Possible Release Delay for up to SIX MONTHS!!!

Well this is kinda crap, and might not happen, but Gspot is reporting that VUG (V.U Games) could delay the release of Half Life 2 for as much as 6 months if they want!!!

Now that REALLY sucks if you ask me. If you wanna checkout the article on GameSpot, check here

like many other games that announce things that never happen *cough* blizzard *cough*, by the time they make good with their promis i've already moved on and lost interest....thus why my time is not wasted with D2 anymore. A blessing in disguise..lol

the thing with this, is that valve and vug are in a legal debate over releasing over steam

surely VU knew that valve were planning on releasing it through steam> and ul have to forgive my lanugauge,....BUT FOR FUCKS SAKE,. RELEASE THE FUCKING GAME, il be happy with the SDK,as a member on a few mod teams, i just want that,...arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ImTheDarkcyde: Prepare yourself for the 2 page essay...hehe j/kin :p