question about the controls


i am running out of space simulators to play with on my computer so i'd like to try freelancer again but there is one problem . when i tried it when it first came out , i hated the fact that i didn't have the option to use a joystick instead of the ridiculous mouse interface they had . does anyone know if they ever released a patch to allow the use of joystick with freelancer or if some modders did that kind of modification ?

if there is a mod it would be mentioned over at

Tho these arent exactly simulators where you can fly first person ect. you might wana check out these titles.
-Star Wolves
-Homeworld 1 & 2

thanks a lot , going to check the site out .
i thought homeworld 1 and 2 were more like a FPS
and will look for star wolves too .
thanks again