Black screen on DoD

When i try to use my wall hacks on DoD, it just shows up as a black screen. I could have sworn that i fixed this last time i played DoD (a few months ago) but i can't remember for sure. Can anyone explain to me how to fix this problem? Thanx in advance.

are u using this with steam? or the old standalone version of dod?

I'm using this with the old standalone version of DoD i believe. I'm not sure what steam is. I've just come back after a few months of not playing, and i had never heard of steam before. I went on the DoD website, and installed the file "dod_v31"

I was only checking about that, because im hesitant to help people trying to cheat on steam....steam holds all the recent versions of DOD, CS ect. and I play on it myself...Id presonally prefer not to play with hacks on there, but dont give a rats ass about old versions. Not to mention its pretty easy for valve to cancel your CD key if your using cheats on the steam platform...

Anyways, one thing ive learned from HL hacks and video problems....most of the time theres either a video card incompatability or your video in the game is on the wrong setting. Most hacks that I've seen only work with OpenGL (which can be changed via options in the game). If it worked before try to play with those settings, maybe something got changed.

how to install dod_v31????
and tell me the website pls
and i got the same proplem

im not sure if VAC words ok DoD

i know they dont have it for ricochet (best mod ever! lol)