Anyone losing interest?

I'm not saying im gonna forget about the game altogether, but is anyone else out there just getting tired of the wait?? Sure i think it will be good when it comes around.. eventualy... but whats taking so long? I mean come on... why sucha big delay cause someone stole some code??? it happens... fact of the matter is as soon as the game is released, EVERYONE will have chance to steal the code?!?

Get a grip Sierra, this title is starting to bore...

Ya, by the time HL2 is out Unreal 2004 will be out...Think that hasnt even been in the works as long has HL2 and Unreal 2004 already has an offical DEMO!!!

one of you mentioned that there is a beta or somethign out for half life 2? if so, where can i pick up a copy, or a site I can dl from?


That demo is not offical and was never ment to see pulic light...its a 1gb download and really not worth it...even as a die hard was soo poorly developed so far that I'm actually wondering how good this game is actually gonna turn out. I deleted the copy I had and as far as I know no site is gonna post a 1gb file for b/w money least not any popular underground site....And im sure isnt hosting it :D