CS: Condition Zero

Well it seems the game ships March 23, 2004. But is anyone really waiting? Personally, after playing the game, i didn't think it was all that fantastic. Sure the AI was better than some, although did still have issues, and some of the effects looked pretty week. Still, post your comments and thoughts on this title here!

me thinks that everyones just waiting for the bots ;)
The original AI in the steam betas that the bots used was great...Played for hours offline even when my internet wasnt acting up. Definatly a big plus. I coinside with your feeling about the game.

Actually, The AI in the game play I saw wasnt similar to the AI first seen in the CS servers. CS:CZ's AI moved WAY too fast. The game didnt have a natural feeling to it cause of it.

well as i said in another thread i just got half life and the counter strike mod, seems pretty good, havent really dived into the game as of yet though

The CounterStrike Mod is different from CS: CZ (the single player version of CS). CS currently can only be played Multiplayer. CZ...when released will have support for SP playing and bots (which can supposedly be used in MP as bots). The only way you'd have this is if you d/led a leaked beta.

i was never really into CS, doubt i'll ever consider buying it

Does someone have a valid CD-key for my CS:CZ ??? I think CZ is just the same as CS 1.6 just added some bots. But i don't like the AI of the bots. Or they are to good, or they're just staring somewhere :p :p

I'm in the process of getting a copy now. Ill post a review on if you should buy it or not...looks like they upgraded some graphics and added some bots....Dont know exactly where they put in the single player part which I played the beta of!!!...Think that might be part of it too, its just not how ive seen it avertized. You can still probably connect to servers running CZ with bots, but you just wont be able to create them, and you'll probably get the old graphics...if thats all they have to offer CZ shouldnt be worth more then 20 bucks to me...I'm not buying it if its anything more and only has those features.

yea thats true!!! And i think that the single player part sucks like hell. Why do you have missions like: kill 5 T's, kill 2 T's with a shotgun, kil them in 75 sec's ==> i think it's very stupid!!!! But can't play the MP though so dunno how MP is.

Dont ever reall that being in the SP mode I played...What I played did not look like a standard CS game...this actually had a storyline ect...it wasnt an areana in which you blast away bots ect.

think that's another game then i think. CZ is just SP: added bots to the MP maps and that's the SP.

What your talking about isnt the truly SP. Playing the maps with just bots allows MP on LAN. What I'm talking about is a game similar to the SP in Halflife. No bots, just enemy AI as you play through the missions.

oh yah, i knowwhat u r saying witht he bots on lan and the AI liek in other games and regular HF

matrix what you were playing is now found in the "deleted scenes" section
a month or 2 before CZs release valve said "hey man this SP is sucking hard ass, give it to us" and took it, they made it into a Tony Hawk Pro Skater-esque SP where it full of challenges such as Shoot 5 T's with a glock, and stuff like that
really bad stuff

right now if i was to get CS:CZ it would be so i can get into the CS:Source beta starting august 10th for CZ owners.

Ahh ya, didnt see that.
I dont think the CS Source thing is a huge deal...especially just the beta...I think it will be great when its released tho...since its shipping with HL2 ...and HL2 is said to ship in august...I think I can wait for the full thing.

lol good point...but last i heard their plans were to release it then...but thats right when summer ends for most of us...bad marketing strategy...whos gonna have time to play games with school work ect....I certainly dont.

Played the mission part of the game and thought it was good to be able to play against AI people(bots) instead of creatures like in HL & OF. Espescially with the smooth play and familiar weapon models. The question is though, can you run bots in steam 1.6 and how do you set it up. I would like to start a Co-op server or utilize them somehow in a non cheating sort of way.

a good site for cd keys and cracks is mscracks just gotta put up with some pop ups


well as i said in another thread i just got half life and the counter strike mod, seems pretty good, havent really dived into the game as of yet though