Shooting Missiles????


im having trouble firing missiles. wat i mean is i can fire them but they never hit the target. do i have to lock onto them or sumthing. wat missiles lock on and wat dont

Some missiles track and others done, you'll need to purchase the ones that track. Read the descriptions of each one very carefully...If the speed is high then chances are if you dont fire it in the right direction to begin with, it might miss its target. Others go slower which means they'll have a tigher turn radius on tracking targets. Experiment and see whats easier for you. I like to use the fast ones with long rang as usually the target keeps in a stright line. Its also a posibility that the enemy pilots are dropping countermeasures which are deturing your missles...nothing you can really do in that case. Missles are really most effective against capital ships that dont move much and dont deploy countermeasures.