New CSS Map: de_moonbase

Hey all, I've been absent for a while since I don't have as much time to put into mapping as I did before. Here's a preview of what's coming in about 2 weeks I'd say at this development's rate.

This map is a base set on the moon. I thought this would be nice since ALL the other ideas have mostly been done. The gravity the one of the moon's, of course (1/6 of earth's). The project is ALMOST in beta phase (about 90% completed so far) and I will need some players to stress test with bots, playability, etc. Just contact me via E-MAIL and not through this forum to play in the beta at julien[at]

Any comments/suggestions are welcome. I still have some time to tweak it.

Dev. Pictures:

- Julien

Good idea. Looks nice. One suggestion....go into more detail with your textures, landscape ect.