Object Unknown Tau-37


I have noticed that there is an Object Unknown in the Tau 37 system, and no matter where I go I can not find what it is. It is located within the corona of the blue star with the rings. I have even changed my ini file so I wont die in the corona, but I still can not find this elusive object. Can anyone help me, and has anyone else noticed this object?
Thanks a lot.

I assume you're talking about a planet?
maybe "planet unknown". I believe some cant be discovered as they are too far away (out of the game map).

Thats the most ive seen.
Other then that, you could be encountering an error due to a mod you have installed.

No, its 'Object Unknown' and its in the corona of the Med Blue star with rings. I have no mods on my computer for freelancer, so that isnt the problem, why dont you go and check it out, it has been there on both occasions that I've owned FL and it worries me...

Whatever it is, so long as it isnt hindering your game play....There is a lot of stuff that remains "unknown" in the game. If you want you can search google for a program called Freelancer Datastorm (FL DataStorm) and that will map out what you're seeing. I took a look and it looks like theres actually 2 med blue stars in the center there. Unfortionally I wont have time to get in the game anytime soon. But when I do I'll be sure to check it out.

Have you found the Outcast fighters in section 4D of Omicron Alpha? In the middle of them is an unknown jumphole. If you go through it you get into unknown space and swarms of Nomad fighters. I thought they were dealt with in the last mission!


I need help fining the jump hole, plz, i have gone back into Minor, but i cant find it, ... so i need help... Where can i find it