Any life left?

Okay, so its getting on in years now. But what exactly is left in the old dog? Does anyone still play the original? Is there a popular mod? If you think there is any life left in the game, have your say!

Well recently I got half life, and it is pretty good, the graphics arent the greatest, but what ya expect, times change, its a really good game though, i havnt tried any of the mods yet though.

I actually rate a game a little more on how it feels then its graphics...If you dont like how the game moves it doesnt matter how pretty it is because it wouldnt be as enjoyable to play. Regardless HL graphics arent too shabby, and the gameplay is excelent. Still my most fav game engine....even to farcry. gonna get yelled at from murdo for that

people seem to go on about graphics too much,. a game is better if its nicer to look at,.but if the gameplay is abscent, then whats the point? it will be interesting to see however, Halflife 1 running with the source engine

I agree. I have just finished the game with Sven CoOp 3.1, with a couple of friends. The game has so much replay value. Despite the age, the graphics arn't that bad, on 1280x1024 with forced 4x AA, still looks fine and yes, you cant beat the gameplay. so fast and smooth, nice change from some of the physics/graphicly heavy titles today.

So... verdict...

Life left? hell ya!

Ever since Murdo told me about HL2's engine being used to recreate HL1 I'm almost looking forward to that more then HL2. Really wana see Counter-Strike 2...hope they dont mess stuff up too much. Sometimes trying to make a game that already works well even better leaves more room for it to be screwed up.

hmm,.im unsure about porting halflife 1 over to the source engine, its a great showcase of the possibility of porting over old maps and MODS, but will they change any aspect of the game to take advantage of the new features, ie physics etc,or is it just gonna be a pretty version graphics wise, if its the latter, i think il stick to my modding for halflife 2.

As much respecet as I hold for the guys at valve, I think its damn lazy not doing a standard DM for halflife 2, this game has been in development for 5yrs!!! anyways, come on valve,get you act together and release the damn thing, all I want is the SDK!! ;) (plan on releasing a DM lvl for HL2 on day of release)

based on the video demos ect, gravity changes might make HL1 better. If not its not like I cant play the original :) No loss there.