Dod Help!!

How do you turn off the little frames per second and up/downstream rate in the bottom right corner of the game? ITS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!

Also the frames per second count never goes higher than 5 fps. It used to float, even go up to 80 fps in short bursts. I can fix this temporarily, using fps_max (or is that fps_min) and set it to thirty but i still dont get the speed bursts. it now hovers around 30 and will not change. This also changes back to 5 fps when i exit DoD. HELP!!!

Sounds like you changed a lot of the default vars to unsatisfactory numbers for your comp....generally defaults are fine.....set min to 30 and max to 100 ....kinda depends on your vidoe card tho, not sure what you have in your comp.

fixed the low fps but cant get rid of the counter and up/downstream rate from the bottom corner. It is right over the ammo thing and i always run out b4 i think i will.