need a little help pls


could any one tell me if it is possible to change a persons ship and fire rate on a server?

as i have been playing on a server for the last few months and now for some reson my ship can not kill the people that i kill on a regular basis and and for some reson the same people can
NOW kill me with 1 shot :(

i know that i am not playing any diffently from when i first started :(

if any one can help me with this matter it would be very much appreciate :)

thank you for reading this post.


people? other players in the game or npc ships.

try easier areas...theres no way client side to raise fire rate other then finding other weapons/ships. there are many options/ways to equpit yourself, experiment :)

Theres some good guides and locations to high level guns on our freelancer page:

other players mate i think some one in the server has changed one of my ships becasue i have 5 that are the same and but i can kill them in my other ships no problem " when i fight that other player" i just think he has chenged some thing :(

i was told some thing about config files or some thing like that :S

all i want is to be able to go back to the way i was before " like if he has changed some thing i can put it back :) "

cheers for the reply mate :)


generally freelancer isnt PvP, and chances are if you're doing that and pissed someone off with admin control they might have done something, its completly possible and fairly easy to edit server config files generated by each player. They could also be using some sort of Trainer...I assume they might work on multiplayer games too because I dont imagin microsoft was keen on anti cheats when other people would have to host servers to have a multiplayer game. Theres some on our freelancer page if you'd like to test and see if they work tho I think it would be unlikly.

im the freelancer king????? :confused: :eek: :D :cool: ;) :mad: :rolleyes: :)