Mission 08 Anomaly


I've finished Mission 08 and I'm at Kyoto base waiting for the story to continue. I was told to take on some odd jobs but whenever I go to the bar looking for some there aren't any available and to "come back later" (which I keep doing). I've travelled to other non-hostile bases and they're all the same. I haven't got a clue how to carry on now. :confused:
Anyone have any ideas on how I can prompt the story back into action?

You're going to the person with the breif case above their head right? thats where you get the jobs from....the others just talk

There are no people with briefcases above their head, they all just talk... or don't, and the odd one can offer to change my rep.

Try a station thats located on a planet...They ALWAYS have someone able to offer jobs ect. Also make sure your last mission was fully completed. (tho I dont think that should matter much except you wont be able to accept new ones)

I travelled all the way to the Corasair planet in the Omicron Alpha system and still no luck. It's practically the only planet that doesn't see me as a hostile.
There were no jobs in the briefcase, and no briefcases above anyone's heads.
I think I'm just gonna have to start again :mad: