Recruits Needed for HL2 Mod Port/Development

This mod in particular is based on the universe of X-Com UFO Enemy Unknown, the first game in the hit X-Com series. Sporting innovations and gameplay never seen before in any other first person shooter, we hope to offer an unbeatable new gaming experience with the Source engine. Ultimately finalizing as a combination of RPG and Strategy in addition to it's FPS roots, X-Com Last Hope will prove a unique and highly entertaining mod. However this ambitious undertaking is not without it's needs; we require the talent, contribution, and skill of industrious individuals interested in helping production along so we can make a prompt, quality release to the public.

We are looking for programmers, modellers, animators, map makers, and any others who feel that they have something worthwhile they want to contribute to the project. If you or anyone you know fits this description don't hesitate to drop us a line or inform them about our project. Your participation on the mod can be factored as practical work experience in whatever field you wish to provide for.

You can find us here at:
and channel lasthopemod on the IRC Gamesurge network.

Applicants are to send e-mails here: [email protected] for processing. Serious submissions only please.


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