Newbie Server?

Ok let the flaming begin but I was hoping if there is a newbie server out there where ppl can go to play and not be made to look like a total incompetent?
thanks for the help (if any)


unfortionally the only way to do that these days is start your own server or know someone with their own server...then kick the ppl u dont like ;)

what version of CS do u use...did u upgrade to 1.6 or still play 1.5?

I am not really sure but I do believe that I have 1.6

you can use steams filter to find the right game for you, mostly its trial and error to find a server that suits you best, but things change from day to day so its really luck of the draw....make some friends or join a clan and you'd probably have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

i find it best for n00bs in small games, or very large games

small = nice, focused gameplay
very large = you can steal peoples kills and just hang in the back, and get tips from pros

just STAY AWAY from any server that has n00b in the title, you just know all the 1337 d00dz are going to be there to pump their ego

so true....i was ranked like 99 out of 5000 people and then my rank rose to 250!!!! omg
i was so pissed. but the server is cool though. called Newbees 24/7 DUST ONLY
fun for pros. gay for noobs.
and why would you want to play against're not getting any better....and the noobs dont even know how to throw nades and the TK a lot. ???


i find it best for n00bs in small games, or very large games