Freelancer Redesigned


The freelancer site as you can see was just redesigned. Post your comments...good/bad here. Hope you all enjoy the new format as it will also help us to add new content faster! ;)

that's a cool new design.
But i was looking around there and in the "finished the game?" section you can d/l something but the link is still your local link so noone can d/l something. :p
anyway :D :D nice job

Thnx...didnt realize the link had changed by itself. all fixed now :)

the link has a mind of it's own :confused: . stupid computers :p

is freelancer down to 10 bucks yet? because i really wanna buy it but i only get the cheap-o stuff :P

i doubt it...give it another year maybe...might be at 20 or 30 right now


Firstly i want to say that i love this game.

Why we not go and tell microsoft to add some good ending.Maybe like That trend get his new BASE or Battle Ship or Station, etc.

And in the game we can buy more than 1 ship. :(

And we can trade (Run our own's base). By shipping good's from and to another Solar System. :)