next level up going wrong, need help please


At the moment I am level 18 and have finished the campaign. My thing says that my next level requirement is 155,448 (or sumthin like that) when i get that amount it changes to something like 98,000 so i buy stuff until i get 98,000 and then it goes up to around 130,000. after a while i manage to get the exact amount but then my requirement changes to "mission" I have completed the campaign and have no missions i need to do campaign or freelancing so i take a freelancing job just in case and finish it ( by now i have around 160,000) and then my mission requirement changes to around 55,000 its making me very frustrated :mad: . I have the latest patch from the official website ( version 1.1, i think thats the latest anyway).

Please guys i really need help. Anyone encountered similar problems??? anyone have a solution??? anyone have any ideas??? please help this has me very confused :confused: :confused: :confused:

Never heard of this happening. If you've installed any mods (which are great add ons once you've finished the campaigns) it could be causing this problem.


I have no mods installed......... shooting at those wrecks lets me level up so i guess ill just do it using them.....

huh, me too.
guess ill shoot wrecks too

im having a similar problem, i beat the campaig, and my next lvl requirements is below my current lvl requirements, and my current one just keeps going up its really wierd


Well, i lvl up to like lvl 40 just by buying items for cheap, then going to place that best sells/ buys item