Cs 1.5

ok i submitted this a few days ago to the CS site but it never got put up i guess

WON is dead, long live steam (as of 7pm central yesterday.)
but people stayed on won because mostly they loved CS 1.5

-no sheilds
-less bugs
-solid build

well now valvE is forcing everyone to steam, steam auto upgrades to 1.6 no questions asked no way to stop it
OH NOES, no more 1.5?

well fret not for now there is CS 1.5 for steam!

it is what most of the big clans and stuff will be using
its a 95mb file and can be found at www.cs15.net

have fun
(steam name : ImTheDarkcyde , add me if you want)

You submitted it?

Do you mean by the form at http://extreme-gamerz.org/form.php ???
I think I remember that mail and its still sitting in my box...hehe woops.

Ive been working really hard at changing the back end coding scheme on all the sites so I havent had the chance to even add the content that I wanted to. I'll try to add it later if thats what you ment....It is something that should be posted.

BTW I added you to my steam....my name should be obvious ;)

another advantage of the news forum, if you're using some sort of PHP you can just take
posts from the forum and put them directly to the page easy as ......
yeah, easy (after all the php hard stuff is out of the way :P)

please quit his fighting about news forums. i know it's a good idea but if matrix223 dosent want to do it than just give up!!!. oh yeah i love CS. it is the best other than HL:uplink!!!

QUOTE: if you're using some sort of PHP you can just take
posts from the forum and put them directly to the page
I may try to do this with just the main page eventually. I'd like have all the posts in the news forums and somehow specify in the title the proper news postings for each game site. Even so we wouldnt let registered users post to it and right now we would have to set up a another sub forum for each site...(once again a lot of work)

And Blakey..whats the link to HL:Uplink? or some screenshots/description for it. Never heard of that mod.

yeah me either....
when i google it gives me the halflife singleplayer demo....

Got a quick question, I had no trouble getting online with steam cause my cd key had never been used, but gave another copy of CS and Opposing force to my neighbor and he CANT GET ON !!!. These games were legitimally bought used at EB games and it aint right that he's getting stonewalled like this. Not to mention that Valve and Steam dont have any direct contact product support to lend any help. What the hell should my friends do. The games still have WON on them. If you know of any other service we can go through or some universal product key(yeah right) let me know. we've even gone as far as key generators off of limewire but none work.

Only one copy of HL or any mod can only be used by one key per install....so if u want to install it on ANY other machine you'll need to buy at the very least, another key.

well, i had a similar problem though

before i had bought halflife, my friend had given CS retail to me on extended loan, because his comp was so poor it couldnt even run it (ran star craft at about 5 FPS)

then when he moved i uninstalled it and bought half life retail (cheaper than CS retail, ha) but this was before i had registered with steam back like... early this year.. but anyway, he couldnt get on because it said that his CD key was in use, even though i had uninstalled his and everything

we hooked up with some cool people in #steam on gamesurge IRC who helped us out (thats the official steam channel FYI)

maybe has something to do with the key binding to the email that was signed up with?


please quit his fighting about news forums.