I want it in steam!

I really wish this game would be put into steam. I'd probably play it more often if it was. Is there a way to do this that im missing...Or can it only be done if Valve specifically supports the software?

if u install cs in its regualr 1.4 disk software it comes with firearms, u can play it from there, but other than that, i have no idea....


Every FA player here check out www.firearmsmod.com if you don't already know about it.. it contains instruction on putting FA into steam and so on..

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Cool, found it. Heres the direct link for anyone who wants it: www.firearmsmod.com/steam.shtml

I was hoping valve would actually add it into their network instead of as a third party game. It doesnt appear it would have the functionality and usefulness that supported games do. Could be wrong as I havent explored it enough. As far as I can see its just a handy way of keeping HL's related mods grouped togehter then actually using it with steam.

Thnx tho.