ATI X700 card, problems in CS:Source

I've got some problems with this new X700 256mb card I just bought. Previously (don't pass out) I was using an ATI AllInWonder 64mb and ironically things worked great in Counter-Strike: Source.

With this new card there are a few things going on:

1. I get serious video lag. All other factors are good but I am getting incredible video lag no matter what.

2. The FPS (which is max set to 90) will somtimes bottom out to 10 and then a few moments later shoot up to 80.

Any ideas? I've read some articles on having OpenGL installed but I can't seem to find where ATI has the drivers for the X700 and OpenGL; other than a brief mention in its multimedia section. From another article I read where the AGP card could be set to a PCI card by mistake. How is this possible?! How could I check because this is indeed an AGP card/slot and if the computer is mistaking it for a PCI then that might be the problem right there.

Any advice would be great, esp any console commands I could check. Here's my system stats:

Asus MB, 2.4ghz AMD Athlon, 1gb mem, ATI Raedon X700 256mb

Thanks much


Oh I have the latest drivers and all of that. I fixed the problem. It was actually a problem with Valve's patch. Since they updated it's been all smooth sailing. Thanks anyways.