Version number and options



at first I must apologize for my rather bad english, I'm not jused to speak it, so it would be really great of you, if you could answer in a quite "simply" way. Thanks.

So, these are my two questions:

I have installed the Patch v1.1 for the game, but still, the game shows "Vers. 1.0" in the first screen. Is this correct or is there anything wrong with it? The Readme in the folder shows being v1.1. How does it look like in your game?

The second question referes to the data (is it the right word?) "PerfOptions.ini". There's a line

advanced_graphics = 0.00

I was wondering why it is 0.00 and not 1.00 as I have all options on the best values. I've tried to change it, but in the game I can't realize any difference. Do you know the effect of this line?
And do you have it on 1.00 or on 0.00?

Thank you very much!

You may be in the wrong directory.
Check the one you're installing the patch to.
In most cases it should change to 1.1 but I dont remember in this game for sure.

Thank you. I've asked some friends because of the version number, and they have the same. I was told, that it is a patch which concerns only the servers, so that there is no influence on the singleplayer (otherwise some say there might be some more problems with the patch). Due to this, the version number wasn't changes in order to avoid problems in the multiplayer. Perhaps this is also only a problem with the localized version of Freelancer.

The much more important thing is the second question. So if you do have any idea, please ...