Freelancer DataStorm installation dilemma


I found a link ( to Data Storm v3.91. Could someone please tell me what does it actually do and will it mess up my career as I have not yet finished the whole missions storyline. There are two files to be downloaded at the same site: Windows2000-KB829558-x86-ENU.exe and FLDS391.exe. Is the first file essential to get the map-thingy to work? 'Cause when I started it, it seemed like a windows update and I really don't want to mess that up:(

Datastorm (as far as I know from past versions) edits nothing in your actual game play. Its simply a utility which maps out everything in your game (planets, warpgates/holes ect) and allows you to see them all within the program. Also supports useful features such as viewing what planets are selling and for how much (as well as specs of the item). So it doesnt actually edit your application or game files. This program is most helpful after installing new mods that add new ships and planets, but can be used either way.