not april!! :(

my guess is July 9th in stores,.as for on Steam,. i reckon Valve are just going to announce it completely out of the blue,. July 9th now takin bets!

HL2 = lost hope :(
Not even looking forward to it anymore unfortinally...suppose it might be more fun when im actually playin it.
My guess is mid Aug.
Any particular reason why you choose July 9th or just a random guess?

I have to agree with matrix on this one, im very quickly losing interest in this title. sure, i think its gonna be a blast when if finaly does arrive but im gettin sick of waiting! the E3 2004 video footage does show promise on whats coming but its more the time its taking thats putting me off. come on valve, for cryin out loud! dont care what reason you had for saying it, but its wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy past september!! :(

never realized the original release date was last september...thought a little later then that....but thats ever find those vids like to grab em from ya and take a look.

july 9th is close :) hopefully it comes out.

well,. valve have stated that they are aiming to have the game finished and the gold master version delivered to the publisher in august, but you have to take into consideration that the publishers might hold it back for a holiday period to release it,.plus how long is it going to take to press enough discs for the worldwide masses that want this game!

id say the release will be closer to October, maybe halloween, and forgive me for noticing, but isnt August autumn?? let alone when the game is actually released,.as the august date, is when they want it finished,.not released,.damn you valve!

well look at what happend to gates of troy, which had the Gold Master copy stolen, and thus delayed that game

i hope valve has a little security when they are delivering it, lol

ONE MORE DELAY AND IM *continuing would probly be against forum rules*

their "holiday" period is called summer! Yaknow, when all the kids are off from school and dont have any homework so that they can all run out and buy video games to play. I dont think their sales would suffer much, but the sooner the release it to summer the better. Next good release date would be around christmas, but they'll prob be stupid and do it before then.......not like it matters for us...screw homework im gonna play some

well seems like all those that joked about HL2 comin out a yr later ie not sept 30th 2003 but sept 30th 2004, might not be far wrong, and i also noticed that they plan on releasing a collectors edition on day of launch, with HL1 in source as well as blue shift and opposing force+counterstrike source,. makes you wonder how much time in HL2 development has been takin up in valve pissing about with halif life 1 source!,. why not get HL2 outta the way, then do HLSource after, cos surely it wouldnt port directly over, theyd have to re-texutre and re-entity an entire game all over again,.hmmmmmmmm,.well just pre-ordered my copy of doom3,. so that should tide me over,.

I thought doom 3 was out? maybe I heard wrong....

I'm not expecting HL2 till Christmas...why get your hopes up :(

Thats way back from February 3...before E3....Good to know tho.

lol yeah really old news

counterstrike source began to preload for special people in cyber cafes

later this month if you have hl2 voucher or condition zero it will begin to preload

Well this is kinda crap, and might not happen, but Gspot is reporting that VUG (V.U Games) could delay the release of Half Life 2 for as much as 6 months if they want!!!

Now that REALLY sucks if you ask me. If you wanna checkout the article on GameSpot, check here