cs hacks???

i am looking for cs hacks
any one knows where can i get one

there is a bOgl Hack v0.8 for cs 1.5

I personally wont promote hacking on steem...and 1.5 has gotten bad cause of hacks like these so I really dont care. Heres the feature list:

* 2 Wallhack Styles
- Model Wallhack, you see Models that would normally be invisble
- Transparacy Wallhack, Walls are Transparent. Improved OGC WH.

* Model Lambert
- CT Models "glow" blue, T's red

* Wireframe Mode
- Instead of drawing the entire walls, just lines are drawn.

* Point Mode
- Instead of drawing the entire walls, just the edges are drawn as points.

* White Walls
- Remove Textures from walls.

* Remove Smoke/Flashbang
- 100% working

* Ballhack
- Players have colored "Balls" above their heads.

* Fullbright
- Removes all shadows from models/walls and colors them in one color.
The Lambert-color overrides the fullbright color for models.

* Aimbot
- Better than all OpenGl Aimbots I know (except XQZ2):
Hacks like AK or OGC SE set a colored spot on all players and
scan for this color on the screen. This eats lots of fps and
some people have sprayogos with these colors on them so the
aimbot will aim on that logo. bOgl calculates the cursor position
using the position of the model-vertexes, what makes the aimbot
much faster.
- The Aimbot option in the menu has 4 options:
+ Off: The Aimbot is deactivated :P
+ Mouse1: The Aimbot is only active while you press the left Mouse Button
+ Mouse2: The Aimbot is only active while you press the right Mouse Button
+ Mouse3: The Aimbot is only active while you press the middle Mouse Button.
+ Always: The Aimbot is always active
- The Aim Height is calculated FROM THE HIGHEST POINT OF THE MODEL. So
the chest is about at -15 and the stomach at -20. The Entire Model is
about 50 units tall.
- Target selection:
x Distance: The Aimbot will aim on a player which is standing near to your
position rather then on on which is far away from you.
x FOV (Field of view): The Aimbot chooses the target where it only has to
do the least mouse-movement.
- Independent of the target selection you can set the aimbot's field of view.
This option should be fairly self-explaining.
- You can quickly switch the target team by pressing F9.

* Anti Recoil
- Very Basic...

* Zooming
- Choose your zooming in the Menu, then press the zoom key to zoom.

* Load/Save Settings
- You bOgl-settings (like wallhack enabled, aimbot mode...) get saved to the
saved.bin file in your bOgl-Directory. If you delete this file, all settings
are reset to the default values (off).
- Note: Your settings are automatically saved when you exit the game and
loaded when you start it.

* Panic Key
- Pressing F10 will turn off all features and will hide the menu and/or the
snake game (of visible).
- The settings are automatically saved before doing this so you can restore
them with the "load settings" entry in the menu.

Your on your own finding it tho.

I'm sure you can...tho its doubtful there are many ways you can...I'm sure you can be caught at all of them...which is why I wouldnt attempt it. Unless you have the money to blow on buying new keys every week.

you can hack 1.6
i've seen it done time and time again

BUT - be warned, if you join a server using VAC check your console
anyone caught hacking and reported (with solid evidance im sure) will be permabanned

I've heard a couple reports of people hacking and getting banned...they prob catch 90% of the cheaters...not very good odds, but that makes the game fun....if you need to have that much control over something pick up a remote.


can someon hook me up with some cs 1.6 hacks already so
can someone just post a link to some hacks or something already.