GDCS VT300 Private - 100% VAC2 Proof Multihack

GDCS VT300 Private - 100% VAC2 Proof Multihack


Name: GDCS VT300 Private
Date: 01-22-2006
By: P47R!Ck, TuxifieD
VAC Status: 100% VAC2 Proof
Files: gdcs_vt300_private.exe | README.txt | settings



- Fixed NoRecoil
- Fixed Radar
- Fixed Bomb Planting Bug
- Fixed Player Movement Error
- Fixed Grenade Animations
- Added Bunnyhop
- Added better Aimbot Vecs
- Added a new Hooking Method
- Added new shiney Walls
- Added 64 Bit Windows Support

In order to get the trigger bot to turn on, make sure aimbot is set to 0 and
auto_shoot is set to 1.



- Open the loader (gdcs_vt300_private.exe)
- Start the Game, the hack will inject itself automatically
- Own!



P47R!Ck, TuxifieD


Hi, this is the new privat and 100% vac2 proof version of the best multihack for counter-strike: souce out at the moment. It has almost anything you can imagine.
(If it asks to connect to the internet give it the permission. It's a new method on how to get a pending steam id so you can't get banned, neither by Admins nor by VAC2!)

Have fun!



you can also scan it yourself ==> or with your own virus scanner.

And here's a screenshot of the old version:



damn guys!!!! this is NOT a fake, i thought this was soem kind of jokez but itz really working!!!!!!! OMG!!! thank you so much Peter, :eek: :D

hi there

hm the link is dead :/ can u send it per email ?
or reup it pls


this thing doesnt start and no functionz work .. offline & online the same

any tricks ?



Hmm.. strange. Try it on a friend's pc and see if it works, else I got to talk to the maker of the hack.

he has either tricked us into downloading some shit file. or the makers of the hack have done it so that it will only work on your IP.

when i run it, the EXE dissapeared, and it didnt do nack all.

i find it strange how your mr "approval" above signed up on the same date as you.

If your not trying to hack our comps or fuck them up, then please state if you had any other files when you downloaded it, and give us a pic of the new hack in the game...

ok, hes a steam hacker. hes hacked my account.


I ran this file and it did the same, it dissappeared. funny thing is that i caught it generating 6 files in my C:\ root drive. which all are deleted within 5 seconds of running the gdcs loader. i copied them to my desktop as quick as i could to analyze what was created:


i opened the log file and it showed that it loaded my clientregistry.blob file and decoded my Username and Password to my steam account.

from there i can only assume it sent it out to someone or place on the internet. I have promptly downloaded an antivirus program, deleted all of these files, and changed my contact email and password for my steam account.


what if its already changed? mine has... i cant get on.


looks like ur shit out of luck. once they have your info they can change your pass and email... your out 50$ for hl2/cs


Flag this file *GDCS vt300 private* as a steam account stealer. do NOT run this or else you will send your account info to [CU]frosty and [WTFH4X]Peter.

Hey admin can you get me the IP this was posted from? im going to reverse look it up and call his ISP..

Thanks ;)

thx guys for the solution.. i hope that these sukkaz burn in hell ^^
btw i changed my mail an pw also ...


hey man glad to hear. im just here to help. i actually joined this forum just to post my findings for everyone here.


me is new 2 :rolleyes:
and the first thing i met on this board was a little f.g.t and his m.g.t
thx again -...




this is not a steam stealer!!!!!! this hack is working fine, i will post an screenshot tonight!!!! :confused: :confused: :confused:


frosty get some tangible friends and try to be cool. no one likes an internet loaner

QUOTE: fr0sty.']this is not a steam stealer!!!!!! this hack is working fine, i will post an screenshot tonight!!!! :confused: :confused: :confused:

Anyone know the admin on here? or a mod?

I want to get the IP they registered with.


sorry but i cant help but say "LoLz" i think steam are cool. i got my account back as good as new with a new password thanks to them.

these two guys are GIMPS dont download the damn file!


really? thats cool. did you call tech support or something? hopefully you didnt tell them you downloaded a hack for CS then your account got stolen lol.

yeah, i have everything i would have needed to get it back anyways. including pictures of my cd-key. and no i didnt tell them i downloaded a cs hack lol


wow, that was a cool screenshot you posted last night... almost a sign of lost hope in this thread.

mr mangle, have you had any luck getting onto your steam account? I don't like the way this thread is turning out and I will attempt to do something about
[WTFHAX]Peter - [IP logged] - [User Banned]
[cU]fr0sty. - [IP logged] - [User Banned]

Looking into this file, there are a number of scripted commands that looks very suspicious.

del /f /s /q temp.exe
del /f /s /q temp.bat
del /f /s /q Steam.dll
del /f /s /q kp.exe
del /f /s /q log.txt
del /f /s /q run.bat[/CODE]

I'm working on implementing a break point after these files have been generated to i can see exactly what they do.

Update 1: Extracted what appears to be the Steam Client Engine (Steam.dll) v2.0.0.0 ...

Update 2: Extracted more code, Steam Account Theft CONFIRMED !! :
0000F46C | 0040F46C
@ Offset: 4645 0x1350

Steam password decoder 0.1
by Luigi Auriemma
e-mail: [email protected]

This means the program has Luigi Auriemma's "Steam Password Recovery" program included... or at least the source code for that program (which is included with the original app download). This also explains why there is "Steam.dll" included. NOTE: DO NOT BLAME Luigi Auriemma! His prog is designed for offline use only, for GENUINE users who have lost/no record of their steam passwords. He provided source code so that people can see that he is not collecting the steam passwords himself, and to prove it is an offline utility.


I think thats enough ripping apart of this "hack". It has been proved without a doubt that it is in fact a Steam Account stealer. If you have downloaded/used this hack then of course, it is your own fault, but rest assured no one else will come to harm via this forum! Both users have been banned, they're IP's have been logged and will also be banned, and the download link has been removed.

I would suggest that users avoid these kind of hacks in future as it is only asking for trouble. If you are DESPERATE to try a hack but unsure if it is safe, send it my way and I will rip it apart to see exactly what it does.

thanks murdo for the consideration :) yes i got it back. all intact thanks to "teh steam" :)

"teh steam" ?? If you are meaning the typo that is found in the original version of my sig, then you haven't watched mine ;)

I stripped it apart and re-made the animation, re-typing the spelling mistake!

God i'm such a perfectionist... its soooo sad :(


Hmm.. strange. Try it on a friend's pc and see if it works, else I got to talk to the maker of the hack.

require, this is a 100% confirmed Steam account theft hack. DO NOT try it on ANYONE's pc or even recomend anyone to. If you continue to endorse it, you will be banned. ONLY warning.