Hovis Race


Does anyone out there know of a hack to win the race? No matter how many times I try to win, I get near the end and Hovis esclaims, "That's it!" and the game is over. I can't win.

Any help you can give me will be most appreciated--ever a copy of a saved game, after the win. Thank you.

im not familure with the race your talking about as I played the Freelancer campaign ages ago. Perhaps someone else can help you out with that part. Wanted to tell you that you wont be able to get a saved game of that....or if you did youd lose your personal progress and choices youve made prior to the saved game.

It gets pretty bad when a person can't even win with a game hack. For me the race is impossible to win and that sucks, because I would like to finish the game: after all I did pay for it.

I suppose one must have endless patience to keep trying to win the race: but for me, more than a dozen attempts to do so is more than enough. Perhaps it is time to dispose of the game. To bad too, because it was fun while it lasted!

I never had much trouble with it when I was following the walkthrough. If you point out the spot in the tutorial that you are at I may be able to offer some assitance...Have no idea where you mean tho cause I havent played it in a LONG time.

It all happens toward the end of the race when they start shooting at me, I more often or not bounce off of the ring and cannot get back on the course, when Hovis announces, "Alright that's it!" and the race ends with the popup screen to auto reload the race again.

The stupid hack is suppose to allow you to win even if you lose, but it doesn't work. (My saved game is attached?)

if your chucking it out jallard just send it to me in aus. send it to

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just put the name jake on it.

thanx :D

lol blakey that doesnt help him.

I dont see your game attached...I prob wouldnt have time to do it if it was tho. If you think a trainer would help I'll try to post one on our freelancer site. http://freelancer.gamegatek2.com

I'll also look around to see if theres any "standard" cheats you can just type in. I'll add em to the site if I find any within the next 24 hours.

While I was finding trainers I also came across this:

Beating Hovis
Really isn't that hard and you can beat him with any ship, I did it with the freighter from britonia, took me two trys, I bounced off a ring the first time, and of course lost that one. All you need to do is hold down your thrusters when you hit start, and then go straight for cruise engines, he will probably get ahead of you in the begining, but he makes some wide turns in the last quarter, if you on his rear and take it to the inside you can beat him.

Hope that helps for now. I'll be adding those trainers and cheats/hints soon.

the race isn't hard, you dont need a trainer, you just need to watch how you fly. keep the turns tight keep the cruise engines on, and practice

theres even a cavalier available @ the hood (battleship you launch from) dont know if you use m mods, but the light fighter "cavalier" is there in normal sp and is very manouvrable, if you cant win with that one, you better start playing another game......;) :p

Hey guys!

I can't win the race, because my cruise engines cut off. No matter how I fly, once in a while my cruise engines go off and I lose lots of time while it's charging again. Why the heck it happens? I almost got him once but blew it. Then again most of the time I experience some kind of a "wind" that drags me off the track, I still manage to get through the rings but then my cruise engines cut off... What the heck is the story about those stupid engines? And don't tell me it's only me, luck can't be so selective.

I don't use any hacks or cheats or trainers. And I bought light fighter from battleship for this purpose. NOTHING helps. And I don't do anything on purpose to stop cruise engines...

So what's the story about engines? Anyone had this problem with engines too? :cool:

P.S. I don't use joystick.

Youre actually having trouble on this race? :confused: maybe its something wrongwith your comp or youhave a deffective copy because this shouldnt be a problem for ne1i beat it every time first try.

I finally found some tip that when you activate cruise by Shift+E instead of going To by F2, ship behaves completely differrent. First of all when you do Shift+E ship accelerates to the highest speed, which is 79-80 then initiated cruise engine. That's why I had a problem because I used to use F2, I know, don't laugh at me now... :) But that's what I did. Well now I have reinstalled windows and didn't secure save files, so I will have to do it all over again. Which is actually ok :). When I find some time off of Desert of Flames I am gonna play Freelancer again. Since it is one of it's kind game, I don't think there will be anything that will beat it actually. I've tried X2-The Threat.. and even with less advanced graphics I still liked Freelancer better.

You can also hold down tab for the burners to go faster