CSCZ info & question

Finally have Condition Zero. Want to note that it does have a single player campaign (with story line) and the regular maps which you can play with bots. I have yet to find the option for lan play, but I assume by the ingame links that I'll need to use the cache install in my HD and load it into steam. Should do that automatically once you click the link. I'll post more info when I get it.

My question relates to the alerts you get while playing with bots. Its irritating the way they set it up. And that beep everytime the auto help comes up makes me nuts. Any Idea how to make it display like it used to? ...with the kills on the left and no help msgs coming up in the uppper right hand corner?

i disabled it , i think pressing ingame on T or I (can be wrong) to disable it:D :D And indeed it is very irritating sound. But where did you found SP with storyline???

The first option on the top is "Play CS: CZ"

The second option lists as "play custom" which is your regular dust/aztec ect sorta play.

Also make sure u are using the right shortcut...the install places 2 on your desktop. The one stated above is ("C:\Program Files\Condition Zero\czero.exe")

Condition Zero Deleted Scenes shortcut will display a "World Map" menu item which is the only way to get to the SP campaigns using that shortcut. ("C:\Program Files\Condition Zero\czero.exe" -game czeror)

oh lol i haven't even installed the "Deleted Scenes" part. Why do they call it like that??? Everyone thinks it are just pieces of maps or other things they deleted of the real game coming our :p :p or at least i thought it :p

It can be accessed by both ways, its just displayed differently depending on what way you access it.