Finding Lv10 weps


Well, i've already got the Nomads's Cannon and Blaster, Archangel, Thor's Hamer, Guardian, and Golden Blade. I was running for Prometheus, but whe i shoot the Viking, with a Level 2 turret, i blew up the cannons, and i couldn't get them. I've tried about 5 times, but it alwas got exploded. Isn't there something wrong?

use weapons without as much damage, or group weapons so you can switch to a lesser group. Any selectable item can be destroyed.

But i shoot the wrecks with a lv2 turret! That's very weak! :(

Try a stunpulse mk1, that barely does anything to the ship and shouldn't hurt the gun

is is possible to obtain those weapons more then 1 time by shooting the same wreck or is it a one time chance then ????

You only get one chance at getting the stuff off of the ships. Some of the wrecks that you find won't give you anything, there just there to screw you up. :cool: :cool: :cool:

those bastards :mad:
but when you shoot again after a while or two, wont you get exploding thingys blow off ????

I my experiance with freelancer almost everything regenerates after a while....u might have to leave the system and come back, but for the most part it should be there again....unless its a quest/mission thing.


I used a lvl 10 gun, and it does no damage to the guns , ammo or cargo :cool: